Aseer Zadi Episode 11 – An Engaging Episode!

We got to see another engaging episode this week. This show never fails to surprise me; every week we get to see something unexpected and this unpredictability is what I like about this show. The main focus of the episode was on the ‘big’ misunderstanding that created havoc in everyone’s life.

I seriously love the way Shahab deals with Fatima. She might be able to create trouble for everyone, and control everyone around her, but however she may try, she just cannot control Shahab. She tried to manipulate him against Maira in the beginning, and though she was able to create doubts in Shahab mind, but she still was not able to win his favor. And when she once again tries the same thing, Shahab gave her a reply which shut her up. Even when he was angry at Maira, he did not pay heed to her and once again, when she came and proudly announced their wedding date, he was least bothered. The expression on her face when he said, ‘Waris mein tum se lunga, per muhabbat sirf Maira se karunga’ was worth watching. She was furious at being rejected, and I have a strong feeling that she would come up with some plan soon to keep Shahab away from Maira.

Amna’s misunderstanding created problems for everyone, especially Peer Jalal who did not know why Badi Sarkar was so furious at him. When Badi Sarkar overheard Yasmeen and Shahab’s conversation, I expected her to react badly, but I really did not expect to misbehave in such a way. Peer Jalal sure has patience to withstand such humiliation at the hands of his wife. I felt like applauding him for his patience, he did not react like most husbands would. He is a practical man and did react to her misbehavior instead he just waited for her to cool down.

He thought Badi Sarkar was angry because he gave permission to Maira and Shahab to go for honeymoon without her consent, but Naseemi taunted him and he got doubts in his mind. After getting to know the reality, and what rumors had spread about him and Maira, he was furious. Peer Jalal is a very complicated man, and very difficult to understand. Any other person would have been taken this misunderstanding as a blow to their ego, but even though he was furious, he calmly gathered everyone in the study to clear their misunderstanding.

His calm threat to Badi Sarkar showed that he has a lot of power over her which he can exercise anytime. Badi Sarkar may think everything is in her control, but she can do whatever she wants as long as Peer Jalal lets her. The scene where he proves that he is innocent was pretty impactful in my opinion. Salman Shahid was simply superb in this scene!

Peer Jalal, being the wise man, can judge people accurately and Maira has been able to win his approval. I could not believe at first that he gave Shahab permission to take Maira for honeymoon. He is not the kind of person who would interfere in Badi Sarkar’s matters, but he made an exception for Maira. Maybe because he has a soft corner for her now… Can we expect him to side with her when the need arises? I believe he will support Maira in the future, if not directly, then indirectly.

Shahab and Maira’s conversation near the sea side was one of the scenes I thoroughly enjoyed. I found both of their wishes extremely innocent. Shahab has never been able to lead a normal life, and he craves for freedom to do whatever he likes like any other human being. His whole life has been controlled by Badi Sarkar, and he has always felt suffocated. Being with Maira gives him a sense of freedom, and this is the reason why he enjoys her company the most.

Ohkay, so the preview for the next episode was weird. We will get to see another twist in the next episode, and I am really looking forward to that.

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Mariam Shafiq


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