Aseer Zaadi Episode 10 – Misunderstanding Cleared!

This show is very unpredictable; one can never guess what will happen next! One twist follows the other and keeps the viewers intrigued. Each and every member of the cast gives a power packed performance which keeps us glued to the screens. Sania Saeed’s mind blowing expressions give me goose bumps at times!

The misunderstanding created by Fatima and Badi Sarkar finally got cleared in this episode. My opinion about Peer Jalal is changing by each passing episode; he sure is a wise man who knows how to judge people really well. Peer Jalal was able to judge Maira with their very first interaction, and he was also able to observe that Maira loves Shahab more than Fatima and Yasmeen. He was also disappointed with Shahab that he had not heard Maira’s side, and judged her on Badi Sarkar’s words.

I would have admired Peer Jalal’s character if he also treated his other two wives with respect and gave them all their rights. If we think of it, the men of the family are misguided by the old tradition that has been running in the family from one generation to another. The tradition only gives respect to the third and true wife who will be the mother of the waris. An illogical theory, but it is followed blindly by the whole family because it has been proven true for many generations. The reason why educated men like Peer Jalal and Peer Shahab never question this tradition is because the past generations are the proof of it.

I really was not expecting Maira to forgive Shahab so easily, but she forgave him in mere seconds and started teasing him playfully. A lovely scene in my opinion! Maira did not even want Shahab’s apology and let the matter go by clearly informing him that ‘ab hum iss topic per baat nahi karenge’. She was happy that Shahab had finally believed her and after this misunderstanding, their relationship further strengthened.

It was a shock for Badi Sarkar when she saw both of them happy together which meant that her plan had failed. She tried to create misunderstandings again by targeting Shahab’s ego, but this time Shahab was not going to believe a word coming out of her mouth.

‘Woh Aisi Nahi Jaisa Usse Samjha Jaraha Hai’

Badi Sarkar was shocked by Shahab’s conviction that Maira is innocent. She was clearly worried about the growing fondness between them and this is the reason why she agreed to send Maira to her house so easily. She gave permission to Maira to go to her house for a few days, and I have a strong feeling she is brewing up a plan in her head.

Amna’s misunderstanding would cause havoc in everyone’s life for sure. She promised to Naseemi that she would remain quite about the matter, but spilled the beans in front of Yasmeen. Yasmeen will now use this to create doubts in Shahab’s mind. I doubt Shahab will believe any of this, but Badi Sarkar definitely will! The preview for the next episode seems pretty scary to me. *fingers crossed*

Bilal is guilty for creating problems in Maira’s life and the surprising part is that he is still pinning for her and is even ready to accept her if Shahab leaves her. I do not know what role Bilal will play further in the story, but I have a feeling he still has a significant role left to play in Maira’s life.

Fatima is going to get married to Shahab soon and I hope Maira is able to break the tradition before that!

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Mariam Shafiq


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