Aunn Zara – Episode 18.

Ohkay, that was ONE sweet episode that I was waiting for since ages. Even though the flashbacks – as a filler, were shown for quite some time but I didn’t regret watching them as a re-cap & especially when they had a lot of Daadi’s Theth Punjabi. It looked like a journey that we’ve spent with Aunn Zara & was a reminder of those amazing moments we’ve experienced.

Finally & finally, Jamshed Sahab has decided to break the ice. Well, I actually never knew that he was a stammerer or may be & like always, it was his hesitation that hindered his words from going out to Mohtarmma. I absolutely adore Jamshed for fending for his mistakes whenever he commits some. Now he can not deny the fact that he has fallen for Mohtarmma but he’s too occupied by worrying about Zara that he is just letting the appropriate opportunities pass.

I am just so glad that Zara got hold of the situation & like I expected our typical Zara to react, she thinks it’s more than necessary to make him realize his mistakes & for that she’s ready to pull her sword out of the scabbard. Accha, all this while, watching Aunn Zara, I never sided with either one of them, I found Zara rational where she was so I raised my opinion that way & when I found Aunn irrational which obviously he was, I stated that too, but this time, on an official note, I’m with Zara on her ‘Project-Aunn-Pays-The-Price’.

I loved how Nighat has gotten involved in the whole scenario & heard what Shehna had to say. This is what I have always enjoyed about Aunn Zara that misunderstandings or clarifications establish without either of the party being aware about it. Nighat just sough the mood of taunting Zara for her flee with Aunn but that proved to be an eye-opener for Zara herself. Hina Bayat has acted out Husna at her best but this time her curiosity came through so relate-able. The way she questioned Nighat about Aunn’s home sweet home, she made it look like k har MA aik jaisi hoti hai. She was just so honest about her longing to know more about how her ladla was doing but yet she didn’t want to make an eye contact with a fear of her feelings being revealed. Such minute expressions which definitely spoke volumes & for that, Star of the episode crown is for Husna. :)

Daadi & her caterwauling was adorable obviously. She still wants Aunn’s attention but even when she was getting some, she used that prime time in taunting him about Zara Jee. Loved her wawela & the way she told him to shoo away, as if even a sight of his was unbearable for Daadi. Husna’s instincts are right about some glad tiding coming to her way, being a Daadi-to-be, her heart has already sent messages to her but in this time of distress she is keeping her hopes low.

Zara has taken perfect measures to make Aunn realize the garbage he has spread & now some exfoliating is necessary. Aunn’s thought of Boot-Camp by Jamshed was enough of a shiver in his spine & a laughter package for us & so for that I’m hoping he blurts it out right away at what he has instigated himself. I want Zara to torture him verbally a bit more & tell him to make some more Omlettes & Chai’s, which may compel him to run back to AMMMIIIIIIIIIIIII, lol.

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Zahra Mirza.

ps; I’ve never loved the song ‘latthay di chaadar’ as much, but Aunn Zara’s happy-mood soundtrack made me love it a bit more too, so I want to hear it once again & for that I hope the happiness comes back to the Punjabi Family ASAP! ;)


Zahra Mirza

Zahra Mirza got associated with in 2012. After moving to Australia, Pakistani content was a way of staying connected to the roots, language & Pakistani culture because it felt home. Eight years ago, review writing began as a hobby but has now turned into a passion.


  • great review.. yeah i m happy da sad parts r finally over.. happy to get da old aun zara n team back… loving jamshed.. i wonder y he hasnt done many projects yet.. i feel lyk A plus is wayyy better dan hum dese days….
    btw.. if u dont mind me asking.. wat do u do besides da review? ur writing is dat of a very learned person.. better dan many movie reviews i have read on online blogs/yahoo website etc …

    • Thank you so much my friend! I agree, though we didn’t get to more of see Adnan Jaffar (Jamshed) before but he is such a fine actor. Actually, he’s been involved in Theater, hence, the flawless acting. But I am sure we’ll be seeing more of him as he is currently playing a role in Kadurat too.

      Yes, unfortunately I was HUM’s loyal fan & never saw any drama of any other channel but others have outbid HUM due to it’s own lack of quality. APlus is a new hit these days!

      As far as your questions are concerned, nope, I didn’t mind at all. :)
      I’m a 25 y/o housewife with a passion for writing. So besides my full time blissful job of being a home-maker I do review writing to unwind as this is also a part of my happy life. Allhamdullilah! :)

  • Nicely written Zahra. I can now smell happiness finding its way to Punjabi Family’s place.Those flashbacks took around ten mins of episode,still, I enjoyed watching every moment of it.

    Zara’s revenge strategy is interesting as of yet but I am expecting more of it so that Aun will be forced to tell her truth and regret about the fuss he has created among his family members.

    • Thank you so much. Yeah, can’t wait to see the closure initiated by Aunn. Let’s see how far Zara goes to make him admit his mistake. ;)

  • Lovely review Zahra. Wonderful episode. On the Aunn Zara Facebook page it says that this is the second last episode. Noooo, this was my favourite show.
    Haye baychara Aunn. Everyone is after his life to teach him a lesson. He isn’t that bad. The way he does all the chores for Zara & listens to her tantrums is so sweet. Which guy do we know would serve his wife bed-tea & then make breakfast for her before going to work????
    Husna really was the star of today’s episode. You can feel her pain. Surely no woman deserves a life like that. Totally ignored by her husband, but never openly complains about it.
    I hope Aunn & Zara go back to their crazy family next week. I also want to see Jamsheed-Nighat & Manzar-Shehna together.

    • I want to see Jamshed and Nighat together.
      But not so sure about Manzar and Shehna. Shehna deserves some with bit of class.

    • Thank you so much Mona for your continuous support. :)

      Yes, I understand whatever he did for Zara was absolutely sweet but at the same time his restlessness was mean because this is what he dreamt of without thinking of the consequences PLUS Zara is making Aunn MA oops BAAP, therefore she deserves the royal treatment, eh? :)

      & yeah, can’t wait to see Nighat Jamshed together in fact I want Jamshed to propose Ansa Nighat Parveen himself. :)

  • Nice review. Enjoyed today’s episode. Thoroughly enjoyed Daadi’s outburst on Aunn and indeed Husna was at her best.
    It’s my favourite show, I feel it’s ending too soon.
    Love all the characters.

  • U r the star Zahra!
    So well written review. U make me happy. Being a loyal fan of AZ, i just cant take all taunts on drama pages about pace of drama. To me it is fine except Aun’s plannings were one episode extended. That episode shud have been saved for happy times..
    U forgot to mention “me maa bannay wala hun”

    • Thank you so much Atty for such a nice compliment. It actually means a lot & brings a smile to my face too. :)

      I apologize for missing a few bits & bobs because of a headache but yes I agree, I had no such concerns with the drama going slow or got stagnant. You’re absolutely right that Aunn’s kartoot were covered in one more episode but I didn’t mind at all, as far as it was AUNN ZARA we were watching! :)

  • Flashbacks were too long for me, may b because i have seen all episodes repeatedly for many times, a couple of days back i watched whole drama with my Saas.. For tv viewers it shud be okay to watch some recaps after a gap of 2 weeks

    • Me too, I didn’t mind the recap at all & in fact enjoyed it. We should give some leeway to the drama makers too, if they want to take some time for fillers! :)

  • Lovely review Zahra.

    I am so sad that it will end this week. But well, all good things come to an end. I missed quite a few episodes in between which i never got the time to catch up on. But from the last few episodes, i am trying to be regular. :)

    I hope Zahra teaches Aunn a good lesson. He deserves it for all the problems he had created. Btw i love the scene where Zahra slaps Aunn when he gave her the good news.
    I am really glad the truth is finally out.

    We need more dramas like these.

    • Thank you Mariam. Aww, too bad you missed the eps but nevermind later you can always come back for Aunn Zara if you need some laughs. :)

      Yes, Aunn deserves everyone’s negative attention now & yes that scene was utterly cute. :) Even I’m sad that this drama is ending but we knew it WILL end one day or the other. :/

  • Zahra! Which other dramas r u reviewing these days? I feel my taste matches urs. I would love to watch those dramas and read ur reviews… Actualy i follow 2 or 3 dramas at one time. Now that Ullu bara e farokht nahi ended, and AZ is gonna end tomorrow, i need suggestions on gud dramas these days. I started kadurat and Ek kasak reh gae coz of sanam saeed’s acting but dint enjoy them, so discontinued