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Aunn Zara Episode 13 – Attention Seeking Much?

At last, Husna brain-stormed a little more to get the meaning right of Zara’s subliminal messages & then Zara found herself at comfort to let the secret go in front of Husna. Loved how Husna has gotten more candid with Zara now, seems like she speaks to her ‘bahu’ by coming to her level so that she can connect well with her. Zara succeeded in convincing Husna about Nighat & Jamshed but the funny & usual thing is they both still have to know that their fates have been sealed.

Our ‘be-hidayata’  & ‘athra’ Aunn has finally understood what he wants & how he wants it. That is for sure that he is the attention seeker, I mean in a sense that he has always been showered with undivided attention that even when he finally got rid of everybody else’s attention, he has certainly started to have a million issues. He wants the attention his way. Is it just me or everyone else found him comical even when he was trying his best to show all the tantrums? He hates ‘bajray di laatthi’ & even the thought of it that Zara is dissing her ‘mahiya’. When Aunn bangs the door, Husna says ‘Aunn a gaya’, it shows how much everyone has gotten hold of his attitude but no one is bothered to pay attention to him because they’re too busy praising Zara.

The hell apparently broke loose when Daadi felt ‘ona de chattay tay kisi ne sua’a paa dita’. She was just not amused with the thought of Nighat getting in a relationship with Jamshed when her own daughters have grown taller till her shoulders. Obviously, what made it more funny is that Nighat herself doesn’t know anything about it, in fact she doesn’t even has a hint of any such feelings that Zara feels Jamshed has towards her. I loved Daadi’s ‘wawela’ & how she hid herself behind her see-through dupatta just so that she can protect herself from being embarrassed in front of Husna. I feel that bit was definitely something Daadi did on her own because it came out as so natural & looked like a perfect move at the spur of a moment. She is such a brilliant Punjabi daadi & I love her.

Aunn for sure has been thinking through the situation thoroughly & he feels there’s a dire need to steal Zara away from everyone so that he can actually get his marital life grooving. Even though Manzar dissed the ‘bhaandh’, Aunn is persistent & knows what he is doing because without any help & support, he has his plan ready. I feel everyone is underestimating Aunn’s intelligence & his trouble stirring prowess. The whole ‘Haw Haye’ scene at the table by Daadi was such an enjoyable one where Husna felt she was being targeting & things got out of Aunn’s hands just because Zara chose to stay silent. Aunn for sure is trying to snatch Zara away but then he is so considerate that he felt bad seeing Zara frowning because of her awkwardness. No matter what Zara does, Aunn will be Aunn for every single member of the family & that was proved just because he posed having a stomach ache & what topped his sympathy more was ‘chai mai biscuit dubo dubo k kha loonga’, I mean a married guy eating biscuits…Whoa! That’s a no no in front of everyone.

On Nighat & Jamshed situation only one quote fits well right now i-e ‘the funny thing about rumor is that you get to know things which you don’t even know about yourself’. That’s the case here with both of them, where they both were gone to meet their friends, Zara still found her ways to confirm things which Nighat didn’t know about because as per Husna ‘larka larki akele nahi hote, unke beech shaitaan hota hai’. Zara could have died of a stroke when she thought Nighat was at Jamshed’s place all alone but Nighat made things a bit more explanatory & too difficult for Zara to grasp when she sang ‘hum tum ek kamre mai band hon’. LOL!

Over all & as usual the episode was amazing & I am glad that Aunn just didn’t stoop to negativity which I thought he would. He is for sure getting furious day by day but still his character is too cute to feel bad about. I loved how he hid behind the pillow when he taunted Zara for not being a Cinderella. That was a perfect end to yet another perfect episode. I just can’t wait to see Nighat’s reaction when Daada Jaan would come asking for her proposal for Jamshed. :)

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