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Aunn Zara – Episode 16

Ohkay, Aunn has crossed all the limits to a point where it isn’t even funny anymore. I don’t know how could he muster up the courage to divide his family to this extent where they are just bluntly shedding tears. I know there’s nothing to be getting worked up for & things will get better but the current situation of our favorite Punjabi family is just depressing.

I know the writer has stirred a perfect thought for all those out there who think that only the ‘bahu’s’ are the evil ones. Normally, it is said that the nicest families get the worst bahu’s, but I think Aunn being a son doesn’t deserve a family like this. I remember in the review of the 2nd episode I mentioned that even though this family is always attentive towards Aunn – attentive to the point where he gets irritated, they are sweet to the core because no matter what preferences they had in their minds regarding Aunn’s wife, they dropped it all & settled it on Zara happily because they knew that she was Aunn’s choice. Similarly, the feelings are the same this time too but the situation is different. Even though Daadi is crying her heart out, Husna is depressed, Nighat is speechless & Chachi thinks being child-less is just the right thing, still they are all agreeing on what Aunn has demanded because they just can not see him unhappy. What a perfect family in fact what a bunch of perfect ladies. *touchwood*

I just love how nicely the writer has pointed out the evil hidden in our society where the sons get away with everything & daughters-in-law have to put up with each & everything irrespective of them being at fault or not. No one cares what the daughter-in-law thinks or does & all they see is their sons being right. Currently the Punjabi family thinks it is Zara who is at fault yet they don’t forget to blame Aunn every now & then too. This is just like setting a whole new mind-set for so many ladies out there that, just for once, they should give a thought that their son’s can be wrong too which clearly this time a son, a grandson & a husband – Aunn is. No husband leaves a house of his parents if he doesn’t wish for it himself but conveniently the bahu’s get burdened by the taunts of ‘hamare larke ko le uri’. I commend the writer for pointing such heavy mistakes of MEN of our society by initially showing all the positives of what our females are capable of.

I hated seeing those frowning faces but the beauty of the direction & the flawless acting created a magic & where they have given us every reason to laugh, they made us cry too. I hated seeing Daadi hurt & Nighat trying to convince everyone to change their decisions by raising her voice, thinking it will help. I do find the communication gap another issue because even if Zara’s trying to start a conversation, she is blindsided by everyone. They are doubting her for all the wrong reasons just because they trust their Aunn so much that they can not even imagine him lying to them.

As far as I think, Shehna has backed out of getting married to Manzar & later when she will be questioned, she will give him all the reasons basing on Zara’s current situations that she is herself a witness of, I feel it will be a breaking point of Aunn’s secret mission & Shehna after hearing it from Manzar will pass it on to Zara & then Zara will get hold of the whole situation & finally Aunn after being exposed will beg for forgiveness. I loved how Aunn told Manzar for not becoming his conscience, because deep down he himself knows what he has started but is still blinded by his selfishness. There were a few moments where Aunn gulped in guilt & worried for his mother but still didn’t let it cloud his decisions. I know, privacy is nothing much to ask for but it does come with a huge price tag & here every single person is paying for it.

I think enough of the episodes have been dedicated to what Aunn wants & how he wants it, I feel it’s the right time to move on. I hope what I predicted is right & Zara gets to know from the reliable sources that it is Aunn behind all this chaos. Can’t wait to see those bright smiling faces again & Daadi’s ‘lakh diyan la’antaan’ on her ‘mashoom’ & ‘beeba’ Aunn soon. :)

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Zahra Mirza.