Aunn Zara – Episode 16

Ohkay, Aunn has crossed all the limits to a point where it isn’t even funny anymore. I don’t know how could he muster up the courage to divide his family to this extent where they are just bluntly shedding tears. I know there’s nothing to be getting worked up for & things will get better but the current situation of our favorite Punjabi family is just depressing.

I know the writer has stirred a perfect thought for all those out there who think that only the ‘bahu’s’ are the evil ones. Normally, it is said that the nicest families get the worst bahu’s, but I think Aunn being a son doesn’t deserve a family like this. I remember in the review of the 2nd episode I mentioned that even though this family is always attentive towards Aunn – attentive to the point where he gets irritated, they are sweet to the core because no matter what preferences they had in their minds regarding Aunn’s wife, they dropped it all & settled it on Zara happily because they knew that she was Aunn’s choice. Similarly, the feelings are the same this time too but the situation is different. Even though Daadi is crying her heart out, Husna is depressed, Nighat is speechless & Chachi thinks being child-less is just the right thing, still they are all agreeing on what Aunn has demanded because they just can not see him unhappy. What a perfect family in fact what a bunch of perfect ladies. *touchwood*

I just love how nicely the writer has pointed out the evil hidden in our society where the sons get away with everything & daughters-in-law have to put up with each & everything irrespective of them being at fault or not. No one cares what the daughter-in-law thinks or does & all they see is their sons being right. Currently the Punjabi family thinks it is Zara who is at fault yet they don’t forget to blame Aunn every now & then too. This is just like setting a whole new mind-set for so many ladies out there that, just for once, they should give a thought that their son’s can be wrong too which clearly this time a son, a grandson & a husband – Aunn is. No husband leaves a house of his parents if he doesn’t wish for it himself but conveniently the bahu’s get burdened by the taunts of ‘hamare larke ko le uri’. I commend the writer for pointing such heavy mistakes of MEN of our society by initially showing all the positives of what our females are capable of.

I hated seeing those frowning faces but the beauty of the direction & the flawless acting created a magic & where they have given us every reason to laugh, they made us cry too. I hated seeing Daadi hurt & Nighat trying to convince everyone to change their decisions by raising her voice, thinking it will help. I do find the communication gap another issue because even if Zara’s trying to start a conversation, she is blindsided by everyone. They are doubting her for all the wrong reasons just because they trust their Aunn so much that they can not even imagine him lying to them.

As far as I think, Shehna has backed out of getting married to Manzar & later when she will be questioned, she will give him all the reasons basing on Zara’s current situations that she is herself a witness of, I feel it will be a breaking point of Aunn’s secret mission & Shehna after hearing it from Manzar will pass it on to Zara & then Zara will get hold of the whole situation & finally Aunn after being exposed will beg for forgiveness. I loved how Aunn told Manzar for not becoming his conscience, because deep down he himself knows what he has started but is still blinded by his selfishness. There were a few moments where Aunn gulped in guilt & worried for his mother but still didn’t let it cloud his decisions. I know, privacy is nothing much to ask for but it does come with a huge price tag & here every single person is paying for it.

I think enough of the episodes have been dedicated to what Aunn wants & how he wants it, I feel it’s the right time to move on. I hope what I predicted is right & Zara gets to know from the reliable sources that it is Aunn behind all this chaos. Can’t wait to see those bright smiling faces again & Daadi’s ‘lakh diyan la’antaan’ on her ‘mashoom’ & ‘beeba’ Aunn soon. :)

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Zahra Mirza

Zahra Mirza got associated with in 2012. After moving to Australia, Pakistani content was a way of staying connected to the roots, language & Pakistani culture because it felt home. Eight years ago, review writing began as a hobby but has now turned into a passion.


  • Perfect review Zahra. Aunn should realize now that he is having loving and caring family and he should not leave them. His decisions are not only creating hell for his LOVE but also for his BUDDY. I think Manzar will play a key role in changing the situation . next episode will and should reveal the truth . I hope in the next episode dadi will give aunn LAKH DIYAN LAANTAAN. :)

    • Thank you so much Fairy for your feedback & appreciation. :) I know, I have a feeling too that Manzar is going to change everything, but I swear if this happens then I’d award the writer with some sort of accolade for how she arose such situation & made a perfect link for it’s recovery too. :)

      & the answer to your question is that at the moment I am done with my limit of 3 dramas, I’m reviewing Aunn Zara, Kabhi Kabhi & Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai, may be when Aunn Zara ends in 3 weeks, I’d continue reviewing Sanata if there’re no takers for it. ;) Hope to hear more from you sweets. Till then. :)

  • Good review. I hadn’t thought about ‘no husband leaves his parent’s house if he doesn’t wish to’, and bahu is blamed. That is shown here and you pointed it out really well. Shehna/Manzar may break the news to Zara that Aunn was behind all this, however I would prefer if Aunn realizes it himself and admits/corrects it. I have started disliking Aunn’s character, as they say ‘Ladd piyar ne bohot bigar diya hai’, this bigar has gone to an extreme. If he loves Zara, wouldn’t he want others(especially his family) to like her too, rather than turning everyone against her through false propaganda, and making Zara sad. Likewise if he loves his family, he should not be hurting their feelings so badly through lies. He needs some serious counseling. I liked it when Manzar said you are not my friend or something like that. I hope Aunn realizes and corrects it himself, if he is just caught red-handed, he will lose everyone’s(Zara his family) respect.

    • Thank you so much Asma D for your feedback & appreciation. I actually said that by first understanding Aunn’s behavior & then some real-life experiences that I’ve heard of. No man (mostly) moves an inch when the wife is suffering but the moment they start to have an issue, they think of moving out & conveniently never get blamed for it because no in-laws take their son as wrong. I love the situation shown here because that is what happens mostly.

      I know, Aunn looked like someone who was really innocent but don’t know all this while & during the course of getting the attention he has become just so conniving. He looks like he is, at the moment capable of not loving anyone BUT himself.

      I agree that Jamshed may get heed of the situation through Nighat but that could end up as a possibility of them resolving their differences. So, for now I feel the BEST option is that Zara gets to know through Shehna & Manzar because Zara’s the reason Shehna is backing out from getting married so obviously Manzar won’t stay quiet & explain her whole lot of things. ;)

  • Wonderful, insightful review Zahra.
    Extremely emotional episode. I’ve become so attached to all these characters that I cried whenever I saw Husna or dadi crying today.

    I applaud Faiza Iftikhar for showing us that in a situation like this the blame falls on everyone & not just one person.
    If this family had given Aunn his space & privacy with his wife, he would not resent them so much.
    Similarly Zara should’ve paid more attention to Aunn because he is the reason she is in that house.
    Aunn, well what can I say? He deserves the majority of the blame, but he saw no other way how to communicate with his family or his wife, especially after the fiasco at the resturant. These people still think of Aunn as a little baby & disregard all his wishes.

    • Thank you so much Mona for your appreciation, it means a lot. :) Yes, no doubt Faiza Iftikhar should be crowned for writing a masterpiece for us all. :)

      I agree that Zara should’nt have ignored her husband just like that & should’ve judged his growing frustration because of the lack of attention he was getting from her but then I feel communication was much more important, but nevermind, that’s how the story was going to be anyways. ;)

      I just can’t wait to see what will happen to Aunn after everyone will find out about his mastermind behind such evil plan. HEHEHEH! ;)

    • @Mona: You seriously still defending Aunn’s actions?? Yes, I agree if Aunn had been provided with the necessities that you mentioned, he wouldn’t have turned a “Fafay kuttni”.. But now he has crossed his limits.. And I do not have any reason what so ever to still side with him.. Although some part of me tuned again toward him when it was shown his zameer is waking up.. Can’t help it, I guess :P

  • Sending this as a guest since I can’t log in.
    Smashing review, full of insight and analysis. Thanks
    Writer is doing a brilliant job. Very rarely this happens that one likes all the characters. That’s one big feat in itself.

    • Thank you so very much for your feedback Anwar Suhail, so good to hear from you after weeks.
      Yes, I agree that the writer has made us fall in love with all the characters & that happened because we’re exposed to the positivity that they have. I feel that’s the BEST FAMILY I have seen on the TV in ages.

  • In this episode Phupo (Nighat) says ‘uskay peyo (father) se baat karne parey gee’. She may talk to Zara’s father; he may question Zara and the issue could come to light. Or it could be Shehna/Manzar, as Manzar is the only one who knows that Aunn is responsible for creating this mess.

  • Okay, Aunn you better come back to your senses or you are going to get grounded.. It is just enough now!! How far for one love (who does not even deserve you!) are you going to hurt your family.. Do not turn into your father who abandoned your mother..

    @Zahra ji: Yes, the point you raised about how men can also be the reason for “ghar tornay kai” is very well said.. never came to my mind..
    Felt so sad when Dadi was crying while praying… My heart went out to her..

    Enjoyed Aunn/Manzar scenes.. Manzar might have given Aunn some silly advices in the past but he never made him do something that would hurt his family.. And Manzar I alute you for that.. Pity,Aunn is disturbing your love life.. Give him a “lak diyan laantaan” from my side too ! :P

    Aunn’s desciption about how his house should be was just so hilarious.. I mean who would have ever considered while renting/buying a house that it should have only one bedroom so that “Biwi naraz hokar dosray kamray mai na chali jai!”. ROFL!!!

    Lets see how the story unfolds..

    • Yes, I agree, Manzar just helped him in getting married & then in drawing him closer to Zara but he never ever gave him any tips to break the family just so that he can have Zara all by himself. I hated seeing Daadi cry too, it was such an emotional scene…:'(

      This is what I like about the drama that this is how normal people are, during tough times they don’t forget to laugh or be comical at their best & that’s how Aunn was, still planning his dream home knowing what his family is going through hehe!!!

    • Hey Amna,
      You’re right. Aunn’s description of what kind of house he wants was scary if you ask me. But Manzar’s response to get her framed was hilarious.

      Even though the majority of the blame falls on Aunn, I am still blaming others for this mess. If his family & Zara had paid heed to what he wants, Aunn would not have resorted to these methods. After all he’s a good person.

  • It’s brilliant review. Loved this episode though it was painful to see the entire family so so upset. I felt sorry for them all. Writer deserves the credit and praise for wonderfully story and script. My heart bleeds for Husna and I’m getting angry at Aunn.
    Looking forward to next episodes.

    • Thank you so much Farah, I know I am equally sad to see them all sad, I hope everything gets sorted ASAP & we see a happy ending, it would be a winner for me (not that it ain’t still for me though). ;)

  • I for once has a different view of all this situation. I think there is a mistake in upbringing of Aunn, the way he has been brought up by making him the center stage was not the right way. The way he was pampered with love, care and too much attention has destroyed his personality and the thing called sacrifice. Aunn has become selfish person who only thinks about himself and himself only.
    Zara for once has no courage to start conversation because she’s trusting Aunn more than rather her own instinct, even though she tries but then just leave which make things more complicated for her and the family. Am i waiting for the slaps of Daddi to Aunn..a big YES…

    • I agree, everyone has loved Aunn way more than he deserves & understands. Yes, Zara may not be starting a conversation but her in-laws are taking all the things related to her wrongly as well, if she walks away, they think she’s being rude, if she doesn’t eat they think she should make something for herself. Similarly like Zara, Aunn’s family is also blindly believing him, which isn’t helping the situation except for Aunn’s because it is turning out exactly how he wants. Let’s see what happens next. :)

  • Jz luv ur review after reading i m feeling lyk i have watchd another episode u r superb ZM
    N yes ur prediction will b right m also thinking so….

  • Great review as always..
    I really hope things get better in next episode. Just could not tolerate the pain of daadi crying after namaz..