Aunn Zara – Episode 17

That was one beautifully directed episode which conveyed the emotions right, every single time. I wish that the story would’ve moved forward & there was less emphasis on the depression everyone is going through. I know the pace is right & everything is perfect but still a little shift from sad times to the happy ones please!

I loved the conversations, everyone’s bigheartedness & acceptance to Aunn’s decision. Even when deep inside they wanted to stop Aunn from moving out of their blessed home, they have stopped themselves, not only themselves but others as well who wanted to burden both Aunn & Zara with the wrongness of the decision they’ve taken. Husna cries on her own, Daadi cries to the point where she is hurt so badly but still they maintain the dignity & show their caliber by quietly being submissive. It was heart-wrenching to see them so much used to the fact that Aunn was still there & called him whenever they felt like. Daadi wanted to ‘phookofy’ after she recited Holy Qur’an & Husna wanted to make sure Aunn eats a freshly cooked meal.

A few bits & bobs did show the progress in the story where everyone on their own took some steps. Shehna has backed out obviously because she is dreading the whole marriage thing in her life considering what her best friend has gone through. I still respect Manzar for staying quiet at first because he didn’t want to reveal the true face of Aunn in front of his prospect wife. He did act like a true friend even when he felt his dream wedding was falling apart but he chose to secure the dignity & respect of his best friend.

Nighat did her bit by visiting Jamshed which might open another way for them to speak to each-other but right now Nighat’s concern was about Zara’s decision which she found out was materialized on Jamshed’s wish. Another chapter of misunderstanding opened but I am sure Jamshed will do everything to take care of the things & especially to clear his name in front of ‘mohtarma’.

I must say that Aunn has crossed all the limits of selfishness. At first he wanted to snatch Zara away from the whole family because he thought he’d do everything to draw her closer to him but just after their first day in their personal space when Zara asked for a cup of tea, Aunn was disgusted but sadly he had no other option left then to tend to Zara because she ain’t well. I think what we predicted is wrong, she might not be expecting but may be due to mental pressures, tensions & no considerate diet she has gone weak. May be she doesn’t say but she is taking things too seriously & over-thinking the situations & for that she is facing a decline in her health.

Ohkay, who respects Manzar even more for all the reality checks he gave to Aunn? I DO. Not only he clarified Sheha’s misunderstandings but also checked Aunn’s shape left right & centre because he is just frustrated by the negativity Aunn has been upto lately as it has effected not only his family but now his friend in some way too. Just a few words from him & Aunn lost it completely because he is so used to the sugar coated, flowery words but all of a sudden when he was exposed to some thorns, he just couldn’t take it. Even though I know nothing can part these bro-like friends but it was only Manzar who could talk to him clearly to set his mind right.

It is sad to see that Aunn has become so selfish that he just can not tolerate anything going against his will & way. A guy who was showered with so much love could stoop to this level is quite frustrating to see. Even now he found it difficult to tend to Zara & that too in just a few hours he had a reality stroke that living away from his family is not going to be easy. Daadi’s conversation reflected how Aunn has taken every thing from his father which she just couldn’t believe herself.

Now I am kind of relieved that Zara will find out about Aunn soon enough & will make things right but I wish she regains her health & spark to tackle Aunn her way. One of the most beautiful scenes was when Husna reminisced of her conversation with Daadi after her husband left. It spoke volumes of what a sane & wise woman can do, how can a woman make or break her home & how many sacrifices one does to earn this level of respect which she has now in the eyes of Daadi & everyone else. What a beautifully etched character.

Loved the episode in bits & pieces but over all I am waiting for the revelations soon & dear Aunn please be ready to face the women avengers.

Keep Supporting,
Zahra Mirza.


Zahra Mirza

Zahra Mirza got associated with in 2012. After moving to Australia, Pakistani content was a way of staying connected to the roots, language & Pakistani culture because it felt home. Eight years ago, review writing began as a hobby but has now turned into a passion.


  • it was a good and sad episode but when every misunderstanding created by evil Aunn will be revealed then drama will reach to the happy ending

  • thanks for nice review, it was well written well directed and very well acted episode.
    my heart went out for daadi and husna. thursday seems infinite.

  • It was such an emotional episode. Loved every minute of it.
    Story, Direction & Acting, everything was just perfect. Next week promises to be fun as Shehna has found out the truth & she will definitely tell Zara.

  • next epi will bring sudden changes,because zara’s father is already at her place and phupho , shehna are coming to play their part simultaneously :D

  • Lovely episode, but very emotional. The pace was slow but I think they kept it this way so we could feel for all the characters, & trust me , I did.
    I cried whenever I saw Husna or dadi crying.
    Aunn & Manzar’s scenes were again the highlight of the latest episode. We all thought that Manzar was stupid, & he is , but I guess he’s a better person than Aunn.
    The scene where Husna goes in flashback mode was very well done.
    Can’t wait till next week.

    • Yes, I agree, even I teared up when Daadi cried. They’ve made us fall in love with this family. Can’t see them hurt, please make them smile someone. :)

    • Mona, just wanted to ask, did you see the similarities the review of Aunn Zara has with this one of mine? As a girl with a name Mona S has commented there, I am assuming it’s you as well?

      • Hey Zahra,
        Yes she is some new girl & probably a guest reviewer, I’m not sure. She covering for some of the their regular reviewers who have gone on vacation.

        • Yeah, I read her interesting intro about herself but yeah she is a novice hence the cut paste was the best option for her. ;)

  • Pleasant review, Thanks. Enjoyed the episode thoroughly. Love the positivity of the story irrespective of circumstances. Manzar head the best lines while Daadi and Husna acted really well. Eagerly awaiting for the next installment of sweet and sour menu.

    • Thank you so much & you’re welcome as well. :) Yes, I am a fan of Manzar now, I think for a side role, he has a strong character whereas normally side characters are just used as fillers but here these characters are playing a pivotal role, both Shehna & Manzar. Amazing characterizations & the bonding between them!

  • Loved the last part of your views, very few women understand this reality that indeed it’s women who can make or brake home and in my personal view the whole family. Coming back to this latest episode of selfishness from Aunn, i’m bit excited now that Zara will eventually find out that it was Aunn plan and she will tackle it wisely. She looks more mature than her character was portrayed in the begining. Looking forward to next episode :)

    • Thank you so very much. Yes, I said that because it was in fact easier for Husna to move on in her life with her toddler but she chose the otherwise knowing that her husband may never return back. Very few women understand who needs them & who doesn’t. Loved that she sacrificed her life for her mother-in-law & what’s more great is that Daadi actually acknowledges Husna’s sacrifices.

      Yep, Zara’s going to take things in her own hands very soon & I just want Aunn to face the consequences. He sounded extremely selfish when he told Manzar that he just can not tell what he has done to the whole family because he couldn’t face everyone’s reactions after finding out the reality.

      • Zahra,
        How can you say Aunn is selfish? Have you met his crazy family????? No wonder he can not tell them the truth, eventhough he now knows that he did wrong.
        He’s afraid of what dadi & phupho might do to him & honestly I don’t blame him.

        • Heheheh I call him selfish in a way that he should be a man enough to face the consequences with all his might because he is wrong. :D

  • Zahra, while this is a wonderful review, I’m a bit unsure of what is happening since the review on for this episode of Aunn Zara by Bajia is very very VERY similar to yours. The train of thought is exactly the same but the words differ slightly. Plaigiarism perhaps? It felt like I was reading reviews by exactly the same person! Can someone clarify?

    • LOL! Thank you so much for appreciating & then pointing it out to me. She has actually & literally copied a few lines from here & pasted in her review. Like she says at the end that she’s trying to improve, means she is taking a high-road all the way. She might’ve read mine first & then wrote hers but these two lines are completely copied with a little modification:

      ‘She kept wanting to pookofy after she prayed and recited the Holy Quran. As for Husna, she still wanted to make sure Aunn got to eat his fresh cooked meal’

      ‘It took Husna lots of hardwork, scarification and pain to earn the respect she has in front of Dadi’s eyes today. A woman can easily break her home and make things worse but Husna took a different route…’

      LOL, I can’t help laughing at how can people even not be original in using their own brains for putting words to their thoughts, that too without a fear of being pointed out at it’s a transparent barrier-free world on the internet? :D

      & what proves her a copycat are the dates of when our reviews were published. Mine on 10th & her’s on 11th. :P

      • The fact that this was an excellent review, ready to be dished out was probably too tempting. I wonder what her response will be to your comment. Anyway, keep up the good work Zahra! Ususally, I am a silent reader. But this blatant plagiarism was too much! :D

        • LOL! Thank you once again & speaking on a personal level & assuming by looking at your name, I have some good terms with
          Indians as I’m married to one & now you’re added to the good-books as well. LOL! :D

          • Hahaha, glad to be in your good books Zahra! And I think its high time the two neighbors became friends. When I read some of the comments on the site however, I am extremely disheartened. I do understand that there is a general dislike of Indian serials in Pakistan (believe me, we too are over these rona-dhona type serials!!) considering that you have plenty of excellent material of your own, but why this HATRED? I know that Pakistani dramas are catching up in India and although they are not shown on television, a lot of people go on to YouTube, and watch them. Its certainly not because we hate them! Cant we all just learn to live together despite the obvious differences in the two countries? Living abroad and meeting so many pakistanis here has taught me that the rhetoric our “netas” keep reeling out is absolute trash and that the majority of the people on both sides consider the other as brothers and sisters. Hopefully, we will be able to keep that going through our mutual love and passion for dramas! :) Glad to have met you Zahra!

          • Oh and before people start the bashing, I do know we have crazies of our own (and loads of them!) back home in India. I’m not trying to point fingers at anyone, just want everyone to be friends and enjoy these wonderfully written dramas together :)

          • IndianFan was this really needed? Starting a fight between two good reputable websites? What was done is wrong but not a massive issue to raise it up like this. This could have been sorted out privately.

          • Ehsan thanks for your concern but trust me no one started a fight & no one is responding that way. It was just some facts which were pointed out & I believe it was a right thing to be done because I never go around reading reviews so didn’t actually know what was happening.

            It’s just a healthy way of letting the person concerned know what was wrong. So everything’s perfectly cool.

          • Well if everything is cool then that is perfect. My opinion was that this could have been done by sending emails to the reviewers rather than discussing publicly but anyways keep up the good work and continue giving us the wonderful reviews.

          • Ehsan, I understand your concern, but when websites put up any content, it is their responsibility to ensure that it is either an original article or they reference the original source. I’m assuming that DramaPakistani had no idea that their review was so similar to Zahra’s. Also, if the reviewer has sourced the article from elsewhere, they are already aware that what they have done is wrong and yet they chose to do it. The moderators on the website are the ones who needed to know and of course, issue Zahra an apology. We haven’t heard back from anyone but I do hope they do. Being professionals, I’m sure there will not be any “fight” from either side! :)

          • Agree. Naming and shaming is not always the best approach.
            Matter should have been resolved privately in professional manner.

          • Thank you so much for your positive thoughts. Trust me Indians & Pakistanis all across the globe co-exist wonderfully without any prejudices against each other but it’s just the MEDIA & the Politicians who love to keep the matters heated.

            I have come across so many Indians who welcomed Pakistanis like anything & the same feelings were extended to the Indians who ever got a chance to visit Pakistan. Trust me there’s no hatred but yes we are quite proud of our dramas therefore please without getting serious do accept our possessiveness on this subject. I can relate to you in that matter because I have lived outside Pakistan almost all my life therefore having Indian social circle is NORMAL. :D

          • Hahaha! Of course Zahra! I love the insights on the reviews from commenters as well as the reviewers actually. While there are a lot of similarities in our customs and cultures, there are some aspects which people on the other side are not familiar with and reading the reviews or the comments helps me understand the episode better. Thanks for replying to comments personally! I’m sure it does take a fair bit of your time! :)

          • @ Ehsan: I agree that the approach you’re talking about is also right but if we hadn’t discussed it openly the new reviewer would’ve kept on repeating the same mistake over & over again. So, I guess some sort of a warning is necessary & thanks a lot for your appreciation, it means a lot. :)

            @ IndianFan: Yes, there are way more similarities between the two countries that people might not even realize & what binds us together & gives us a very smooth way to connect to each other is the similarity of a language. Even though Hindi & Urdu are way too different but what makes it the best is the similarity between them which makes it easier to understand each other.
            ps: I am glad that the Pakistani dramas are giving you more insight to what the norms are of Pakistan but if you don’t quiet understand anything, you’re most welcome to ask. :) & Thank you once again for your appreciation & that’s not an issue, I love speaking to everyone here. :)

      • Zehra Mirza,
        Always a treat to read your reviews. However, I still believe that dignified silence on your part would have been a better approach.
        Readers are sensible enough to decide and comment if they feel that way.

        • Thank you so much brother & likewise it’s always great to hear from you too. Dear brother, as much as I appreciate your way of thinking & leading me that’s how much I respect my work & words too. I respect you for telling me the otherwise & I really don’t expect an apology but yes I believe a due credit is not too much to be asking for. :)
          I hope I haven’t offended you & thank you once again. :)