Reema’s Shoe Broken on the Ramp But Look at Her Confidence!

Reema does not usually get involved in fashion shows but recently she participated in a fashion week in Lahore show casing the designs of some prominent designers. One of Reema’s shoes’ heel broke while she was on the ramp, instead of getting confused Reema showed how confident she is by continuing the catwalk as if nothing had happened. Waving the shoe in the air was taking it too far though! This incident also makes one wonder how many times that particular pair of shoes must have been worn by different models already. And also how much fuss Reema made about it behind the stage afterwards;)

Do you like Reema’s confidence? Didn’t she handle the situation really well?



Fatima Awan

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    • well she is a big name in Pakistan, everyone knows of her, so it’s like how every country reports on their celebs. Or would you prefer a report on the likes of what Kareena is wearing on the ramp? Seriously.

      • even reporting on kareena is also of no worth, there are some true and mega celebrities in the world. but we have little thinking

      • no, no. it is NOT “like” every country reports on their celebs. this is called cheap publicity-stunts and it is pretty common is today’s Pakistani media. what happened to reema on ramp? what happened to mathira on ramp (you don’t want me to explain), how is meera’s English now? meera couldn’t speak a Pashto word in a pashto movie? what’s veena malik’s next “bold” move? how yash chopra died? how was his funeral? how old katrina and kareena become? rip off!

  • She handled it very well! I think the wave was fine, but she should have stopped after a few seconds of doing it. She must have been annoyed. But the dress is beautiful and she carried it off well. On the other hand I think the show was disastrous and everything looks so unprofessional. I found the Toni and Guy bit really vulgar, and some outfits just need more fabric on. Deena Rehman’s clothes were absolutely stunning. They were less revealing that HSY’s and the others. I think the set was hideous and some of the models, well they shouldn’t be models. I am a great fan of bridal clothes but they need to know the limits of how much skin show and I think the event just looks so un-Pakistani. Well what can you expect! I applaud them for bringing fashion to Pakistan but please do it in a decent way and get some good looking models on the ramp next time please.

  • Khabar ko brha chrha kr pesha kia… bat yeh hai k Reema ne iss ko cover kia apni hazir dimaaghi se… shoe toot janay ka mtlb yeh k wo walk krna bhool gai? so cheap report by the reporter… disgusting.

  • kya joota waqai itni khrab quality ka tha ya yeh bi attention gain karne ka tareqa tha?????think about it

  • Reema is Big Name In hua agar Media ne Pakistan k Kisi Big celebrity ki News Chla di…
    Agar Bollywood me k kisi Third Class Actor ya actress ko khanssi ho jae to wo media pe breaking News Ban jaati hai Yahan agar media ne Hmari apni Celebrity ko discuss kia kr dia Hai Logon se Hazzam he nhn ho Rhe YE Bat….. Soooooo SaaaD…..

    • love u bro muza gaya tumhara reply phur k kia joota mara hay in nuk chiron k moun pay bat sirf itni hay chand k moun pay thuko gay tuo aap k apnay moun pay hi giry ga aap ka apna thook love u bro keep it up

  • bechari sharam k mare hand mein shoe leke wapis chali gai. i enjoyed this video .hahahaha

    • us nay galati ki na tumein nokarani buna k lay jati us nay tuo achay way say creative kam kia megertum hoti sathtuo reema ki jooti tuo utha leti tum pay suit bhi kerti abtum aag lagay gi or bukwas ker k mujhay blockk ker do gi hahahah i know bitches kllike u idam care abt bitches like u so lun pay chur

  • aur news walo reema ki showbiz se doori k bawajud, uska saalon ka experience aur confidence hi kaam aya na!! huh sick media :/

  • aur news walo reema ki showbiz se doori k bawajud, uska saalon ka experience aur confidence hi kaam aya na!! huh sick media :/

  • good job reema.. one should show confidence like this in such situation..but precaution is good for anything..u gonna do..precaution is helpful to reduce the chances of error.. :)

  • woww what a confidence Reema hats off to u..
    the pics abt reema n fawad is funny hahahaha….

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