Aunn Zara Episode 14 – Satyanaas.

So it was that ‘manhoos nashta’ that made Aunn’s imagination rolling & that’s how he got hold of stirring the trouble around in his home just because he saw Husna understand the misunderstanding & over-reacted on that. Whatever she felt was justified just because she didn’t think things through but unfortunately Aunn understood how he can distant Zara from the others.

I least expected to see Jamshed act so unreasonably. At one side he has shared how he feels for Nighat with his friend yet he just insulted Nighat which she didn’t deserve. Even though Jamshed was caught off-guard because of a sudden ring ceremony which was about to take place but his fault was trying to make it look like he hates his name being affiliated with ‘mohtarmma’ whereas completely denying that has given this relation a thought of possibility quite sometimes on his own. Where Daadi was ecstatic enough to show off her ‘chaar chaar angootiyaan’ to Daada Jaan, they all just didn’t see the chaos coming.

I must say Aunn has played his cards really well but the sad part is that everyone has started to take him seriously. Daadi, Husna & Zara, all three of them have fallen prey to his tactics. I think they were better off when they extended everything towards Aunn but the attention. Zara was wise enough to never follow his lead & because of that carelessness of hers, she rocked as a bahu all this while. But now when she has started to do what Aunn’s telling her to, she is in deep trouble & no one is ready to understand her.

Even though Zara did owe an explanation to the whole family & especially to Nighat for how she thought things through, she just couldn’t come to terms of understanding how the things went wrong. I laughed where at one scene Aunn was making fun of Zara hilariously and in the next he was fighting with his Daadi & mother like a ‘faffay kuttni’. Such a close knit family can scatter like that in a jiffy was actually heart-wrenching to see.

I think Aunn has tackled the situation very selfishly & he is taking all the wrong decisions. I though to myself that in normal situations it’s always the mother-in-law who creates issues between the couple because she hates sharing her son but here it’s the son who is creating hideous issues between his mother and his wife. But even during all the mayhem & even though Husna was hurt, she still managed to convey her feelings & honest advice to Zara with a kiss on her forehead, telling her that things will be alright and showing actually how dear Zara is to her.

Even Daadi who was hurt just because of the embarrassment Nighat had to face, she went back to being the old Daadi when Zara came to have a conversation with her, proving that she just can not ignore her grand-bahu. Zara is trying hard to undo the mess Aunn has created but I wonder how everyone will react once they’ll find that Aunn was the mastermind behind these uneasy situations. It was – after a long long time, refreshing to see females making peace & being considerate towards each other, even though Daadi & Husna did feel bad & betrayed because of Zara but still just couldn’t ignore her completely.

I loved the fact that even though from the outside, these things may look petty & not worth paying attention to, but those who are facing the situations tend to forget what others mean to them. They have highlighted the bitter reality in such a nice way because when the drama began I read the writer’s comment which stated that this story will not be all comical through out. I now understand that these things happen in real life just as shown because at one point where the whole family laughs at a dinner table, ends up not seeing each other’s faces due to some emotional turbulence. Right now it’s just so easy for Nighat to go & speak to Zara about how she conceived of such an idea but in stead she is choosing the otherwise. Similarly, Husna can talk things with Zara too but she thinks it’s better to ignore because she is getting hurt. Such are the minor issues that grow big over the years & hats off to the writer to show what smallest misunderstandings can lead to, in such a nice way. For sure, it is a reality check to those who don’t want to let go.

Anyways, Aunn thinks by doing all this he will be able to seclude Zara for himself but sadly for now he just can not see how depressed Zara is. I hate to see anything bad happening to this family, because we love them they way they are. I want Aunn to go through another round of ‘chappairs’ & ‘chittars’, because he for sure deserves all this. ;)

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Zahra Mirza

Zahra Mirza got associated with in 2012. After moving to Australia, Pakistani content was a way of staying connected to the roots, language & Pakistani culture because it felt home. Eight years ago, review writing began as a hobby but has now turned into a passion.


  • Aunn seriously needs to become a man.. Instead he has taken up the role of a “mirch maslay wali auntie”.. I laughed hysterically when Aunn was busy laughing Zara.. The expressions were priceless. And some part of me was with Aunn, he was justified in laughing at Zara because she did the same with him!
    Lol at Nighat’s and Shehna confrontation!

    I think Jamshed has also joined this family in the motto “Act before thinking”, the way his words gave the wrong meaning was just heartbreaking. I think in the upcoming episodes, he is going to realize this soon.

    Why Zara?? If Aunn deserves this “chappairs” then Jamshed would be justified in providing some to Zara as well I guess.. (And some part of me would welcome that :P)

    Anyway a good episode and a good review..
    PS: Anyone noticed the sudden change in Zara’s clothes? When Aunn arrives she is in light purple and in the next scene she is back in her magenta ones… :)

    • Hehe Thanks a lot for your feedback but I don’t think Zara qualifies for Jamshed’s slaps, because what she did was intended to bring them together & she had all the reasons to do so & by all means she didn’t intend any harm to Nighat or to the reputation of whole family. In fact she did what she thought was the best thing to do & not to forget, with the support of her mother-in-law. Husna thought that what Zara suggested was a good idea, therefore, she spoke to Daadi about it because the possibility was reasonable & there was nothing wrong in the plan. :)

      Accha & I didn’t pay much heed to her dresses. :) But nice observation anyways hehe & yeah, Aun needs to man-up…not a bit but a lotttt. I hope he understands what he is doing & stop with this plan of his.

  • Wonderful analysis, Zahra.
    If Zara had paid a little more attention to Aunn from the begining, all this mess wouldn’t have happened. I know Aunn got married for all the wrong reasons. He wanted his family to leave him alone & divert their attention & affection towards his wife but lets face it…he is used to being the center of attention, infact he craves it, no matter what he says.
    Aunn is turning into a villain, & I blame zara for it.
    I love all the characters in this play so I don’t want yo see them hurt. There was alot of heartache in this episode, from Nighat to Husna to dadi. Only person happy was Aunn, lol. This was a very touching episode & I simply loved it.

    • Thank you so much Mona, I know Aunn has always been like that therefore he is making Zara the culprit too. Like I said earlier that he wants the attention his way, therefore he is sick of everybody else’s attention & wants that from Zara. But unfortunately he just can not see that during the course of his flick, he is hurting his dear & near ones. lol! Yes, the episode was nice & Daadi’s continuous ‘lakh diyan laantan’ were amazing as always. ;)

  • Aun is an idiot. The worst character in this drama. Even Manzar is better than him. Other than looks and good acting, I don’t see how anyone likes his character. He has zero personality and character. Zara is much more mature and sensible than him.
    If he had sympathized with Zara during that scene where she is in the bedroom reading a book afterwards, then I’d be willing to bet that all his problems would be solved with his wife as well as his other female relatives. Instead he acted selfishly and everything will fall down around his head later.
    But then, the drama wouldn’t go on for so many episodes if the characters behaved sensibly.

    • To some extent I agree with you. Yes, he is selfish and self- centered. But how does Zara qualify maturity test? I mean, she became a match maker for her Dad and Phuppia “Saas” without even considering the whole situation.. And I think Aunn has every right to laugh at her. Wasn’t this the same thing Zara did when Aunn got a way more worse beating than her?

      • Zara’s much better at relationships and dealing with life in general. Sure, she seemed quite immature in the beginning, but she has grown into a more mature personality as the drama has progressed. Aunn is still the same selfish brat that he was in episode 1.
        You will ask how Zara is better at relationships considering her relationship with Aunn. But I feel that Zara has made the more sensible moves in their relationship for the most part. Aunn wanted to talk after work one day, and so she asked him about how his day went, and all he wanted to talk about was lovey dovey. She tried to talk to him about the situation with his Phuppa and her dad, and he shot her down because he wanted to talk lovey dovey again. How can you progress in your relationship if you don’t even know what is going on in your spouse’s life?
        To tell you the truth, I’m not quite sure what Aunn wants. They have become intimate, she loves him, he loves her, she serves him, etc. Seems that he wants her to be with him 24/7, and that is just so unrealistic in any marriage, let alone one with so little privacy. She also has to maintain her relationship with the other ladies, while he doesn’t give a damn about them. At the beginning of this episode with the breakfast scene I thought that he was finally growing up, but the rest of the episode proved me wrong.
        Yes, Zara is not perfect. She needs to be more respectful at times with Aunn. Give him some more attention. But overall she is much better than Aunn.
        As for the assumptions about Phuppo and Jamshed. Considering the things that Zara had seen, most of us would have reached a similar conclusion. Sure, she could have handled it better, but its a learning experience.
        Regarding Zara laughing at Aunn, that is a different situation than what happened with Zara. The situation had already been explained and the tensions diffused. It was safe to laugh. But with Phuppo still crying in her bedroom, it wasn’t the right time for Aunn to be laughing at Zara. He should have sympathized with her and persuaded her to go apologize to Phuppo and the rest. Had he done that, she would have realized that she could rely on his emotional support and would have turned to him more often in the future.
        But again, if I were writing this drama it wouldn’t have been longer than 3-4 episodes, and no one would have watched it.

        • Ohkay, I really like how you two are discussing the opposites with so much detail but I choose to side with Ali this time (no offence Amna). :D A girl is not always wrong & a guy just can’t get away with any nasty that he instigates.

          If we compare the IQ’s & EQ’s of Aunn & Zara, Zara definitely wins because coming from a background of no females in the house, she was just amazing with all the ladies in her family & she always talked to Aunn whenever (read always) she found him wrong, whereas Aunn should’ve been the one doing the talking because Zara had ALL THE REASONS to be unreasonable with her in-laws but as she was just perfect & grabbed Aunn’s share of attention too, Aunn just stopped thinking.

          & here Aunn for sure is wrong, seeing how delicate the things have gotten, he is envenoming the whole situation & using it for his own benefit. Attention seeking is a whole different story but to earn Zara by sacrificing his Daadi, Ammi & Pupho…He is wrong. ;)

          • No prob Zara, it’s
            just a healthy discussion. :) And Ali has given strong points as well!

            I agree that Aunn is all about the
            “lovey dovey” and wants his wife all to himself. That sounds selfish,
            but isn’t that part of our society? Many in their first phase of marriage are
            just like that but after some time when the “lovey dovey” has
            evaporated, then only they see their partners in real for the first time. As
            Aunn has still yet to pass that phase considering the fact that Zara doesn’t
            allow it, so he is still stuck in that attribute. And has become self centered.
            I guess a man cannot see his pride get hurt. And Zara is continuously doing
            that. So Aunn wants to teach her a lesson.

            About the laughing part, well I
            wholeheartedly agree to your points. But you must agree that it’s a human
            nature. Anyone would laugh at a funny situation and then think afterwards about
            whether what he did was right or wrong. And this family follows the principal
            “to act before thinking” to the fullest

            Zahra Mirza: I wrote in other
            review the same thing. Aunn is not doing a steady bargain…

            But like Ali said, if we would write it
            making everyone perfect than the drama wouldn’t go more than 5 episodes

          • I agree with you to the most extent. However, the way Zara is behaving towards Aun, he would have got hurt even if he had been a woman.

            Besides, it is quite childish of Zara of not letting him close to her because this is a normal part of married life. Since she is continuously disapproving it, it almost sounds abnormal now.

      • @ Amna Salam, totally agree with you, girl. Yes Aunn is an idiot & selfish, but his family are partly to be blamed here. They never allowed him the time & space to grow up & mature.

        But Zara is equally responsible for the mess they’ve landed themselves into. She is so busy in trying to have a good relationship with all the women in the house that she has forgotten that Aunn is the main reason she is in that house.

        I think Aunn laughing at Zara was fully justified, because she did the same thing to him when he got beaten up.

  • I hated Aunn in this episode. It seems odd that Zara would stay in her room all day and not talk to anyone of the fear that Phupo will hit her. Zara should have known the family better by now, she has been spending so much time with them since she got married. I loved Husna’s character and the fact that even now at the end of the episode she is thinking that she should be happy for Aunn and Zara. What a sweet Saas… Aunn kis pe chala gaya

    • Yes Asma, that’s why I said that Zara was doing fine when she didn’t pay much heed to Aunn & his ideas & did what she felt was right. I hope she sorts things on her own ASAP. :)

  • I don’t
    think that Aun’s character is that of an idiot. He does make sense to me. The
    poor guy receives respect neither from his mother nor from his grandmother or
    aunt. They humiliate him in front of his wife which is a big mistake in itself.
    This is the reason why Zara doesn’t respect him as well. He is desperately trying
    to establish his relationship with her. In this regard the character of Zara
    lacks sense more the Aun. He at least knows what marriage means to some extent.

    • Thank you for your say & yes what Aunn wants is just natural, he wants the attention of his wife but the way he has chosen to earn that is completely wrong, hence, making him insensitive & insensible.

      Everyone respected & pampered Aunn right from the beginning but it was Aunn himself, who highlighted the positives of Zara in front of everyone so that he can shift the attention from himself onto Zara as he was sick of it & wanted to be independent. Now, when things have gone according to his plan, he is once again finding it hard to come to terms with the way things are. His demands are reasonable but his way is unreasonable. :)

      • Yes, you are right.
        However, Zara is not less selfish than Aun since her intention to marry him was
        not fair either. He wanted to shift the attention from himself onto Zara and
        Zara was only interested in his relatives Dadi, Ammi and Pupho. She was
        almost hostile towards him in
        the beginning

        • I agree but then I feel every girl should be selfish like Zara where she yearns to combine the whole family & spread love in the house. She wasn’t ready to accept Aunn as a husband because she was not mentally prepared but still she never thought of dividing the whole family.

          So for this reason Aunn is irrational because he is dividing & hurting his own family that too for his benefit. :)

  • If there is any drama of all the dramas to wait for during the week, then Aun Zara would be my number 1 choice. I like the story, acting and fun part. It’s just amazing.