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aunn zara

Aunn Zara Episode 14 – Satyanaas.

So it was that ‘manhoos nashta’ that made Aunn’s imagination rolling & that’s how he got hold of stirring the trouble around in his home just because he saw Husna understand the misunderstanding & over-reacted on that. Whatever she felt was justified just because she didn’t think things through but unfortunately Aunn understood how he can distant Zara from the others.

I least expected to see Jamshed act so unreasonably. At one side he has shared how he feels for Nighat with his friend yet he just insulted Nighat which she didn’t deserve. Even though Jamshed was caught off-guard because of a sudden ring ceremony which was about to take place but his fault was trying to make it look like he hates his name being affiliated with ‘mohtarmma’ whereas completely denying that has given this relation a thought of possibility quite sometimes on his own. Where Daadi was ecstatic enough to show off her ‘chaar chaar angootiyaan’ to Daada Jaan, they all just didn’t see the chaos coming.

I must say Aunn has played his cards really well but the sad part is that everyone has started to take him seriously. Daadi, Husna & Zara, all three of them have fallen prey to his tactics. I think they were better off when they extended everything towards Aunn but the attention. Zara was wise enough to never follow his lead & because of that carelessness of hers, she rocked as a bahu all this while. But now when she has started to do what Aunn’s telling her to, she is in deep trouble & no one is ready to understand her.

Even though Zara did owe an explanation to the whole family & especially to Nighat for how she thought things through, she just couldn’t come to terms of understanding how the things went wrong. I laughed where at one scene Aunn was making fun of Zara hilariously and in the next he was fighting with his Daadi & mother like a ‘faffay kuttni’. Such a close knit family can scatter like that in a jiffy was actually heart-wrenching to see.

I think Aunn has tackled the situation very selfishly & he is taking all the wrong decisions. I though to myself that in normal situations it’s always the mother-in-law who creates issues between the couple because she hates sharing her son but here it’s the son who is creating hideous issues between his mother and his wife. But even during all the mayhem & even though Husna was hurt, she still managed to convey her feelings & honest advice to Zara with a kiss on her forehead, telling her that things will be alright and showing actually how dear Zara is to her.

Even Daadi who was hurt just because of the embarrassment Nighat had to face, she went back to being the old Daadi when Zara came to have a conversation with her, proving that she just can not ignore her grand-bahu. Zara is trying hard to undo the mess Aunn has created but I wonder how everyone will react once they’ll find that Aunn was the mastermind behind these uneasy situations. It was – after a long long time, refreshing to see females making peace & being considerate towards each other, even though Daadi & Husna did feel bad & betrayed because of Zara but still just couldn’t ignore her completely.

I loved the fact that even though from the outside, these things may look petty & not worth paying attention to, but those who are facing the situations tend to forget what others mean to them. They have highlighted the bitter reality in such a nice way because when the drama began I read the writer’s comment which stated that this story will not be all comical through out. I now understand that these things happen in real life just as shown because at one point where the whole family laughs at a dinner table, ends up not seeing each other’s faces due to some emotional turbulence. Right now it’s just so easy for Nighat to go & speak to Zara about how she conceived of such an idea but in stead she is choosing the otherwise. Similarly, Husna can talk things with Zara too but she thinks it’s better to ignore because she is getting hurt. Such are the minor issues that grow big over the years & hats off to the writer to show what smallest misunderstandings can lead to, in such a nice way. For sure, it is a reality check to those who don’t want to let go.

Anyways, Aunn thinks by doing all this he will be able to seclude Zara for himself but sadly for now he just can not see how depressed Zara is. I hate to see anything bad happening to this family, because we love them they way they are. I want Aunn to go through another round of ‘chappairs’ & ‘chittars’, because he for sure deserves all this. ;)

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