Adhoori Aurat Episode 22 – Maryam’s Outburst!

The story further progressed in the episode this week. Finally, there is something for Maryam’s family to rejoice on after a long time. Everybody was happy when Bilal’s mother came to ask for Amna’s proposal once again, and the best part was that she was not interested in knowing the reason behind Maryam’s divorce, even when Maryam’s mother tried to explain the reason.

Maryam succeeded in making Amna agree for the haste marriage and the marriage finally happened with a lot of simplicity. Maryam was finally seen content and happy after a long time, and the depressing feel of the show vanished for a while. Bilal seems like an open minded and loving guy and Maryam was happy to see her sister married to the right person.

photo(41)Faiza always manages to stay two steps ahead of both Afshah and Nusrat. Here Nusrat was planning to convince Zayaan to give Afshah her share in the property, and there the very clever and cunning Faiza had already convinced him to transfer all his property to her name. Afshah and Nusrat got extremely shocked to hear this news because none of them were expecting Zayaan to do such a thing without even informing them.

photo(40)One of the best scenes of the episode was when Maryam goes to Zayaan house after she gets to know that Zayaan is the reason for her brother and father’s accident. We got to see the outburst of her feelings that she had stored inside of her for a long time. She had never wished anything bad for Zayaan even after what he had done to her, but this time she did not keep quiet and all her words came directly from her heart. It was truly a spectacular scene and Ayeza was the star of the episode. Her performance in this scene is definitely worth an applause!

photo(39)The surprising part was that Zayaan kept quiet throughout which irked both Nusrat and Faiza. But what could he have said when all of Maryam’s accusation were true! A part of Zayaan is guilty and though he tries to push his conscience away but it keeps on creeping up from time to time. This is the main reason why he refused to take any sort of revenge from Maryam even when Faiza insisted. He did not give a nod to Nusrat’s plan either when she insisted to take Ashiya away from Maryam. I am loving this meek and helpless side of Zayaan. He deserves every bit of the treatment he gets from Faiza.

Zayaan is no longer in Nusrat’s control and Afshah gave her an idea to get the hold back on Zayaan. These two have not an ounce of humanity left in them. How can they possibly think of taking such a small child away from her mother? They made Maryam life pure hell when she was Zayaan’s wife, and even now they are not ready to leave her alone.

photo(37)Just when Maryam had finally come to terms with the situation and things were getting better, she was faced with another huge problem. Maryam is not meek and submissive like before; now she knows how to stand up for herself. She would never let Zayaan take her most prized possession away from her. She still has the biggest card in her hand, and she can use it anytime to make Zayaan agree to whatever she wants. She is the only one who knows his secret and she would not think even once before revealing it if he does not give Ashiya back to her.

I thoroughly enjoyed the episode and there was not a single scene that I wanted to skip. Faysal Qureshi and Maheen Rizvi both were superb in their scenes too. The direction of this show has been brilliant from the start. Every scene is so brilliantly captured, and every minute detail is taken into account. I have always loved the background music of this show; it makes all the scenes so intense.

I am looking forward to see if Zayaan would give Ashiya back to Maryam or not. The next episode would definitely be worth looking forward to.

Do share your opinion about the episode; I would love to hear your views!

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Mariam Shafiq


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  • Thank you so much Mariam Shafiq for posting this review early. I always look forward to your review. I want to tell you something that i started watching this drama just because of your review, I really like your writing skills. Thank You.

    • You are most welcome Maryam. :)

      Thankyou, I am overwhelmed by your appreciation. I’m glad my reviews made you want to watch the show. :)

      Keep Commenting! :)

  • Good reviews, its one of the best drama these days. Now we know why zayaan is so selfish because maa asi hai tou beta b waisa hee hoga.

      • Thankyou for commenting Uzma..

        I wish this was the reason, but its not even close to it. :(
        Nusrat has no intention to bring Maryam and Zayaan together again, and plus they are already divorced so nothing can ever happen between them.

        Keep Commenting! :)

    • Thanks for commenting!

      Maryam knows about his association with the maid… That was shown a few episodes back. His reputation would get ruined if the secret got out.

  • Just watched the promo. And the outburst scene was just spectacular!! Zayaan is getting what he bowed. Can’t understand one thing. Why is Nusrat interested in Ashiya?

    • Hello Amna!

      Nusrat is interested in Ashiya because she thinks she can get the control back on Zayaan through her. A person like her can have no maternal feelings towards the child.

      • Seriously? At first she was like “larki nai chahiyey” nad now she wants to use it against Zayyan?? Woman, please get yourself checked up at the mental hospital :)

        • Haha! :D She really needs to!

          Well, if she can use the child for her own selfish motive then it does not matter that the child is a girl.

  • This play had got very depressing, bad husband & susral, cancer, bewafa husband, brother & father’s death, divorce. It seemed too tragic, all calamities seem to be falling on Maryam and her family who were all very nice people. I am glad that things are turning the other way round. Nusrat and her daughter deserve a bahoo like Faiza. I am glad Faiza is treating Zayan like a doormat, he deserves this and worse. I like the scene when Maryam gave bad-dua to Zayan and his house, I like this new Maryam so much more than her meek and submissive character. Looking forward to the next episode.

    • Thanks for commenting Asma..

      Yes, i know the show had become really depressing but now it will get better when Zayaan will suffer because of Faiza.
      Oh yes, Nusrat and Afshah deserve Faiza’s behavior. I hope she gives them more tough time.. Afshah seriously needs to leave Maryam alone. How cruel can people be!

      Its lovely to see Zayaan as the door mat. :)

      Keep commenting!

  • I hated Afshan so much in the scene when she was ill-talkign to Maryam in the Mall. Why, she is divorced, not your bhabi anymore why are you breaking her heat again.