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aunn zara

Aunn Zara – Episode 15

Voila! My star of the show; Daadi’s back. Even though Daadi’s presence was felt all this while but I thought that her character shifted to the back-seat in few of the previous episodes. So glad she had an appropriate screen-time & I absolutely loved seeing her. She just looked so adorable with a disbelief in her eyes & innocence on her face when Aunn confronted her. Even though the whole episode was based on the hard-times this Punjabi family is facing but still some really heart-touching moments came up, filling us with compassion.

Daadi & Husna’s conversation about Zara was so inspirational. Daadi who endears Zara equally like her own grand-son Aunn thought it was just fine if Zara was showing tantrums. A whole new thought was provoked by saying that no daughter-in-law is evil, what actually wrong is that the men often forget how to maintain a balance between their family & then the wife. What Aunn’s doing is just a perfect example of the notion. He is just not strong enough to fend what he wants for himself therefore, he is stirring things up & even resorting to the most dangerous sleeping pills.

Even after Nighat’s glass found wings & while practicing it’s first flight, it hit Zara, even though such a huge mess was created – Nighat still found her time & ways for socializing. I just love this about her that even though she has two girls to take care of, she always finds her me-time in the middle of everything. She does retail therapy, loves visiting her friends & also has found a personal chauffeur aka Jamshed. It was just so like Jamshed who first blurted out things which he didn’t mean but then came to make up for it. I loved the strong point that Nighat put forward saying ‘mai kaunsi ghalat fehmi ko khush fehmi bana k dil mai chuppa k bethi hoon’. To-the-point & spot-on dialogues are what makes this whole experience a lot more better. Aunn & Nighat’s encounter was just so funny but I commend Osman Khalid Butt for switching his moods & expressions just so easily when he changes rooms & I must say that OKB makes the evil look good & effortless too.

Zara has gone into the shell of misunderstandings & is not willing to come out because even when she tried, Aunn used it & twisted it to turn Zara against his family. Daadi who thinks no one in her 7 generations has been ‘Mashoom’ just couldn’t believe her ears when Aunn told her everything that Zara Jee has said. Even thought Aunn apologized to Allah for everything that he is doing, I still want to see the ‘kutt’ he will get once he will be exposed, because he deserves it. That was rather clever & sweet at the same time that Aunn saw Daadi’s restlessness so he came to compensate for it & told her things which made her believe that her Aunn is ‘beeba’ & ‘chann’. Poor Daadi doesn’t know that her ‘Chann’ Aunn is actually personifying ‘Chandaal’ these days.

Love the whole Zara Jee drama followed by everybody’s reactions on this. The best came from Chacha Jaan who thought it was Zara’s Khala who had come to visit them because no one expected Aunn to become a ‘zan mureed’ if we put it in Daadi’s words. Zara’s morning sickness & nausea are telling a whole new story. I think this may become the reason for the whole family to re-unite but it’s Aunn Zara I am talking about, things get worst & best in a thin-air which no one can ever predict & I say that in a good sense of course. I loved that even though this episode had some weak moments where Daadi broke so many times, filling our hearts with sadness, they still managed to giggle us with their one-liners. Still found Aunn & his ‘fafay kutni’ attitude amusing but wish to see him suffering for all that he has done. Everybody else was just perfect & glad to see Chacha & Chachi back for more.

Can’t wait for the next episode because things have gotten way too interesting, & like always a shout out for the whole team for their best efforts which are obviously paying off.

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Zahra Mirza.