Aunn Zara – Episode 15

Voila! My star of the show; Daadi’s back. Even though Daadi’s presence was felt all this while but I thought that her character shifted to the back-seat in few of the previous episodes. So glad she had an appropriate screen-time & I absolutely loved seeing her. She just looked so adorable with a disbelief in her eyes & innocence on her face when Aunn confronted her. Even though the whole episode was based on the hard-times this Punjabi family is facing but still some really heart-touching moments came up, filling us with compassion.

Daadi & Husna’s conversation about Zara was so inspirational. Daadi who endears Zara equally like her own grand-son Aunn thought it was just fine if Zara was showing tantrums. A whole new thought was provoked by saying that no daughter-in-law is evil, what actually wrong is that the men often forget how to maintain a balance between their family & then the wife. What Aunn’s doing is just a perfect example of the notion. He is just not strong enough to fend what he wants for himself therefore, he is stirring things up & even resorting to the most dangerous sleeping pills.

Even after Nighat’s glass found wings & while practicing it’s first flight, it hit Zara, even though such a huge mess was created – Nighat still found her time & ways for socializing. I just love this about her that even though she has two girls to take care of, she always finds her me-time in the middle of everything. She does retail therapy, loves visiting her friends & also has found a personal chauffeur aka Jamshed. It was just so like Jamshed who first blurted out things which he didn’t mean but then came to make up for it. I loved the strong point that Nighat put forward saying ‘mai kaunsi ghalat fehmi ko khush fehmi bana k dil mai chuppa k bethi hoon’.┬áTo-the-point & spot-on dialogues are what makes this whole experience a lot more better. Aunn & Nighat’s encounter was just so funny but I commend Osman Khalid Butt for switching his moods & expressions just so easily when he changes rooms & I must say that OKB makes the evil look good & effortless too.

Zara has gone into the shell of misunderstandings & is not willing to come out because even when she tried, Aunn used it & twisted it to turn Zara against his family. Daadi who thinks no one in her 7 generations has been ‘Mashoom’ just couldn’t believe her ears when Aunn told her everything that Zara Jee has said. Even thought Aunn apologized to Allah for everything that he is doing, I still want to see the ‘kutt’ he will get once he will be exposed, because he deserves it. That was rather clever & sweet at the same time that Aunn saw Daadi’s restlessness so he came to compensate for it & told her things which made her believe that her Aunn is ‘beeba’ & ‘chann’. Poor Daadi doesn’t know that her ‘Chann’ Aunn is actually personifying ‘Chandaal’ these days.

Love the whole Zara Jee drama followed by everybody’s reactions on this. The best came from Chacha Jaan who thought it was Zara’s Khala who had come to visit them because no one expected Aunn to become a ‘zan mureed’ if we put it in Daadi’s words. Zara’s morning sickness & nausea are telling a whole new story. I think this may become the reason for the whole family to re-unite but it’s Aunn Zara I am talking about, things get worst & best in a thin-air which no one can ever predict & I say that in a good sense of course. I loved that even though this episode had some weak moments where Daadi broke so many times, filling our hearts with sadness, they still managed to giggle us with their one-liners. Still found Aunn & his ‘fafay kutni’ attitude amusing but wish to see him suffering for all that he has done. Everybody else was just perfect & glad to see Chacha & Chachi back for more.

Can’t wait for the next episode because things have gotten way too interesting, & like always a shout out for the whole team for their best efforts which are obviously paying off.

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Zahra Mirza

Zahra Mirza got associated with in 2012. After moving to Australia, Pakistani content was a way of staying connected to the roots, language & Pakistani culture because it felt home. Eight years ago, review writing began as a hobby but has now turned into a passion.


  • Loved Dadi in this episode. The way she went to Aunn’s room to wish a “get well soon” to our very own “Zara ji” was so cute!!

    The whole glass affair I could not understand. First of all I thought it was just a rolled up piece of paper aka “Kachra”.. Then when I realized that what it was supposed to be a glass so Zara’s attitude I could not get. Yes, it might have hurt but it was nothing that you would have to call your husband to protect you. And mind that, Nighat apologized unlike some people ….. (You know I’m talking about you Zara!) Furthermore, nighat intended to throw that glass at Sophie.. Woman, are you in your right mind???? Though I loved your scene and fauji sahab’s!! This is what I like about AZ, at one time you are criticising a character and the next moment praising it (Zara this is not for you!!! :P)

    Aunn’s scheming is getting out of hands.. I mean who does that? Yes, I’m still firm at this point that if Zara had paid any heed to his love then we wouldn’t be in this mess. But still, Aunn please “zara ahista chalyey, kahin ap ko bhi glass na lag jai!”

    Loving that Chacha and Chachi are back in the house.. lets see what the episode has to offer.. Till then, “Zahra ji”, shukria ap ka for writing the review!

    • Haha lol @ you calling me Zahra Jee, lol. Yes, I know Zara’s reaction was something I didn’t expect as well, she shouldn’t have called Aunn, yeah it would’ve been fine if Nighat was threatening her with curling hot iron rod, lol!

      I know Aunn’s silliness has gone way too far off but I still find it funny how his mind comes up with these immediate stories. LOL!

      Thank you Amna Jee for appreciating. :D

      • An inside joke Zahra Jee.. Aunn looked so inncoent when he was praying.. Just if we had said “Mujhey Khuda pai Yakeen” hai.. lol!!

        • Hahahahahaha! Man I was like down in a sense that don’t feel like talking right now & your comment made me crack LOL! Nahiiiii hamain aik aur Arham nahi chahiye….
          *bangles shattering*

          • Haha.. lol!! It just came to me instantly I saw Aunn praying.. An a thought came “This is going to make Zahra Ji ROFL”..Thinking to switch calling you Zahra ji permanently…!

            Nah, he’s never going to be Arham cause he can’t keep up with saying the same words again and again.. lol! One needs stamina for that and our ladla Aunn doesn’t have it :)

          • Fafay Kutni is actually wo aunty jo haath hila hila k laraiyaan karti hain, like hamare yahan fafay kutni usay hi kehte hain LOL!

          • Mona, you listening? Zahra ji is saying that the females of Aunn’s household have made him a “fafay kutni”… !!! Mona abhi maidan mai akar apnay ladlay Aunn ka defah karain gi!!! :P

            (PS: MAYBE i’M BECOMING ONE AS WELL ! :) )

          • Hain? LOL!
            Like I said I’m already a fan of fafay kutni Aunn, for a change it’s nice to see a MAN acting like that in stead of a woman, which is so refreshing to see in the monotony of aik aurat being a dushman of dusri aurat. LOL!

          • hmm.. Ya I agree that it feels good that the man here is the fafay kutni.. I mean its common practice that man say fakhrai “aurat hi aurat ki dushman” and “aurat fasad ki jar”.. And it always sue to piss me off.. And now seeing a “man-boy” being Be Jamulo , a smirk appears on my face.. Mard bhi kisi sai kum nahi..!

          • Just hoping kai the “mards” of our society get the “idea”..!!

            For breaking the norms,

            Naray e Aunn, Jiyey Fafay kutni…

            (Man i loving the sound of that word.. lol!)

  • Nice review thank you very much. Liked this episode Laikin yeh misunderstanding ab door ho jani chahiyeh. It has gone on bit too long.
    Enjoyed scenes of Nighat, Jamshed and Nanzar. I was pleased to see chacha and cha hee.

    • Thank you so much Farah. :) I know, abb Aunn ko maar parh jani chahiye bas, I hope next episode mai sab khatam ho jaye. & yes the whole episode was really happening apart from few bits which showed the delicate moods. :D

  • Lovely review Zahra.
    It truly was a wonderful episode. Chacha-chachi are so funny together. I was so happy that they returned. Chachaji’s dialogues about Zara Ji’s khala were equally hilarious.
    Once again Aunn-Manzar scene was the highlight of the episode for me.
    Your assessment that OKB switches expressions & moods, just as he switches rooms is spot on. He truly is the star of this show. We all hate Aunn for what he doing but we all find him adorable at the same time, so it’s hard to keep a grudge against this guy.
    Can’t wait until next week.

    • Thank you Mona! & yes, hai na? He makes the Evil Aunn look adorable as well. HEHE! That’s the beauty of the character because we know he is not evil actually but is making things up, so it makes it a lot more easier to grasp his pulled-off negativity unlike so many characters in other dramas where they just focus on the negativity of a human nature without showing an ounce of positivity. Deep down we are still satisfied that Aunn is not what he is posing as, so it makes a lot easier for us to follow through.

      Loved how he begged Allah for forgiveness hehehehe, it was so cute. I love how Manzar is now sick of Aunn & hates him for his guts but still is all ears for Aunn & his worries. :) Hope everything sorted out ASAP! :)

      • @ Amna,
        You know me too well. Don’t even get me started on ‘Zara ji’. Booloun gi tu bolo gay keh bolta hay.

        I don’t understand why people are bashing Aunn. Zara is equally responsible for the failure of her marriage.

  • What I enjoyed most about Aunn Zara was that it was a nice, light comedy, something enjoyable and laughable. With all this tension in the house the drama is not that enjoyable anymore. Hope things get sorted out soon. Zara’s good news might bring the family together and it may end the drama on a happy note.

    • Aww! I hope you find those one-liners funny still. That’s the beauty of the drama that even in these hard-times, they still managed to make us laugh. We’ll get through this, keep watching. :)

  • Your review is equally amusing as AZ is! What’s really amazing is to see that above all the misunderstanding,they actually care about Zara.Phuppo asking about her from Aunn when she threw the glass on her.Daadi asking about Zara’s health.That scene was really beautiful.The way Daadi tries to sneak in to see Zara was totally adorable.And i think i’m not the only one who wants another round of Aunn-Beating.Cannot wait to see the happy-reunion and does anyone think here that Aunn’s father will return in the end? I’d definitely love that!

    • Haha! Thank you so much Hammad. Yeah, I want Aunn to face the consequences for whatever he has started. Yes, actually Zara has not said anything to them on their faces so it still makes the soft corner they have for her intact. If we see it that way, Zara never misbehaved & they are only listening to Aunn so still they have a a lot of sympathy with her & love Zara a lot.

      I don’t think if Aunn’s father will return it will contribute to anything let alone happiness. & on a personal side I really don’t care about his father because of what he has put Husna through.

          • And I’m very excited to see his father as in physical appearance.. We were never spared a picture even!! But I think somehow or another he is down to make an effect cause in the OST it shows Aunn and Dadi jaan crying .. (NOOOO!!!!!!!!)

  • This is such an adorable review as the drama itself. I love Daadi.. And u just spoke my heart out, there is no need to repeat everythng in comments. U have pointed every single point i liked in this episode

    • Thank you so much for your appreciation. :)
      Hope to hear more from you & hope you continue to enjoy the drama & the reviews too. :D

  • What i enjoy from Aunn Zara the most is the way story is written, it’s simple yet funny, charming and show us the normal picture of every other house in Pakistan. Writer may be trying to identify the real culture of Pakistan and conveying the message that it’s time for ppl like us to start appreciating our own things rather looking abroad. Good job again in this episode, i’m starting to hate Aunn a bit and i’m waiting when he will have his “kutt” because even though Aunn wants Zara all for his own but he must not forget that his family also wants both their love. Deep down there is still that old selfish Aunn who only thinks about himself….eagerly waiting for the next episode.

    • Thank you for your say Abbas. Yes, Aunn Zara is our Typical Pakistani Household Culture personified. Whatever you’ve pointed out are the plus points of the story & the whole drama. Love how they provoke a new thought every time & isn’t it just so refreshing to see every family member having a normal & positive attitude towards eachother? :)