Aseer Zaadi Episode 7 – An Engaging Episode!

This week’s episode completely revolved around Maira and Shahab and all their scenes were a pure delight to watch. The roothna and then manana were the best parts.

photo(4)Maira anger dissolved when Shahab apologized to her, but she went overboard in her playfulness and still pretended to be angry at Shahab.  Shahab took all this seriously and reacted very badly which shocked Maira and everyone else. Shahab is such a calm and patient person and I was really not expecting him to act this way. It was not really his anger, but his frustration speaking; he feels suffocated by all the people around him demanding one thing after the other from him, and nobody even bothers to understand him or ask how he wants to live his life.

photoThe scene where he goes to say sorry to Maira was the cutest scene ever! They looked like two small kids having fun, and I cannot believe Shahab actually became a murga when Maira demanded it. I had a huge smile on my face when he went on his knees and gave Maira a heartfelt apology. They were having a really good time until Badi Sarkar made her entry, and took Maira’s class for making Shahab kneel in front of her.

photo(2)I find Maira pretty immature; I did not understand why she blamed Shahab for not speaking up for her when he was defending her throughout. He is such a loving and caring person and Maira really needs to start understanding him instead of blaming him all the time. The way Maira was blaming him was downright insulting! But he did not react in any way and listened to her patiently. If anyone else was in his place, he would have been seriously offended by her words. This made me fall more in love with his character; he is a very mature person who knows how to compromise with the situation.

Shahab’s break down in front of Naseemi showed how close he is to her. Naseemi always gives him genuine advice and Shahab always follows it. According to Naseemi, Shahab has forgotten Yasmeen, but I do not think that is true. Whenever he tries to talk to her, he gets her taunts in reply and he has just stopped trying now. Maybe he needs to try a bit more from now on.

photo(72)Shahab, for the third time in one day, went to Maira to patch things up with her. (This guy sure has a lot of patience!) How these two got back at Fatima was another one of my favorite scenes in the episode. Fatima felt insulted when she saw Maira sitting in the front seat of the car, and she was ready to kill someone with her expressions when she saw Maira holding Shahab’s hand.

I simply cannot believe that Fatima records all her grievances against Shahab in a CD. Does she intend to make him listen to them after marriage? Is she a nutcase or what! She made sure everyone got a scolding after that scene in Shahab’s room. Since she could not take Shahab’s name, she made sure the rest suffered for her insult.


After the initial misunderstandings in Shahab and Maira’s relationship, they finally started understanding each other when Shahab spoke about his feelings to Maira. Maira understood what he had been through his whole childhood when he narrated his past to her.

‘Woh Shahab Jo Mujhe Bohat Ache Laghte Hai, Woh Shahab Jin Ko Mein Hamesha Khush Dekhna Chahti Hoon’

I simply loved the scene when Maira spoke these words to Shahab to uplift his mood. Shahab really needs someone in his life who could relate with him and understand his situation too. Ainie Jafferi and Noor Hasan have once again outdone themselves. I simply love their chemistry!

photo(73)After the car incident, Fatima decided to get married to Shahab at all cost. The preview for the next episode shows that Fatima will get married to Shahab very soon. Also, Shahab and Maira will face more misunderstandings when Bilal will call Maira. I am curious to know why he is calling her in the first place.

A lot of twist and turns are coming up in the next episode, so do keep watching and share your views about this week’s episode.

Till Next Week

Mariam Shafiq


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  • this show is definitely better than other shows on ary and geo in same timing.
    despite opposition from my family I used to follow num on geo on saturday and view aseerzadi in breaks or later on internet. But this drama has got interesting and much better than boring snail paced numm, and now this my first choice show on saturday night.

    • I follow both Numm and Aseer Zadi and like you i have more interest in aseer zaadi now. Numm is a very slow show and i watched it on saturday but now I am losing interest. Aseer Zadi is gaining lots of viewers now as it evident from the rating. The story is fast paced and the acting is superb!

      Thanks for commenting! :)

  • This show is so different! I am really loving the acting and the storyline this show has. its a different concept no less that concept makes no sense to me at all but its pretty interesting. I am loving Noor Hassan and Annie Jaffri’s chemistry

    • Hello there!

      Oh yes the acting is wonderful. The story has loads of loopholes and it doesn’t make sense to me either but people with such mind set really do exist. Unbelievable, but true!

      I really look forward to Noor Hasan and Ainie Jaffri scenes! They are simply adorable!

  • It is the most unbelievable story ever! And Annie J is playing the role just like she did in MBM. Same expressions etc. Fatima’s acting is again not very convincing.She looks too innocent and just does not convince you of the evil spirit she hides inside. The story line is bakwas and the hero is now falling over himself to please his second wife when a few episodes ago, was convincing his first wife that he loves her!( Why is Hum supporting/condoning multiple wives?) Now she is in a white dress where as he is kneeling down in front of the new one. I have never heard of a woman making rules for women … they are not allowed to listen to music because ‘ bari sarkar’ forbids it..Uggghhh!! very poor script, mediocre direction, Aseerzadi is very disappointing.

  • I wouldn’t agree with you NDL or anybody trying to relate to the in real world. It’s a piece of FICTION guys. It’s doesn’t need to be true or real.
    I clearly remember at the launch show of Aseer Zadi, Noor Hassan very clearly mentioned that “it is not every household’s story. It’s out of the box and surreal.”
    So stop taking it in the true sense and try to relate to it.
    I love this filmic experience on tv with amazing cast and strong dialogues. Love the upheavals in the stories every two seconds.
    Kudos to Noor Hassan for keep engaging us in the last couple of episode despite having every other scene in the episodes. Usually I would get bored by seeing the same face but it’s a sheer delight to look at him with such a strong aura and fantastic performance. Just the way he speaks and his voice, enough to make people fall in love with him.
    Ainy is a sweet little thing rightly place for the character as she sells herself successfully as an innocent woman. Sania Saeed is as amazing as always. She knows the craft so well.
    Can’t wait to the next episode

  • It truly is not every household’s story…as a matter of fact it is not ANY household’s story. Ladies in white waiting for the third wife to give an heir! Pir Jalaal weaker than his wife. All she had done to become all powerful is to bear a spineless son! ugghhh!
    I agree with you on Noor Hasan’s acting talents. He has given a very good performance. But otherwise this serial is a huge disappointment. I always loved the dramas from Hum as they depicted the true to life stories.. I remember how much I loved ‘Daam’ and ‘Maat’. This sudden interest in multiple wives in their various dramas ( meray humnawa ) is very repulsive.

    Just because dramas are based on fiction does not mean they have to be UNREAL. you may change the word to ‘surreal’ but that is what it is UNREAL!

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