Woh Episode 05 – Going Strong

Every Episode of Woh proves to be more entertaining than the previous one; the story has been moving forward at a very steady pace right from the get-go. Woh has a lot going for it; a different genre altogether and a very solid storyline but what stands out the most are the well etched-out characters which make this play very relatable. The viewer’s can’t help but feel everything that the characters are feeling in the play; their relationship with each other, their fears, insecurities and yes the innocence, all of it has been very well portrayed. The credit for that goes to the entire team, the writer, director and the actors. I have said this before and I will say it again that Woh is a perfect example of team effort. The chemistry between all the actors seems effortless.


The demon took over Faisal’s house completely in this recent episode; it is getting stronger by the day. Faisal faces a very difficult situation since he loves Mehr too much to let her go. Despite of all the strange happenings around the house and his concern for Saba, he knows only too well that Mehr is a victim and he cannot leave her when she is not at fault. Arij Fatima yet again mesmerized the viewers with her brilliant acting. Shamoon Abbasi portrayed the confusion and fear that Faisal is facing superbly.


Surraiya’s character adds a light touch to the whole play and I find the character very amusing. Ruqqaiya continued trying to get the demon out of the house and even forced Mehr to leave the house but Faisal on the other hand wants to find a more tangible solution to the problem.


The horror scenes were very well done but why does everyone wake up from sleep after the encounter from the demon? That made it look like the whole scene/encounter was just a dream sequence – although that was not the case. It would have been good if they used Quran or Islamic versus to get the demon to go away. We have two iconic directors who are a major part of this serial; Angeline Malik and Shamoon Abbasi, so I expect nothing but perfection from them. I hope that Mehr’s brother and bhabi are not going to be completely eliminated from the story now because that would be a big flaw in an otherwise flawless story. If they just disappear all of a sudden because they have nothing to do with taking the story forward then that would make no sense.



The preview for the next episode showed that Faisal decides to get professional help in order to get rid of the demon. I am waiting to find out how that particular part is shown because it would count as a major event in the play. Faisal and Mehr’s relationship with each other is very heart warming. A happy ending would be the perfect icing on the cake. It would be great if the team of Woh could make a special show on the making of the play especially some of the horror scenes; like the one we saw at the end of this episode and many others.

Did you watch this latest installment?  Which was your favorite scene from this episode?


Fatima Awan

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  • it is an interesting drama indeed, making a delightful horror story is indeed a superb effort by angeline and shamoon. in this episode the scene of ruqqaiyah and surriyah were most entertaining. lets see how will they force the devil to leave mehr.

  • this drama is simply woaww.. we should promote such dramas so that we can come out of a traditional touch of dramas like love stories and hurdles and problems.. comeonn this is not a life is just to live thats it.. if theres a problem theres a solution too.. so our dramas always shows a problem without solution and a prooooloooooooooong situation to one person to get out of the problem at the end he/she get dead and sory remains a problem..or a simple love story two ppl get together after soo many hurdles or forced to apart frm each other… plzzz get out of it..get alive..
    yoooooo.. thums upp tooo WOH and team..angalina malik weldone…

  • Yes well said Fatima but I think that the encounter of everyone with the demon was a dream that is why when Ruqaiya’s maid asked her “kia ap ne koi draona khawab dekha he?” she said yes………..and the encounter of Faisal was too…………because we can see that when he is looking at the pictures he rests his head on the bed’s back and after the encounter he wakes up in the same position………..

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