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Woh – Episode 03

The horror element of the play stayed intact even in this third episode but I have to say that I was slightly disappointed because the first few minutes of the episode were completely wasted in showing the entire scene from the previous episode all over again. A precap of what had happened in the last episode would have been enough. Apart from that I felt like two of the scenes in this episode were inspired by the film “Jeepers Creepers”. The scene in which Mehr’s brother has no eyes and the other one in which Mehr’s possessed side gets up from the bed to take a closer look at Faisal. I remember this was the exact same way the creature in Jeepers Creepers used to sniff his prey before eating it. If we put these minor shortcomings and lack of creativity here and there aside, the fact is that Woh is very scary and entertaining indeed and I really appreciate that.


The demon has decided to reveal itself to Faisal’s mother and Saba, which has caused Faisal to reconsider his non belief in paranormal creatures. Sadly enough, those of us who read the “plot” of the play online know only too well where the story is going to go from here. Even the ending has already been given away while elaborating the plot. I would like to request the people responsible for this huge blooper to kindly be more careful. The idea of summing up the plot is that you give the viewer a short synopsis of what the story is basically about and not tell them how things will be resolved in the end. if  i hadn’t read the plot outline online i would have thought that there maybe some murders and gruesome acts coming our way in the future but now I know the story will not take that turn. I must appreciate the writer for not overdoing the demon bit but still keeping the horror element alive and the director deserves credit for filming the horror scenes in such a way that they keep you at the edge of your seat.

The most important development in this recent episode was the change of mind that Faisal is having and also the way Mehr and Faisal are getting closer to each other. I would have liked some of the scenes to be shorter and wrapped up quickly. There was plenty of Mehr and Faisal in this episode, it would have been nice to see Mehr interacting with Saba as well but there were no such scenes. It has been well established that Mehr and Faisal are meant to be together  – a match made in heaven truly. Shamoon Abbasi and Arij Fatima definitely have a good on screen chemistry.


Ruqqaiya’s growing fears were portrayed very well; she asks the maid to stay for the night because she is very sure that she doesn’t want to be alone at night. If I hadn’t read the plot I would have expected that Ruqqaiya will eventually pressurize Faisal into ending the marriage but that is not going to happen. I am glad though that the play will have a happy ending because I wanted just that but I would have been happier if the happy ending came as a surprise!

The good news is that the play is doing well in terms of viewership so the Woh team has announced that there will be a part 2 of the show soon after this one ends. I have a feeling that it is going to be something brand new and not a sequel. The Woh team has done a commendable job till now but it is my request to people who  run the web page that they should not give away the entire plot as well as the ending because that kills more than half of the fun for the viewers who do not like spoilers.


Fatima Awan