Mere Humrahi Episode 6 – Ahad Is Back!

This week the story of the show progressed a bit further and we got to see some interesting scenes in the episode. The main highlight of the show was Ahad’s return, and how he reacted to the news of Haaniyah’s marriage to Ahmed. I would have preferred if his entry would have been a bit delayed so that we could see some progress in Ahmed and Haaniyah’s relationship before he re-entered their lives.

Ahad returned with no sense of remorse for abandoning Haaniyah one day before the wedding. He got a good tongue lashing from his father along with a slap that he truly deserved, but as expected it had no effect on him. In his opinion, he had the right to make his life’s decision and he did not want to be forced to get married when he was not ready.

photo(32)Haaniyah and Ahmed are now in an extremely awkward situation and Haaniyah is still not able to accept that Ahmed is a part of her life now. She pushes him back whenever he tries to make the situation less awkward between them. The situation is not easy for Ahmed to accept either, but he is trying his best to come to terms with it.

photo(31)‘Tum Aankhein Band Kerke Is Baat Se Moun Nahi Mour Sakhti Ke Ab Hume Saath Rehna Hai’

Haaniyah is trying her best to ignore Ahmed, but for how long? She would need to accept the situation one day or the other. I really felt bad for Ahmed in the scene where he tries to wipe Haaniyah’s tears and she moves back. Despite of her behavior, he is being extremely patient and understanding and this is one thing I really like about him.

photo(30)Ahad was in for a huge shock when he got to know about Ahmed and Haaniyah’s wedding. He looked at everyone like they had committed a huge crime! And I was glad that his mother finally gave him a piece of her mind. I loved the scene where she taunted him on his face that why he cares who Haaniyah gets married to since he already left her without a second thought! Shehzad sheikh really needs to work on his expressions; he had the same expression on his face when he was surprised, shocked and angry.

photo(28)What annoyed me the most was Haaniyah’s reaction when Ahad came back; she was all happy and her whole face lit up until she remembered that she was now married to his brother. Technically, she should hate him for what he had done to her, but it seems that she is still incapable of showing such an emotion.

Samina is not going to change her ways anytime soon and I agree with Zaheer (Samina’s brother) that she has turned like this because of all the support she gets from her mother. He even tried to explain to his mother to leave her alone and let her get settled in her own life, but she took it in the wrong way and blamed Afshah for brainwashing his son. I have always liked the patient and understanding nature of Afshah and I like the fact that she always uses a practical approach to deal with all her problems.

photo(29)Haaniyah’s parents were shown extremely worried about her future and were impatiently waiting for her to come at their house to see if she was okay. Haaniyah has always had a very strong bond with her father, and I loved the flashbacks they showed in this episode. She has not spoken much after her wedding but she finally opened up in front of her father and shared her feelings with him. Her father consoled her and gave her the assurance that time will make you adjust with the situation. I am pretty sure time is what Ahmed and Haaniyah’s relationship needs right now.

They are still using Humsafar’s back ground music in many scenes and I cannot seem to concentrate on the scene whenever it plays in the background! The show has a nice OST which can be used in the background; I wish they would use it!

From the next episode, the concentration would be on Ahmed and Haaniyah’s relationship hopefully, and I am really looking forward to that.

Do share your opinion about the episode as I would love to hear them.

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Mariam Shafiq


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  • This show is too slow, in whole episode almost half day passed, there are also editing glitches in sequence of scenes, for instance Haniya’s brother (khalid malik) and bhabi (Mahira Abbasi) leave for haniya susral with “naashta” and they also shown scenes of house of mother of Mahira abbasi, in parallel where her bhabhi (afshah) was preparing for lunch, she cooked baryani and finally done with lunch while haniya’s brother and bhabi not reached haniya susral, perhaps they were stuck in traffic of karachi.

    you are right as you said in review haniyah has not spoken too much after wedding, ” ronay saay fursat milay to kucch bolay” mostly she is shown in tears. Shahzad Sheikh well he seems clueless, his expressions are not aligned with the dialogs. the only highlight of drama so far is Fahad Mustafa, he is strong in acting as usual.

    lets hope now they focus on haaniya and ahmad building their new relationship, and some dialogs of haaniya rather than tears. they should pace up this show, i remember old PTV days, when a 6 episode drama was called a mini serial, and full serial was of 13 episodes. and here in 6 episodes only two days have passed

    • Thanks for commenting Rashid!

      Yes i agree with you wholeheartedly. This show is way too slow! Hope Haaniyah gets more dialogues in the future. She had cried buckets in these 6 episodes already!

      ‘perhaps they were stuck in traffic of karachi’
      LOL yes, the editing errors were pretty obvious, and they always make me laugh..

      Shehzad Sheikh is a hopeless case. I cannot judge what emotion he is trying to portray though his expressions. Fahad Mustafa is without any doubt the highlight of the show.

      Well, the only thing i am looking forward to right now are the scenes between Ahmed and Haaniyah. I have seen good chemistry between them so far!

  • Fahad is doing great in this drama… i m liking him…. coming to the drama its still slow… this is EPISODE 6 but story is still standing there :/ !!! the only movement in the story was that Ahad came back …. :D I agree with u about ahad’s expressions… he always has the same facial expressions no matter its a romantic scene or an angry one :p After all what he did to hanniya… Hanniya should literally hate her… or atleast show him that she hates her… but hanniya still has a soft corner for him !!

    • Thanks for commenting Silver Eyes!

      Yes, the show is slow and i hope it picks up a some pace in the upcoming episodes. Yes, Haaniyah has a huge soft corner for him. I hope she gets over him soon though!

  • Since it is not a forced marriage and Haaniya approved it no matter under what
    circumstances, I don’t really understand her behaviour. She doesn’t seem to
    know the meaning of marriage. Marriage means “yes” to everything it may
    comprise. A behaviour like hers is normally considered as “abnormal” in real

    The storyline along with depiction of male protagonist doesn’t sound realistic. He (Ahmed) is too good to be true.

    • Hello there!

      Yes, her behavior is pretty weird.. But she has just been through so much. She will need time to adjust to the new situation. She will eventually :)

      Yes, Ahmed is too good to be true. But still loving his character!

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