Mere Humrahi Episode 9 – Haaniyah’s ‘Ji’

This show is getting more interesting by the week. The pace of this show and the screen space to the additional tracks can get a bit annoying though. I have gotten used to its pace, but the additional tracks seriously get on my nerves. Why do they get so much screen space anyways? I do not want to watch the fights between Ahsan and Samina. I have seen enough of them to last a lifetime.

What makes me watch this show week after week is the chemistry between Haaniyah, and Ahmed and their scenes are only thing I look forward to in this show. Their relationship is slowly developing and we finally got to see some differences in Haaniyah’s attitude towards Ahmed too in this episode.

photo(18)Ahmed was very happy to see Haaniyah cooking for her ‘kheer pakai’ rasm. The way he innocently came in the kitchen and immediately tried to taste what Haaniyah had cooked was extremely adorable. He was told off by Haaniyah in a very wifely manner. And then Ahad had to come and ruin the atmosphere by announcing that Haaniyah had made everything that he likes.


For the first time Haaniyah initiated conversation with Ahmed when she tried to explain why she had cooked everything that Ahad likes because apparently those were the only dishes she knew how to cook. She looked so innocent when she asked him ‘Ap Naraz To Nahi Hai’ and Ahmed had a huge smile on his face because Haaniyah had spoken to him properly for the first time. I am glad that Ahmed is not so narrow-minded, and he understands situations easily. He did not even react when he saw Ahad’scall on Haaniyah’s phone even though he caught her lying to him. I love everything about Ahmed’s character. Fahad Mustafa has done a fabulous job as Ahmed!

photo(86)‘Tum Bohat Achi Lag Rahi Ho’


‘Phir Ji!’


‘Ji Kuch Nahi’

The ‘Ji’ scene was another extremely cute scene. Ahmed is fed up of Haaniyah replying him with ‘Ji’ all the time.This scene cracked me up! The constant ‘Ji’ from Haaniyah literally made Ahmed roll his eyes. It would need a bit more time for Haaniyah to open up to Ahmed completely. Ahmed needs to wait for a bit more to hear full sentences from her in reply! All the Haaniyah-Ahmed scenes were beautifully directed and enacted by the actors!

Ahad had the guts to face Haaniyah’s family when they came to his house for Haaniyah’s kheer pakai rasm! He still does not think that he has done anything wrong and faced everyone without an ounce of guilt. Haaniyah’s family had a hard time controlling their emotions towards him though.


Ahad again managed to gain sympathy from his family when he had an accident. His mother started pampering him all over again and even his father softened when he heard the news of his accident. Ahmed has always been supportive towards Ahad even after he left Haaniyah at the altar; he never got angry at him or blamed him for anything. Ahad is the one who cannot deal with the situation and blames his brother for marrying Haaniyah.

photo(20)Haaniyah really needs to make up her mind already! When she heard about Ahad’s accident, she got extremely disturbed but after her conversation with her mother, she realized that she hates Ahad and should not cry for him. Haaniyah, you really need to stop thinking about Ahad and move on already!

Well, I am glad that the story is finally moving now and we are getting to see some interesting scenes. I really hope we get to see less of Ahad, Samina, Ahsan, Zaheer and Afshah and more scenes between Haaniyah and Ahmed.

I do not understand one thing; why is Ahsan living with someone like Samina. He sure has some patience to deal with her!

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Mariam Shafiq


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