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Kabhi Kabhi – Episode 01.

The drama has begun on a good note with decent characterization & more importantly no such difficult character till now. I liked how the whole idea progressed & that is just too good for a start. The cast has been chosen wisely for which I am definitely giving a try to this one. But yeah, I did find the names a bit too hard to understand & pronounce, I guess simpler names would’ve sufficed too. :)

The plot of the story revealed a bit too clearly when the encounter of ‘burger’ & ‘bun kabab’ happened. Ahsan Khan (Arez) belongs to a middle class, where he is the bread-earner of the family with his fair share of responsibilities which he has to fulfill. His family consists of his mother, a sister & his brother. Where the whole family is dependent on Arez, his mother wants him to not even think of getting married before his younger sister does.

The other family is that of Javed Sheikh’s who is a business tycoon with two of his daughters. I found the idea of ‘ghar damad’ in the elite class a bit too nicely clad because if a son-in-law lives with his wife’s family in the middle class, it is considered as something awful whereas being in the upper social class, I guess this taboo is totally ignored beneath the wad of cash. Ally Khan (Rehbar) is married to Nosheen Shah (Eva) – the eldest daughter living with her father. Rehbar, who not only is involved in his father-in-law’s business is also quite interested in the life of sister-in-law Mehwish Hayat (Ishaal). Ishal, who has studied in the UK, the youngest & for now the center of everyone’s attention, is actually being forced to get married whereas she thinks she just isn’t ready for such a commitment. Ishal’s father is being a bit too keen to hook her up with this over-aged (as compared to Ishaal of course) but well-settled businessman Shahraiz, but I kind of liked the idea that Ishaal at first got uncomfortable & then candid with Arez, who happens to be his employee. Even though Shahraiz is also well settled but he is ‘down-to-earth’ like Ishaal’s father labeled him as, which seemed to be something unacceptable in their mind-set.

Ishaal’s character so far looks boisterous & that of a strong-headed extrovert girl who loves things her way. Arez who is confident about himself for sure is calm & decent with just one motivation & focus to do everything well for his own family. His family seems really close-knit where his mother completely relies on him as he is the eldest.

I found it odd that even though Ishaal disagreed & showed clear signs of not being interested in Shahraiz, her father still insisted her meeting with him. He does look like a decent man but defintely he’s not the types Ishaal would fall for. Interestingly, he has given the responsibility to Arez for taking care of Ishaal all this while she refurbishes their office which for sure will lead things the way they both couldn’t have imagined.

I liked the feel of the drama & all the characters as well. I feel the actors are doing their jobs nicely & I wish, I really wish that this drama in terms of story-line proves to be a good roller-coaster ride rather than the characters taking those flips & turns which would get too tedious to follow. I say that after giving a thought to writer’s recent drama ‘Silvatein’. So for now I am really excited to see how the story progresses as it has started off really well.

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Zahra Mirza.