Kabhi Kabhi – Episode 05

Apparently the hell broke loose in both the households when the couple decided to let go off their secret love & told their families about it. As usual both of their parents at first resisted them from committing such a mistake but they had to agree because Arez’s family had some ulterior motives based on the financial benefits whereas Eshaal’s father surrendered for now thinking he will make Eshaal grow out of her marriage with Arez.

Ehsaal, who at first didn’t seem to like Rehbar much at last relied on him as an elder brother to convince her father. Even though Rehbar agreed to speak to Dad but it was pretty evident that he had a plan of his own. I think Rehbar found peace in Eshaal’s below-the-belt choice of a spouse for herself because her father has always planned certain things when it came to his daughters’ weddings along with the standards he had, but this time his plans slipped from his hands & a middle class guy overtook him. Rehbar who plans to seek revenge for how he fell prey to Dad’s mean tactics, definitely felt a sense of victory because of Eshaal’s decision.

It came as a shocker where both of their parents acted submissively & agreed to get them married. Dad at first tried to insult Arez but he knew who he wanted & that was only Eshaal. Arez is least bothered about her background & her bank balance but just wants her as a wife, who he’d support by all means necessary. Eshaal’s father has for sure offered a job to Arez in his company but I am sure he will mistreat him.

Javed Sheikh’s plans started right at the beginning of their married life where he chose to insult Arez along with his family & in front of all the guests who had come with his family. Poor Eshaal didn’t know but was just as excited as any bride would be when she’d be having a love marriage. Even though Shahrez tried to retaliate but Arez just didn’t want to blow things out of proportion because he cared for Eshaal & he knew that she had no idea of what was going on. I think Javed Sheikh intended to insult the groom & the barati so that they’d go back & his plan of getting his daughter a divorce would materialize but all the credit goes to Arez for thinking rationally at that point & not making a fuss. The way Eshaal’s rukhsati happened was another shocker because it showed her family had no interest whatsoever in her marriage & Eva was kept in the dark too. Eva had no idea in what was going on & trusted her father for taking care of the things rightly but despite all that I believe she should’ve been there for her sister.

Whenever I see any such female characters who are in a dreamy world before getting married, it looks really annoying but I must say I loved Eshaal & her plans. Her excitement, her happiness, her thoughts were just adorable & what made it better was the direction which helped in executing the right emotions perfectly & made them come across to us as realistically as it could get. Eshaal, just like any other single girl, who was about to get married to the love of her life, was over the moon at the thought of being with Arez & Arez handled her feelings with care & made certain promises of making her happy after the wedding.

I loved their chemistry & the way they acted out as a newly wedded couple was just perfect. Arez who was disappointed by the treatment he received at her house didn’t even bother to mention it in front of his wife because while speaking to her he got the hint of Eshaal’s obliviousness & he knew that she was unaware of what just happened. Eshaal, who was sent away by her father halfheartedly didn’t pay much heed to it & just forgot everything when she got a chance to be with Arez. His mother sent a clear few signals of what sort of ‘saas’ she would be but where Eshaal tried to understand her point, Arez put a stop to his mother’s anger.

Their post-wedding conversations & the love they had in each other’s eyes was shown beautifully. Eshaal didn’t come across as a naive girl who had unrealistic approach towards marriage, in fact, to me she looked really cute when she was telling how she plans to lead a life with her husband. She, for now is just a hopeless romantic who things married life would be all about motorbike rides with her husband & road-side snacking at any time of the day. Sadly they were interrupted by Soni right in the middle of their imaginary world & that’s not going to be the last time it’s going to happen.

I know the story may seem really predictable from here onward but I am so far loving the realistic execution of the drama. The story is progressing at a right pace, the direction seems perfect, production seems top-notch & what makes is better is the perfect performances by the actors. Each & every character is very relate-able & it makes us want to see more. Can’t wait for the next episode.

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Zahra Mirza

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  • Not many stories are totally different, and story of this drama is also not a unique. Its the treatment, direction, screenplay, acting which have made it worth watching. Ahsan Khan and Mehwish Hayat share a great onscreen chemistry. After Mere Qatil Mere Dildaar, Miratul Uroos they look perfect together again.
    If we see quantity as a measure of popularity than currently Ahsan is most demanded lead actor, he is coming in five plays two on hum, one on ary, one on geo and one on a-plus. perhaps he is the dream romantic hero of writers and directors.
    I would also like to add its been ages we havenot seen Anjum Shahzad in front of camera, after doing popular character of Bobi in family front he never acted again, just preferred direction over acting.

    • Yeah, I like how the director has added a certain feel to this drama. The story is being treated differently & it is coming across as something which we’d want to see even if we can predict. This is what a good direction does.

      & I think Anjum Shehzad wants us to remember him as ‘mai Bobby to nahi hoon’, therefore, he has stayed off-camera since then. :)

  • This was an one hell of an episode :D.Shocking, hilarious, intriguing, romantic– All wrapped in beautiful direction,screenplay and acting!!! Amaazziinng

    The pace of this episode was perfect.Not a single minute was wasted.
    I was expecting some tensions at the wedding,but not of this sort.Poor ladkay waley were left alone with their housekeepers and servants as host.No family members or relatives from the bride´s side were present.This was indeed very disgusting.But Araiz being Araiz once again handled the situation sensibly.
    Despite the humilations received at rishta time and wedding,araiz didnt let it affect his wedding night and treated his wife with nothing but love.What followed was probably first time seen in any drama.A bit too much physical closeness.Nevertheless it was aesthetic and classy.

    Fridays come soon!! Kabhi Kabhi day :)).Zahra your reviews are great.

    • Thank you so much KK (as I’ll call you from now on lol) :) for your appreciation.

      I loved the episode but yes where their post-wedding scene was filled with subtle & comfortable chemistry along with cutest conversations, there was some thing still uncomfortable going on. I think Mehwish & Ahsan are best buddies off-screen which made them quite comfortable with each-other. I still have old-school thoughts on this matter but I don’t usually pin point because I was told off by SOME people when I spoke about the same aspect being shown in Aunn Zara too. So, for this matter, to-each-their-own policy is right but I am still glad that you felt what I thought too.

      Anyhow, the drama has progressed perfectly & I am for sure going to follow it. :D Hope to hear more from you during the course of this drama. :)

    • LOL! I am not a fan of the background score & the singer’s voice either. A little more happening song would’ve been better.

      • Yes this song is not good enough but is the singer the same who sung the ost of DeM? Because that ost was remarkable and the singer perfectly sung it.

        • Yes, Dil e Muztar’s OST was great but I am kind of amazed because none of our OST singers get recognition. I think none of us know about any playback singer except QB because of the much-hyped & most-raved Humsafar song.

          I think they should at least always welcome the singers too when they’re doing some morning shows as an intro to the new drama.

          • I completely agree. I think pakistani dramas have produced exceptional osts and the respective singers do indeed deserve some appreciation and recognition. The osts do make a small contribution in the success of a drama.

          • Oh yes, I have a whole collection of those OST’s that I enjoy listening to. So many dramas had the best songs ever but no singer was ever acknowledged.

            Yes, I do know that Waqar Ali has composed & produced most of the best OST’s but I guess the singers are left somewhere behind.

  • The middle class Araiz has a good sense of dressing.His wedding ensemble was truly exquisite and gorgeous.Together with his bride he looked like a prince.Ishal as bride looked flawless and princesslike.The brides apricot-white lehanga matched the grooms creamish-gold so well.An absolute match made in heaven type couple.
    Iva needs a wardrobe change.That bright pink low back kameez was tacky.

    • Hehehe good to know that you’re quite interested in the dressings but yes I’d agree that I loved Eshaal’s bridal outfit too. She looked perfect but hoped she’d had parted her hair on one side. Even I have never seen Eva in a good dress everrrr!!!

  • Nicely written Zahra.

    I really like this show right from the beginning. Though,I never watched its promos etc (couldnot find any time for that) but after this episode I searched for all promos and teasers of this serial and I was kind of shocked. The way we are expecting Aaraiz Mom to be much like typical mother in laws is 10 times less than what has been shown in promos, Even Aaraiz sister and brother wont be there for Eeshaal to help her out. Instead, Aaraiz sister will be the one who will create more fuss in Eeshal and Aariz marital life,ofcourse,after her mother in law.

    Rest of the part will be done by Eeshaal’s father as all of us have seen in this episode.
    Honestly, I am looking forward to the next episode that what will make Eeshal to leave Aaraiz house soon after her wedding.

    This episode was kind of weird one. How can a wedding ceremony be held like that ? :P No guests,no relatives and more than that Eva didnot bother to go down and check out the arrangements not even once.Theek hai she is not that intelligent but it doesnot take any intelligence to go and check out whether Aaraiz family is comfortable or not.

    I liked how Aaraiz covered everything in-front of Eeshaal and didnot create any drama or asked anything that made Eeshal uncomfortable on the very first day of their wedding. But I am afraid that Aaraiz’s concern for Eeshal and not discussing whole ceremony matter would pay him off in negative aspect.

    • Going by the ost,there will be a part 2 of the wedding night,where eshal is seen crying whilst taking her juwelry off. I think she will find out what happened at the ceremony.

      Eva doesnt really have her own mind,she says and does what she is told to do.The whole idea of eva staying with ehsal the entire time must be her father´s idea.