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Kabhi Kabhi Episode 02 – So Far So Good.

Another week of an interesting episode with no such disappointments except for one that in the first episode the name I heard & checked on ARY’s official website was Shahraiz & now it has become Shahveer? Apart from this bit of a confusion I enjoyed watching the whole episode.

Arez is making Eshaal live the life she has never experienced before. Be it a road-side green tea or a bike ride, she has enjoyed his company & has opened up to him in just no time. Arez on his own is getting quite comfortable with Eshaal & has no issues in helping with her bouts, also h is happily lending her a shoulder to cry for which he looks like a really nice person. I liked the chemistry that they both shared & their scenes were nicely directed with some really nice & light hearted conversations.

Ehsaal’s father is going over-board in getting his plan materialized of making Eshaal fall for Shahveer/Shahraiz. He may be the eligible bachelor but he doesn’t make Ehsaal’s heart skip a beat. He can no doubt provide her with everything but that’s just not what Eshaal wants. Arez tells her that he finds her different from those rich stereotype girls & he is spot on when it comes to that conclusion because Ehsaal just wants to enjoy her life; her way, & her way of leading a life is definitely different than her family’s idea of a happy one.

Rehbar continues to poke his nose in Ehsaal’s matter & her father has planned a grand wedding or engagement without even letting her know. Being a father, no doubt he wants the best for her but is that the only reason he is so keen on getting Eshaal hooked to the rich guy? I am sure there’s some sort of a business benefit hidden behind this proposal too.

Ohkay, I think we all should get ready to see some serious over-acting by both Sana Askari & Bushra Ansari. Even if they are those mean ones, doesn’t really mean that they actually have to over do it. Bushra Ansari did seem reasonable but Sana Askari is stooping to over-acting. In this episode, it has been made pretty clear that they know how to blow simple things out of proportion & it was rather funny to see Arez giving his reasoning on the cross-questioning that was happening. How sneakily he tip-toed in his own home was utterly amusing. Ehsaal thinks his family is easy to tackle but only Arez knows what he has to face every single time, but still despite all this, he has started to like Ehsaal & spending time with her because according to him, no one can help falling in love with a girl like her.

So, I am looking forward to the next episode & the whole direction & the screenplay is amazing too. So far the drama does look refreshing & definitely for boring. Even though the story can be predictable but I actually feel & want to believe that there’s no harm in giving this one a try, given the kick start it has taken.

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