Kabhi Kabhi Episode 03 – Stagnant For Now

Not much of a progress in the story this week in stead some of the repetitive conversations that were heard over & over again. It’s just that Eshaal has started to lean on Arez much more than she realizes & even though Arez has some realization, he just is trying to confine his feelings to a limit because he knows Ehsaal’s father very well.

I find it really odd that even though they are shown as liberal people & Eshaal’s father is not very strict either but how can he just be persistent on Ehsaal getting engaged to Shahveer? Even though he knows that Eshaal is not into the whole idea of getting engaged to the guy her father wants her to, Javed Sheikh is being stubborn here.

Got to know more about Arez’s family. Even though his brother blackmailed him but still it showed a brotherly bond between the two. Who’s more evil is Arez’s mother & his sister is equally irritating. Looks like Soni has got nothing better to do but in stead just keep a check on her brother so that she can use it against him. I just can’t relate to this fact that even though Arez has now stepped into his practical life, he is still scared of his mother finding about the girl he is just friends with. If he knows that he will keep himself in check where Ehsaal is concerned, why is he afraid of his mother? I could understand his mother’s strictness if he was just a school/college going boy but I think he is old enough to be independent in that sort too.

I think it is something funny that it’s Eshaal who is an interior designer keeps on asking Arez about the things related to the office-decor. As far as taking him with her for a company is concerned, that seems alright but to actually ask him about his suggestions that too being an interior decorator herself just doesn’t look right.

Ehsaal has yet to find out her growing love towards Arez & vice versa, but Eshaal is the one I feel will fall for him first because Arez knows about his social status, his background & more over his very own ‘family’. I found their conversations a bit dragged & boring where Eshaal is just finding an excuse to meet or speak to Arez, where she is trying so hard to convince Arez in fact that she doesn’t want to get married to Shahveer & then she is equally trying hard to hear Arez say the words.

I think as a side story Rehbar & Eva’s characters are poorly executed where they have nothing much to say or do. They are just their to complete a family picture & I think no one would’ve missed a great deal if Eshaal was shown as the only child of her father. Eva’s husband is just someone who has got nothing going on in his own life. He is npt even too keen about the business of his father-in-law, nor he is head over heels for his wife, he is just a bit too interested in what Eshaal does, which makes it really boring & “been there, seen it” before kind of a thing

I think the 3rd episode is not a right number to make the pace of the story slow. It should’ve been much more happening than it was. Let’s see what’s in store for us because so far I can predict that Eshaal will end up with Arez & get married but then a whole new level of saas-bahu will start. I hope there’s something different there in stead of the seen-before story executed in new circles.

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Zahra Mirza

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  • There are many liberal people who are dominating and like to interfere in their children’s life thinking they know what is best for their children..
    Aaraiz mom is not strict but he doesnt want them to make mountain out of molehill. He thinks that his mom and sister wont understand that he is just doing what his boss told him to do.
    Eshaal calls Aaraiz not bc she needs some advice but bc she is looking for an excuse to call him. she likes to talk to him and may be at this stage just wanted to text him.
    Eva and Rehber have a v strong track and without them the story would be incomplete.

    • Good to hear from you. Thanks for making things clear but I feel that these things should’ve been made clear by the director while executing the story. But to hear from you actually on a personal level makes the drama experience a bit more lagging.
      I hope the story gets more interesting as it for sure took off with a good start. :)