Pakistani Physiological thriller Movie ‘Azaad’ ready to release soon!

It would not be wrong to predict the future of Pakistani film industry which is now trying to cope up with the universal standards of entertainment and improving its impression all over the world. Now that we see movies like MHSA, Josh, Seedlings, Zinda Bhaag and Waar making the best use of available resources and limitless potentials of our actors, another name in the list is the upcoming movie Azaad.

We did break the news of this movie few months back when it was propagated that Adnan Sami’s son has turned into a director and will soon be making a Pakistani movie. Now that the sources have revealed much about the project, here we are again to share more of it.


Azaad is said to be Pakistan’s first Psychological thriller movie which is based on the true events of serial killers. Pakistan is one of those countries where one finds the maximum number of patients who are mentally unfit and perceive the common meaning of life differently. Azaad is all about the life of a criminal who is actually mentally sick and lives in a fantasy that he created in his childhood to stay at peace. He is sentenced to death for killing eight innocent people.

The first theatrical promo is now all available on social media and film reviewing sites and the thriller movie lovers are now all waiting anxiously for the movie to make its release.

See promo here>>

We wish the team all the very best for its future endeavors.


Nida Zaidi


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  • title of this article has a typo mistake it says Pakistan first physiological thriller, its psychological instead. any further information who are in cast and crew, who is director and producer of this movie.

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