Numm – Episode 06

Today for the first time I felt like there was more to Mahjabeen and Wali’s relationship than what we have seen till now. Mahjabeen’s reaction to Wali’s attitude towards her indicated that there was a time when Wali used to listen to Mahjabeen and probably respected her too. Now that Wali is all grown up, he knows that he does not need to respect the woman who brought him up and Mahjabeen is finding it very hard to cope with this situation. All these years she dedicated her time to raising Wali. She seemed completely lost today which could mean that she brought Wali up with a lot of dedication. Mahjabeen leaves her hair pin in Wali’s room which would mean that this particular pin is symbolic of the relationship they once had. Despite of the fact that she is Vani she is not used to being treated like a worthless person, which is something I still find very hard to believe but then Bare Sahab seems like a very reasonable man. The only unreasonable aspect of his personality is that he believes in clinging to old traditions other than that he has never been shown as a cruel man. He is always very kind to servants and even though Mahjabeen is Vani he treats her with respect. I like the fact that Bare Sahab’s character has different shades and he tackles things head-on in his own peculiar manner.


This latest episode focused on showing the viewers how Mahjabeen is being affected by Wali’s changed disposition. Mahjabeen calls Wali numerous times, stays up tll late waiting for him to come back home and at the same time she thinks about her past life. It almost seems like these memories from the past are like an escape for Mahjabeen – a very painful escape but one nevertheless! In order to distract herself from the pain of today she is very often reminded of all the hurt that she has felt in the past. The time she spent with the person she loved cannot possibly bring happy feelings because the outcome was so agonizing. Mahjabeen realizes more than ever in this latest episode the amount of time she has given to the haveli and how she is not indispensable anymore. There was once a time when Wali used to look at her as a living and breathing human being who cared for her but things have changed enormously now.


There were times when I felt like Wali felt guilty because he married Neelam. His friend also remarks that he seemed so upset, as if he had two wives. Is that really the case? Does Wali feel that he has let Mahjabeen down? Or that he shouldn’t have done this to her? Or maybe he thinks that Mahjabeen deserves better? He cannot do anything about the situation so he feels very frustrated and upset. Technically Wali should have felt relieved because he managed to sort things out with Neelam but contrary to that he was very agitated which goes to show that he is not happy with the given situation. The preview of the next episode showed that Wali shows his dislike for the way his elders think so that could be another reason for his disturbed state of mind. He wants the car and the luxuries but he does not feel like a free man for obvious reasons.


The scene in the car when Wali drives Neelam to the Convent was actually very cute. I finally see Neelam as a young girl who is infatuated with her husband but at the same time is not willing to accept things for what they are. Kanza Wyne was very cute in this particular scene but later on when she was talking to her tree friend she got a little carried away. The girls at the hostel do not like Neelam at all so she is left with no choice but to befriend a tree in the Convent. Neelam is very lonely even more so now because Ammo is gone. Neelam is wise enough to understand that Wali and her have a lot in common but whether that is a good thing or not is another debate.

Someone please fix the audio quality of the play, the dialogues were hardly audible even today and there were times when the OST was playing so loud in the background that you had to lip read to understand what was being said. Not much happened in tonight’s episode; there was a lot of Mahjabeen in it but I still enjoyed every minute of it. Numm has a very different feel to it; you can feel the characters talking to you even when they are only thinking. One can easily interpret things sometimes because of the lines of the OST and at other times because of the expressions of the actors. I really liked Sania Saeed in tonight’s episode; she was at her best tonight and totally into Mahjabeen’s character. The viewer’s did not get to find out who the “mystery man” was and whether the scene was from the past or present. The preview of the next episode showed that Wali will finally start seeing Mahjabeen as a living person with feelings. Will Wali’s feelings for Mahjabeen be based on sympathy or something more than that? I would happily settle for Wali giving Mahjabeen the kind of respect that one would give to their caretaker or mother.


Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • I don’t mean to offend any one. But in my opinion, the latest episode was thoroughly boring, dull. There was too much of Sania Saeed today, and I ‘m not a fan of hers.
    Hope next episode is less torturous.

  • “Girls at hostel don’t like Neelum”. Are you surprised?
    Thanks for wonderful review. It gives some meaning to an otherwise poor episode.

  • Fab Review Fatima .Straight to the heart of the matter:) SO what does the hairpin mean ? where they intimate at one point ?

      • Okay so there are other people here who think that may be the case and all I have to say is – super gross!

        • Why is it gross???? Isn’t she his wife? I also don,t get it when u said in your review that you would settle happily if he treats her with repect as caretaker or as a mother….I actually find this gross….Mahjbeen deserves happiness and wali shud except her as wife and treat her like one…

          • I guess we all have our gross meters;) I would much rather see Wali and Neelam together. I have never felt like Mahjabeen looks at Wali that way. Yes they are married but Wali was only ten when this happened and this “wife” of his brought him up – how can he possibly look at her that way? You grow up with a certain thinking and can’t just start treating a woman who brought you up like a wife one fine day. I could be wrong of course and maybe there was a time when they had a more intimate bond but that to me would be disturbing.

          • Yes..but Nikah is strong bond…. Obviouslyit was done in a very wrong way…. But don’t you feel sad and sympathetic towards Mahjbeen…she is paying price of what her elders did..does not she deserve love and happiness? It does not mean she is older so the reality what marriage shoud be changes…I would for once love to see Mahjbeen and Wali together… And yes this is fact that she raised him but now he is grown man and can understand their relationship and if his feelings change towards her …it would not be wrong…

  • good the episode was so slow and i agree with you that the sound quality was not good of this episode i hardly understand what the actors were saying.yes the scene between neelum and wali in the car was cute and fawad was once again excellent in the scene when he was talking to sania in a rude way and waiting for the next episode when wali will start taking care of mahjabeen.but i think its time for the story to move on but again ost jab bhi background mein play hota hai to mein usay bohat shok se sunta hoon the ost is so good.

    • Yes, the OST really is very good. I really liked tonight’s episode but I am quite certain majority of the people felt that it was too slow.

  • I think you have an inner eye that can see beyond the screen and i can fathom “Numm” better by your reviews so keep it up good work.b/w what is the meaning of “Vani”?

  • Hey Bhagwan can you just fix the sound of this serial and the makers are not paying attention…I am sorry as it is I have a little difficulty in understanding Urdu and with bad sound quality they are just ruining this wonderful drama. Yes Fatima I always felt there is more to Wali and Mehjabeen’s relationship. She is a mother in some ways which he actually never had as his mother is psychic but he at the same time cannot forget the fact that he is her husband in some ways. I felt Neelam’s scene is too long talking to the trees but at the same time I want to know what has Neelam seen which we have not seen for her to get jealous of Mahjabeen and not share Wali with anyone else? Mehjabeen somewhat lives in her past and walks through her present and Fatima I felt she kept her pin absentmindedly and not consciously and if it was intentional then what kind of message is she trying to convey to Wali? Do they have a physical relationship someway and Wali will get upset to learn that Mahjabeen still thinks about his uncle Kasim?

    • Tinni honestly speaking I don’t want to think on those lines because Mahjabeen was like a mother to Wali. I felt like maybe Wali gave her the pin at some point and now she is returning it – I could be very wrong. Maybe it wasn’t intentional but then what was she doing in Wali’s room?

      • Hmm she is like a mother no doubt and even a real mother wants to hold onto her son when she feels he is slipping away or becoming his wife’s. I guess the scene where Mahjabeen goes into Wali’s room and stares at herself in the mirror is as if seeing what has gone wrong with her that Wali is behaving in a strange way or belittling her, she could also be returning the pin given by Wali but the fact is she is hurt, she always knew her status, she is hurt very much as Wali decided to remind her of the same, Wali who in his own way respected and obeyed her, the only person in this world other than the servants of the house never reminded her that she is a vani until today…..and what makes me wonder if there was is or was a physical relationship the way Neelam reacted seeing Mahjabeen when she came to pay her condolences, she knows about Mahjabeen, her status in the house Neelam has seen for herself but what has she seen more for her to react the way she did, why she is jealous of her and goes on repeating Mahjabeen is the first wife and she is second? From the society Neelam belongs to it seems Vani is not unheard of so she must be having some idea the status of a vani wife in one’s household?

        • Tinni, you are right. I also feel that Mahjabeen has been keeping herself busy taking care of Wali and the haveli for way too long – it was a way of life for her and now that it is drawing to a close, she isn’t sure where she stands and what she is going to do with her life.
          Didn’t Bare sahib make it clear to Neelam that Mahjabeen was not Wali’s wife but she was Vani? I just find it very strange that Wali and Mahjabeen could ever have been intimate like that because Mahjabeen has been looking after Wali like a son since he was nine or ten, how can he think of her that way! He was not old enough to know who she was at that time and when he found out, it must have been quite shocking. I am waiting to find out what kind of a relationship these two had in the past – more flashbacks please!

  • Hi Fatima , fabulous review, I truly feel for mahajabeen , I feel for her when Wali didnot respect her, the expression on mahajabeen face was exellent , I love her acting. Does the hair pin symbolize anything , there is symbol on it.thank you very much for sending me the link about “vani”. Lot of information . Hope to hear from you.

    • Hi Ranjan, I am glad the link helped:) I thought that the pin only symbolized that Wali and Mahjabeen once had good ties but some people think it may mean more than that. I thought it may just be a gift that Wali gave Mahjabeen maybe when he was younger.

  • Hi Fatima………..wonderful review abt todays epi which was realy boring as usual.SS is doing her best role of life(because its negative role )in ASEERZADI as badi sarkar while in NUMM she is just a showpiece.i think NUMM team just used names of SS and FK to make a boring drama

    • Alyia I am glad you liked the review even though we are not on the same page:) I truly liked the slow pace and the hints that this episode left us with.

  • I am yet to watch! It seems like audio is still a problem from your last paragraph, was so hoping it would be fixed this week…aaaagh really makes a tough task to watch,

    • There wasn’t a lot of talking in this latest episode but yes there were bits when the OST in the background was too loud. Also, my TV volume is always at its highest when I am watching Numm because otherwise I can’t make out what is being said.

  • Nice review Fatima. I find your review more meaningful and interesting than actual drama.
    Sound is still a problem, story leaves us guessing and guessing. Too many slow long scenes of SS. Aasmaan ko dekhey Raho Aur hum samjhein key achi acting hai. Sorry I ‘m not admirer of this type of acting. I found today’s episode very slow I had to literally force myself to watch it.
    From next week I’ll first read your Review, then watch the drama because you make it somewhat respectable.
    An honest question. Do you really like these dramas. or you have to be polite being a reviewer?

    • farah “fabricating” a review is a very difficult job which would require a lot of thinking as opposed to writing your thoughts down right after watching the play – trust me it would take me much longer to post my reviews if I thought about who I may offend or please when I write something. I know you don’t like Kankar but I do. I am not head over heels in love with AZ but you love it – every individual has his own own likes and dislikes. I knew many people will disagree with me because viewers were already complaining about the slow pace and not much happened in tonight’s’ episode but I still thought the story move forward in its own way. We got to see the battles that Mahjaben Wali and Neelam are fighting and found out more about Bare Sahab’s character.
      Thank you very much for following the reviews and for the honest feedback I really appreciate it.

      • Thank you Fatima. Honest comments and answers are what make this forum so interesting. It adds charms to drama watching Chahey drama accha ho yaa kamzore. I regularly read your reviews on Kanker and should watch next episode to enjoy all the discussion.

        • Absolutely agree with you:) I also think that a lot of kamzore dramas were made memorable because of the interesting, insightful and honest discussions.

    • The honest answer to your question is that YES, i really like this drama and my whole family even.
      it’s every single episode ends with a meaningful message i dont know why u could not get that. Sania saeed and Fawad khan were given the characters difficult to execute in dramas.
      Your words that …aasmaan ko dekhte raho or hum samjhen……… after reading these words i would not argue more with you because the problem with this kind of dramas is that they are created keeping in view target audience having insight and taste. Unortunately, u do not come into that category. U may feel ease at watching masala dramas depicting vulgar and irritating dialogues, angel v/s devil people in house, two girls dying out for the last remaining unmarried hansome man on earth, cheap love affairs, extremely exaggerated Pakistani culture etc they are on air various channels these days.
      Anyways, you reserve your own opinion and no body can change the psychological build-up of another person. :)

      • Vicky dear, read your reply. I have to say that your are being far too presumptive. Perhaps you can’t help it. I’ll refrain from getting personal.
        How ever I agree with you here. No body can change the psychological build-up of another person. And self righteousness makes it even worse.

  • The review is over all balanced .
    Episode 6’s credit totally goes to Sania Saeed without any pinch of doubt.
    The reviewer perfectly observed the performance of all characters. But, i would like to add here that there are few actors whose silence even speaks at the top of their voice.
    Sania saeed is one of them. The expressions shown by her were outstanding.
    Her scene with uncle of Wali in the past ( i dont know this new actor, but hez a good performer) always comes without any flaw. :)
    I agree to the reviewer that NUMM is a different story altogether. One should not expect typical love triangles in it, rather the writer MUST give a concrete viable message at the end of this serial.
    I am not convinced by the reviewer on the destiny of Mahjabeen finally. Why she needs to be treated like a care giver or a mother when shez in wali’s nikah.?
    The character of BARA SAHAB is different from typical Jagirdari clan style in our society. So one can expect that the fate of a WANI woman will also be shown different from normal situations prevailing in society.
    There can be opened many doors for such problems if an educated man thinks a bit on the possibilites.And Wali bakht must be utilised to show the power of his education this way.

  • Fabulous review, Fatima. I still continue needing to read your review 1st and then view the episode for it to make sense to me.
    Yes, this episode was rather slow, and I think a lot more could have progressed, if the full OST wasn’t played twice over with visuals of MahJ walking and thinking and thinking and thinking. I guess there is no voice over to show what exactly she is thinking because of the OST, so it kind of dragged.
    But I think it was a good episode, not totally wasted as it gave the viewer a lot more to understand. So MahJ was held responsible for something that had happened earlier, and she hopes that for the premonitions she has now, about something bad going to happen, she is not accused again for it.
    Also that she gave her life the 1st time for the accusation, and wonders what is left for her to give if she has to again.
    What I cannot understand is why is Wali suddenly so mean and hostile towards her since the last episode. And what is it that she thought Bade Sahab should be told about, but that she has to talk to Wali about it 1st.
    I was watching Neelam and Jaunty and thinking poor Wali, he really doesn’t know he has a totally whacko wife! :D I think you’re absolutely right that she is infatuated with her husband now.
    And I really hope the trailers and the long silences are just leading us on to believe that Wali will be suddenly attracted to MahJ. The more I think about it now, the more I think not (with relief) I think her illness will make him feel pity for her, and he will mend his ways and be nice to her. And I think I was grossing out thinking this “being nice” was a beginning of a marital relationship with her two.
    I hope for the romantic in my stupid head, that only Neelam is the one for him. I can’t imagine MahJ changing from a caregiver to a partner in marriage now.
    Seems like there were 2 versions again this time. I think the TV version ended with Wali closing MahJ’s room door, followed by the preview of the next episode, and the online version ended with him walking after closing the door. As long as there weren’t any missed scenes in any of them, its okay.

    • Roh you are right I can’t figure out also why Wali lashes out at Mahjabeen in the last episode in particular. He seemed annoyed by her right from the beginning but he has been hurting her on purpose since the last episode. It would be very strange if they decide to be husband wife now since Mahjabeen is still living in the past and Wali does not seem to like her much any way. Sympathy I can understand because wali isn’t a heartless person and Mahjabeen should be pitied.

  • OMG guys is it only me who thinks Wali and MJ are already living as man and wife. All that so called lashing out etc is about the change and insecurity brought into their life by the advent of our poor crazy Neelam . Mahjabeen sleeping on Wali’s bed , her phone calls , her returning the pin then Wali reminding who she really is …then again maybe I am the crazy one

    • Well well u have done some brain storming!
      Serious. As far as Wali/MJ relationship is concerned, there is more to it then what meets the eyes. Mahjabeen is the lead character, with quite a few skeletons lying where the sun doesn’t shine.

    • Are you serious? They are not! Or they wouldn’t be showing us how much she loved alamgir every two minutes!

      • yes she hasn’t forgotten him at all, she waits for wali but thinks about Alamgir – what does that mean? And her dialogue about how she is not wanted anymore also made it look like she was more of a caretaker than a wife.

    • So, you finally watched this episode Sadaf. Wali has been annoyed with Mahjabeen right from the first episode and somehow I see Mahjabeen’s concern for Wali more like a duty she has been performing for a long time; something that makes her feel useful. If that curly haired lad we saw in the last episode really was Wali then there could be a chance that their relationship was much deeper than what appears on the surface. Wali was only 9 when this woman came into his life how can he even think of her that way. Hopefully we will know soon enough:) I really hope not.

  • Although a slow episode, agree with you Fatima still interesting to watch and we learned a lot more about the characters. Wali is a very frustrated and upset young man. Actually no one is happy, all bound by the haveli and feudal rules. What a rut they are all in?
    I was also wondering why wali is so mad at mahjabeen, but then he also checks up on her, so he definitely does not hate her.
    Really hoping it is not a romantic inclination, just do not want it to go there. Let’s see how it pans out, he is feeding her medicine next week as she is sick, so he definitely is concerned for her. Will it go deeper though, they obviously have an unspoken connection and bond, but the numerous flashbacks of her love for his uncle totally make it impossible for me to see her and wali together.
    Anyways sound was still bad, no one listened again! Hoping again for next week!

    • I am glad you enjoyed the episode SK. I also think that this episode had tons to say. He definitely cares for her and he is a nice guy but like you said they are all stuck in a rut. Mahjabeen woke up sneezing when she slept on the bench that night so she must have a cold and Wali will feel guilty now that he heard her talking in her sleep. Neelam’s annoying sister walks in while he is giving Mahjabeen medicine – wait till Neelam hears about it;)

  • Finally started to like the drama..two reasons for that; one Sania Saeed acting and other Fawad Khan’s role..

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