Numm Episode 05 – The Tragedy

Zinda logon ka kya ho ga? Un ka kon khayal kare ga?

Neelam asked a very thought provoking question fom her mother. Her elders believe in going to any length to fulfill the promises made by those people who are not alive anymore. Is it more important to carry out the plans made by people who are dead or to take into consideration the happiness of those who are living? Neelam lost the only person who truly understood her and that too at a time when she needed Amo the most. It was quite apparent by Neelam’s attitude in the last episode that she wants Wali all to herself and today she told her mother and sister just that. Her biggest problem with Mahjabeen is that she is Wali’s wife, it does not matter to her that she is vani.


I really fail to understand Mahjabeen’s position in the house. Yes, she is mazloom no doubt because she was married off to a boy who was old enough to be her son, she brought him up like a mother and will never be his wife but she is considered as part of the family nevertheless. If that wasn’t so then she wouldn’t have gone to Neelam’s house for condolence. Bare Sahab also has consideration for her feelings because when in one of the previous episodes Neelam called herself the second wife, Bare Sahab did not call Mahjabeen vani in front of her. I have read that girls who are given as vani are treated like slaves because the whole purpose of the ritual is to seek revenge. In Mahjabeen’s case things are very different. Apart from that, honestly speaking I fail to see Mahjabeen and Wali as a “couple” because of the age difference. I hope that there will be more flashback scenes in the upcoming episode, that will help the viewers understand Mahjabeen’s situation better.


Neelam is finally willing to give her relationship with Wali a chance. Her conversation with her sister was written very nicely but the acting by the actress playing Neelam’s sister completely ruined that particular scene for me. Kanza Wyne portrayed Neelam’s innocence very well in some of the scenes but in others she went overboard. Sometimes it is not the dialogue delivery or the body language that is flawed but the timing of a particular expression or dialogue makes a huge difference. Sania Saeed and Fawad Khan both are brilliant actors and one can’t help but expect the rest of the cast to be at somewhat the same level. The actress playing Neelam’s mother is also doing a commendable job. I would definitely want to see more of her. Her character is not very likeable but she makes is endearing because of her expressions and overall acting.

Everything that Amo had to say to Neelam and Wali was extremely touching. She summed up the bond of marriage beautifully. Amo sees the beauty in Neelam’s personality which everyone else around her fails to see. Wali conveniently blames Mahjabeen for everything that transpired. I felt for Mahjabeen at that time, she is nothing more than the housekeeper. When Wali addresses the servants, he is actually putting the message across to Mahjabeen too.


The beauty of this play is that it has been directed very well. I really like the way the story is gradually moving ahead, it keeps the viewers looking forward to more. The flashback scenes take you to another world. When Wali tells Mahjabeen off, she is reminded of the time when he was little and she had just arrived at the haveli. Even after putting in so much effort into raising this kid, she does not get an ounce of respect from him. The soyem scene however could have been far better. The entire gathering was covered in detail but  there were no family and friends at the soyem, which was very strange.


Usman Peerzada was the perfect choice for playing the role of Bare Sahab. There have been times when I haven’t liked some of his work but he totally owns this character. The last scene was very confusing. The viewers were left to wonder who the boy in that scene was. The preview of the next episode suggested that Wali may finally realize what Mahjabeen has gone through till now. The real question is that will Neelam be able to live in the same house as Mahjabeen for long? Will there be a soft corner in Wali’s heart for Mahjabeen in the future because of Neelam’s attitude?

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Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • good review.yes now the jealousy and hatred is boiling down in the heart of neelam and that can be seen in the scene when mahjabeen came to her house and she said abhi isay tamasha dikhati hoon and in the next scene when she said to her mother that she cannot share wali with anyone.lakin fawad jab naukron ko hukum de raha tha to wali mahjabeen ko aise gussay se ghoor raha tha jaise usay kha jayega but fawad was brilliant in that scene and sania was also superb but aik baat samajh mein nahi aaye ke last scene mein saania kis se baatein ker rahi thi aur woh larka mahjabeen se kyun naraaz tha.well you didn’t review kadurat last week.but this episode was better than the previous one.

    • Thank you Fahad for liking the review and for sharing your thoughts. I am sorry I was very busy therefore I could not review Kadurat but I will do a joint review this Wednesday:) You are so right about that particular scene, he was actually conveying the message to Mahjabeen and not just the servants. I also think he must be Mahjabeen’s brother or maybe a nephew.

  • Fawad & Sania Saeed’s acting is amazing. Kanza looked very pretty in the gharara but needs to go a long way when it comes to acting and dialogue delivery. I agree Neelum’s mother is doing a good job and sister spoilt the scene. The person who came to meet Mehjabeen might be her younger brother or nephew I assume. As Mehjabeen is Vani her family is not welcome in the house to visit Mehjabeen, thus they meet in secret which upset him. Looking forward to next episodes which tell us more.

    • Yes she looked very pretty but the big bow at the back looked very weird! I also think that he must be her brother or a nephew because she was being very loving towards him. I really like the way the story is unfolding, we get to know a little bit more with every passing episode.

  • From what we know till now …can someone tell me the relationship? Who killed whom in the past because of which mahjabeen had to become wali’s vani???? What was the relation of that man whom mahjabeen loved ?? Smeone explain me plzz

    • Mahjabeen and Irfan Khusat (Wali’s uncle/chacha) liked each other. Mahjabeen’s brother/family most likely killed Irfan Khusat and for revenge Wali’s father killed someone in Mahjabeen’s family. Wali’s mother became mentally unstable when her husband died. After which Mahjabeen was made Wali’s vani. All this has not been spelt out loud but is deduced from the past scenes/clips they have shown so far.

      • Is Neelum in any way related to Bare Saheb before she got married to Wali. Is she a niece or grand daughter of Bare Saheb?

        • Farah Neelam’s father and Wali’s father were very good friends and they are the ones who wanted to see them getting married. Neelam’s daddi passed away. The two families do not have blood ties. Daddi said Neelam and Wali’s father died almost at the same time, maybe there is more to the story because Wali’s father was killed by Mahjabeen’s brother I think . That is why Mahjabeen was given as Vani to Wali.

        • I also got the feeling that Amtul (Wali’s mother) is from Neelam’s family too. I could be wrong. It is all guess work at the moment:) This is what I like about this play, the story behind different characters is unfolding gradually, even after 5 episodes we haven’t been fully introduced to the characters and every week I look forward to finding out more about them.

  • Its a nice drama, well directed and brilliantly performed by Fawad, SS & Usman Peerzada. However, can someone please tell the producers to fix the sound? Correct me if I am wrong, but lip sync was missing in a couple of scenes, for e.g SS’s talking to the boy. Besides, the scene in the graveyard also had variation in sound so one could barely make out Neelam’s question to Wali. Same for the conversation between Baray Sahab and Wali. I just wish the producers had taken some pointers from the brilliant editing/sound of plays like Humsafar and ZGH that contributed to the success of the plays.

    For me the negatives are poor sound quality along with terrible performances by Neelam and her sister. I am done giving Neelam the benefit of doubt that her “acting” is partly the portrayal of her role as an immature teenager. I am convinced now that she lacks skill in that area and what makes it worse is the level of acting that SS and Fawad are performing at in the play.

  • Its a nice drama, well directed and brilliantly performed by Fawad, SS & Usman Peerzada. However, can someone please tell the producers to fix the sound? Correct me if I am wrong, but lip sync was missing in a couple of scenes, for e.g SS’s talking to the boy. Besides, the scene in the graveyard also had variation in sound so one could barely make out Neelam’s question to Wali. Same for the conversation between Baray Sahab and Wali. I just wish the producers had taken some pointers from the brilliant editing/sound of plays like Humsafar and ZGH that contributed to the success of the plays.

    For me the negatives are poor sound quality along with terrible performances by Neelam and her sister. I am done giving Neelam the benefit of doubt that her “acting” is partly the portrayal of her role as an immature teenager. I am convinced now that she lacks skill in that area and what makes it worse is the level of acting that SS and Fawad are performing at in the play.

    • Yes, the sound quality is terrible at times and even the picture quality was very disappointing in the scene with Bare Sahab and Wali in it. I agree with you Neelam has grown on me despite of Kanza’s flawed performance at times, she tends to get carried away sometimes but overall the character has a lot going for it. The people who are closest to Neelam, those who actually know her like the Nun and Amo think she is someone very special so they can’t be wrong. I am definitely waiting to find out more about her.

  • Sania Sayeed and Fawad Khan are doing very well in this serial.
    I agree with the preview in the sense that I am failed to accept Wali and Mahjabeen as a couple as well since she has taken care of him like a nanny as it is said by Neelam’s mother. However, I would have accepted them despite the age difference as such if she hadn’t brought him up like a nanny.
    Kanza is quite misfit for her role.However, she iis not doing bad. Nasreen Qureshi’s (Ammo) dialogues delivery was quite filmy in this episode.
    I don’t like Neelam. She is an extremely possessive character. It is her possessiveness which is forcing her to incline towards Wali.. In the scene mentioned in the preview her younger sister sounds a bit mature and sensible whereas she talks like a spoilt
    child. In the end of the last episode she really runs like a “bay lagam ghori”. I hope “the new entry” will not get involved in her.

    They have been mispronouncing the word “Amatul”. It is normally used if someone gives God’s name to his child such as Amatul Salam or Amatul Azeez etc.

    • I agree with you there, that is another reason too which I could not pinpoint. lol yes you are right about Nasreen Qureshi acting in that particular scene but I liked what she had to say.

  • Perfect analysis Fatima .. I agree with you about Mahjabeen I find her character very hard to understand . I Think Wali is beginning to understand Neelam a lot better especially after his last talk with Ammo . I really find Neelams treatment of Mahjabeen distasteful to say the least .A facinating episode

    • Thank you Sadaf. I think Neelam is justified in feeling jealous and her wish to have her husband all to herself is understandable too. She does get overboard but that is Neelam for you!

  • Wonderful review. Please help me to understand the relationships. (1) was deceased Daado related to Bare Saheb, whose Daadi was she? (2) Is Wali in any way Neelum’s cousin, is she Bare Saheb’s niece..grand daughter or what?
    Kindly help me here to clear this confusion.
    Despite her poor acting and weak dialogue delivery I like Neelum as she is the only one who is creating ripples in this dead still water. Anxiously waiting for your reply.

  • Fatima, I needed your review to put into perspective of what I just watched in this last episode. Thanks a lot for opening my stupid head about things I didn’t get!
    Yes, things were put more into place and the storyline is being revealed as we are going along. But I think I am losing interest. The sound quality is appalling. The background score is too loud when dialogues are being said, there are times when the dialogues are muted, but you know something was said.
    That apart, I’m seeing too many contradictions. Neelam says Ammo was the only one who understood her. But only a few minutes before that she told her sister that she was in this marriage because of Ammo’s blackmail. If she knew that Ammo understood her, then either she should have not rebelled so much or else Ammo couldn’t be the only one who understood her. (just one example of the many contradictions that are not making any sense to me) I guess it’s a part of being young and married off forcefully, and the very solid point made in the dialogue between her and mother that Neelam realizes the worth of Ammo only after she has gone.
    I am just not getting Mahjabeen’s character now. She is becoming more and more submissive and coming across as one with self pity. I really liked her in the very 1st episode, where she seemed to be strong and in control of herself.
    There are a lot of questions in my mind, about the story. A whole lot will fall into place eventually I’m sure, but some things make no sense at all and seem really arbitrary to me right now. For instance the last scene when Bade Sahab tells Wali that he is pleased his grandson is taking charge now. Just because he has agreed to let his wife continue studying and has decided he wants to pursue PhD is sufficient to come to this decision that he has become all mature and taking charge?
    I’m sorry if I’m sounding incoherent here with my thoughts, or maybe I have just not understood what is happening at most times.
    The one thing that really caught my heart and is stuck in my mind is Ammo’s few words on marriage. You said it perfectly, that she summed up the bond of marriage beautifully. Such simple words and so very true. Thats something I will keep in my mind forever.
    The OST is absolutely fabulous, but I think there is too much time spent on “thinking” shots with it in the background. It just makes the episode drag.
    I can’t see the preview for next week in any of the recordings. Can you please link it for me? Thanks.

    • Roh thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts. Here is what I think – Ammo loved Neelam and understood her but she is also part of the system that believes in keeping the promises made by the dead at the cost of those who are living. She married Wali only because she didn’t want to let Ammo down, because she loves her. Ammo knew how to make Neelam understand the way things are in the feudal system, no one else can make her understand anything. The biggest reason for Neelam’s rebellious attitude is Mahjabeen – she does not want to share her husband with anyone, that is the first objection she raised when her mother asked her to marry Wali. Honestly speaking I feel like Bare sahib still looks at Wali as a child and he was just bucking him up, just like he says all those nice things to Neelam even though he knows that she is not mature enough to handle anything just yet.

      • I understand where Ammo was coming from. Obviously she sees it from a mature person’s point of view, which Neelam being a child doesn’t understand at all. What I meant in terms of contradictions in Neelam’s dialogues translating into her character. From her point of view, Ammo is the only one who understood her and again from her point of view she had to give into Ammo’s blackmail of getting married. Am sure when the “blackmail” was happening, Ammo must have explained and made her understand the reasons and whatever else that would be in her best interest. My point is that Neelam didn’t take that bit as Ammo knowing the best for her. She only took it as blackmail.
        I wonder what is the compulsion that is making Mahjabeen and Wali remain in wedlock. Marriages can be ended too, right?

        • Roh Mahjabeen is Vani which means she must stay married to Wali until Bare Sahab wants it that way. The national courts do not interfere in tribal customs & traditions, the jirgas have the final say in tribal areas & they have their own set of rules and regulations.

          • oh okay. That was an important bit in the custom that I was obviously missing. Then it makes sense about why she has to be a part of the deal and why neither of them are able to get out of it.
            Thanks for that, Fatima. It would have continued to be baffling for me, if you didn’t explain this. :)

    • Roh there is only one scene from the preview on DOL, I can’t find it anywhere too. I watched in when it went on air. You are right about the background music and sound quality.

  • I am sorry; I cannot understand what is so special about Ammo scene. Nasreen Qureshi was exaggerating with emotions and delivering the dialogues as if she were a heroine of a movie. She was clearly overacting.

    Let’s have a look at what she as Ammo was trying to convey; He will receive love (most
    probably from Neelam) if he continues the tradition of friendship. Both should
    try to understand each other before they start fighting. Her granddaughter is
    very special etc. The bottom line was that he should treat her with love. Thus,
    she was rather partially (“Meri baiti hazaron main nahi karoron main aik hai”) trying
    to secure the future of her stubborn and impudent granddaughter. She is almost
    blind for Neelam’s faults.
    I am failed to find any kind of beauty in Neelam’s character. She is one of the worst female characters ever presented in a serial. However, I would agree with
    the point that he can change her if he treats her with love and patience.

    Usman Peerzada is really a good choice for the role he is playing. Hisar by Mirza Athar Baig is one of his best serials.

  • Hey Fatima the episode was great and also the review was awsome …mujhy aik cheez ab tak samajh nahin ayi k wali aur Neelum ki lovestory start hui ya nahin q k in some scenes it was the clure that romance has stepped in but in some of the scenes phir sy ye hi feel hua k Neelum waisi ki waisi hee hy… And also I was failed to undrstand that what kind of jealously actually was between Neelum and Minahil..???? Can u tell me Fatima??.. Review was great n agree wid u on all points keep up the good work..,,!!!!

    • Hello Maham, thank you so much for your kind words. Neelam is definitely more interested in giving her relationship with Wali a chance but we will only know in the next episode how the relationship between the two develops. I think what they are trying to show is that Neelam is not an easy person to understand and Minahil hasn’t spent much time with her because she was living in the hostel. I think the nok jhok between the sisters is supposed to be warm and cute but since the girl playing Minahil cannot act at all so the scenes get confusing.

  • The writer must be having sleepless nights. The Rebel was supposed to challenge! She was the one to change the status quo. Instead she comes across as a whiny, irritating baby talking immature girl. The expression and impact fall flat because of KW. Sorry but she is a huge disappointment. FK looks awkward around her. Poor chap. Must really be difficult. Acting against two opposites..SS and KW.. from the sublime to the ridiculous!
    Some major flaws in this episode:The soyum as you pointed out and the unnecessary long scene of SS in the car. This shot could have easily been trimmed. Baray sahib did not attend the jenaza of Ammo? Only sent the vani for condolence? Does that make sense?
    Also while the beautiful dialogues about marriage were being delivered by Ammo, Wali did not even nod his head in agreement. He could at least have been polite to a dying person. She went on lecturing him and he kept on looking at her with a straight face. How will they manage to show Neelum ( Kanza) as not ‘lakhom mein ek balkay karoron mein ek’ is something I am not going to even think about as it seems next to impossible.
    SS and FK were superb as usual. Ammo was suddenly not coughing away or getting out of breath..she was also not very convincing in this episode. Rahat and Minahil are embarrassingly mediocre. Sound is a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT.
    The sequence of scenes and events seemed jumbled up to me. Great story, great dialogues, some scenes superbly directed but many mistakes and oversights in som, nicely shot,,, will not talk about the heroine.. Sorry FK . you really did not deserve her!

    • Enjoyed reading your comments. So true about FK! On one hand he acts with SS and then it must be hard with KAnza. That interview where he stated his performances are good because of his costar, lol it must have been hard then! In everyday voter view he said acting is all about reciting…omg poor chap!

  • Good to read your review Fatima and see your take of this serial. For me an exceptional story a good direction and equally commendable leads of this serial has been butchered and killed by wrong casting of some major characters of the story along with poor editing and sound recording. A good director can bring the best out an ordinary actor but he is a director after all not a magician , can not perform miracles !!! Neelam,s character has got the depth and have so many colors , a good actor would have made this character an eye candy to watch and made us love to hate her…
    Sania Saeed is an epitome of brilliance, she gives me goose bumps with her expressions, she hardly has got dialogues but you could hear her say unsaid and untold ….her character is strong and I don’t find her self pitting, she has been put into a situation which is unimaginable, a lively girl turned into a living dead….one can not even imagine, but still she put her energy and efforts to fulfill the duty she was given, she may be Vani but if you see , she has earned the respect from everyone. Its weired for us to even contemplate but this is how people live in traditions…no one dare to break the so called traditional rules and rituals…its looks weird and unacceptable to see Mahjabeen and Wali as a couple , but what if it was the other way round, older man and younger girl… lol ..ab tak 4 bachay ho jatay ….

    • Hello Sheema long time no see. I agree with you although Kanza has gradually grown on me but there are scenes in which she gets overboard. You are right about the director being able to do only so much , totally agree with you. I agree with you about Mahjabeen but I guess this Vani is totally contradictory to the real life Vani incidents I have read about. usually girls who are very young are giving as Vani to men who are old enough to be their fathers. I want to find out more about Mahjabeen, I feel like I don’t know her character well enough just yet.

  • I think the story would reveal in an entirely opposite direction. I donot want to be prescriptive here as I am also just guessing but the young guy was teenager wali, who wants to spend time with mahjabeen. why he was not allowed to be with her, we need to wait for the next episodes. Yes he is disrespectful to mah jabeen but are you sure he does not have any feelings for her? Look at Fawad’s eye expressions when he looks into her eyes in different scenes, the answer is in that subtle look

    • guest my first instinct also was that it was probably wali when he was a teenager but no one agreed so I thought I might be wrong. One of my friends also thinks that Wali and Mahjabeen have a much deeper connection but I don’t see it just yet.

  • She gas a pathetic way of saying her dialogues . Cannot really understand her acting calibre as why has she been paired opposite a very good actor like fawad khan. Cant stand her delivery of dialogue with chewing expression n stupid sounds

  • Fatima, your review is very insightful and enjoyable to read! True the drama is still very intriguing and narrated well.but omg it has been edited bad by production!
    You must be aware of the two different versions floating around, any news on why that is? They will put people off, as the version I saw did not even make sense!
    I hope this is rectified as well as the horrible sound and background music, it’s like beating our heads against a brick wall every week!
    I am still looking forward to the story as the relationships of the central characters are not normal at all, so it will be interesting to see how wali and Mj move on from here as he was pretty insulting to her and also finding out about the history of Mj in particular is what is keeping me glued, but hoping miracles can occur and we get a beautiful viewing experience next week!

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