Numm Episode 07 – Snoozefest!

This latest episode was a complete disappointment; the unnecessary screen time given to the conversations between servants in particular left me clueless. There is absolutely no need to focus so much on the workers in the haveli unless they have some major role to play in the story, which most certainly is not the case. When the maid breaks the glass, the exchange of looks between her and Wali was totally pointless. I feel like I saw more of Salima today than anyone else and I have no idea why! I think she either got as much screen time as Neelam or perhaps more.

I don’t think I can write a very serious, analytical review for tonight’s episode so here is more of a narration of events and my take on what happened.

The two drunk men who are Bare Sahab’s friends declare Wali “passed” – what else does he need to qualify as a wise young man. On the other hand all of a sudden Wali feels that he can judge Bare Sahab’s friends but turns into a lame duck soon afterwards!

numm4Hurray! Good news for all the Mahjabeen fans. Mahjabeen is indispensable after all! She faints in the line of duty and somehow I felt that the whole scenario was very strange. Any woman who runs a house knows that a well trained maid can easily manage things without being supervised. The way Mahjabeen’s “importance” in the house was shown was very unconvincing. Meetha nahi bana, khana kum hai – seriously aur bhi dukh hei zamany mei! I couldn’t help but notice the panadol syrup bottle on Mahjabeen’s side table, no wonder she is not recovering;)

The question of the day was – How many times do Wali and Neelam talk on the phone! The answer we got was nothing short of a mystery. Do they really talk everyday, thrice a day?? We can’t be sure. Is it really an issue? I am not sure about that either! Neelam has definitely fallen for her husband and Mr. Jonti has some serious competition now, time for the poor tree to move on!

numm2After the curly haired mystery guy in the fifth episode, in this episode we were given another puzzle to solve – who is the guy Mahjabeen mentions when she is down with a fever? Is he the same boy we saw in the fifth episode? I hope we find out soon enough because the questions are piling up.

I am wondering why there was so much focus on Mahjabeen’s illness today. Maybe she has some serious disease and it won’t be diagnosed just yet. But then it can just be the outcome of the night she spent sleeping in the garden. Guesses anyone?


Honestly speaking, I feel cheated after watching this latest episode because I waited all week to find out how things change for Wali, Mahjabeen and Neelam. Last week’s episode to me was truly magical and this week’s episode was completely opposite to that. Yes, things have most certainly changed at Neelam’s end and Wali decided to think things through too but this episode did not even pass as a good filler episode. The primary reason being that there were too many scenes that seemed extremely unnecessary and pointless. I would have liked this episode a lot better if we saw more interaction between Neelam and Wali rather than hearing about how they had been in communication on daily basis. I got the feeling that Neelam was lying and so was Wali. The good news is that Neelam has learned the art of sharing but Kanza Wyne’s acting was at its worst today; she over acted in every single scene. There are times when she comes across as cute but today her accent and the manner in which she delivered the dialogues was too OTT. Last but not the least, here is a very special screen shot of the star of the show today – where would we be without you Salima!


Tonight’s episode failed to impress me in any way at all. Everything seemed dragged and I simply failed to feel for any of the characters.


Did you watch this latest episode? please feel free to share your views.


Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • What on earth was this non-episode?
    Do they take viewers for granted!
    It was a great disappointment.
    Anwar Suhail

    • It was more of a bad comedy. Servants maids so concerned about ‘khaana and
      meetha”. What a Fiasco.

  • Hilarious review Fatima .I have to say one of your best ! I agree Salima was the star of the show today ,oh and so were the cliches.Yep of course all the zamindars where drunk ,decadent traitors but Wali was just a little saint in the corner who will not abandon “his house ” when its on fire …ahem read Mahjabeen for that !! Meanwhile the sainted Mahjabeen takes a break from muttering Qasim Qasim and tells the staff off about the khana. For goodness sake this is Lahore ,cant they just send out for more. Obviously Mjabeen has not trained the servants very well because the Universe stops expanding when she is ill.I thought Kanza was doing better but please can we stop with the tree …it makes no sense .So surprise , she is in love with Wali,the:first and last Man in her desperate little world. Wali however seems incredibly uninterested in her and is planning his escape to England to do a PhD. I dont think he calls Neelam at all.
    Can someone explain why barreyy sasheb is so concerned with Wali’s equestrian skills?

    • At least Bade Sahab let the dogs alone this time!
      Loved your take on this, Sadaf! Nothing made sense today!

    • lol @ Mahjabeen takes a break from muttering Qasim Qasim and tells the staff off about the khana. I feel so unimportant all of a sudden because my maid can handle guests just fine without me;) Yes, I also think they don’t talk, which is also very weird! It is like she is totally out of his life. Wait till she hears about Wali giving Mahjabeen the medicine, she will be back to being her cuckoo self!
      thank you Sadaf:)

      • I think that’s when she will land up home as a suprise. (as shown in the initial trailers)
        Neelam speaks like she has marbles in her mouth. Like in that scene of Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady, when she actually had real marbles in her mouth. Not comparing the 2 by any chance….just talking about marbles in the mouth!

  • good review.well this episode was a total disappointment and somehow ahson taalish’s direction has not impressed me at all and full screen time was given to maid in this episode.waaqi mein ab to dil e muzter saturday waale din bohat yaad aata hai its direction was superb and why we get to see the scene between wali and maid everytime.numm could have been better if it had been directed well and its editing is also not good.but still watching this drama because of fawad and sania but woh scene jahan per bare sahab aur un ke dost shraab pee rahe hote hain and they were talking about future of pakistan to wahaan per wali unhein gussay mein lamba chora lecture deta aur un ki khub insult kerta to that could have been better but that scene also appeared to me as a thanda scene.but i cant stop laughing when you said the star of tonight’s episode salima that was so funny.

    • You are right Fahad Dil-e-Muzter was beautifully directed although the script wasn’t out of the ordinary. Yes thanda scene is the word. In fact all the scenes in this episode failed to leave an impact. lol I hope she doesn’t get this much screen time again.

  • Wow! What an episode! Not only 38.55 minutes of nothing, but also ended with so many questions in my head! I may as well ask ***rolleyes***
    Why did Wali suddenly land up giving MahJ her meds? Where was Salima, since she was dutifully putting the patta on her head?
    In a haveli as big as this, isn’t the dining table a wee bit too small? (btw, this is something I noticed earlier too, but I may as well add it to my questionnaire here….)
    Where did Neelam’s mum and sister vanish, that MahJ went off to sleep, while they were visiting and Wali stepped out to take the call from Bade Sahab?
    Didn’t Wali ask a catering service to take care of dinner? Was that actually an order-in? I would have thought it would have been an outdoor catering service. But I guess then Ajjo and Deenga wouldn’t fret about the food and MahJ wouldn’t faint.
    Wali was growing some guts when he walked out of that drinking party, and then he became all sheepish and nervous with Bade Sahab at the end. Where did the guts go?
    Where is Amtul? And where has the other maid gone? Weren’t there 2 of them + Deenga earlier?
    I have wasted a lot of my breath, but I must say that Jaunty and Juniper are more expressive than Neelam, her sister, her roommate, Ajjo and Deenga put together.
    Fatima, thanks for a superb review. As usual, I read it before I watched the episode, to help my comprehension, and I must say I was in splits through the episode, recalling your words.

    • Lol Roh, I’m so scared for Jonti & Jennifer. You know trees have aesthetic sense & I’m afraid they will not be able to put up with Neelum’s fake accent, dialogue delivery & acting for long & they might die. Oh no! & those two were my favourite characters in this drama.

    • lol Roh brilliant questions, but how can we possibly answer then when we can conveniently put them in the big bag of mysteries;) exactly, the dinner was of great significance;) We know how “important” Mahjabeen is and so does Wali now. Yes good question, where did Amtul disappear? I hope the writer/director didn’t forget about her. Farah Shah’s acting was great. hahahaha ajjo deenga is too funny.

  • ROFL, Fatima. This review is hilarious, but not as funny as the episode itself.
    It was Ajjo & Dinga all over again. OMG! What was that all about? So much screen time was given to Ajjo, sorry Salima, for no reason at all. She is definitely the star of today episode.
    The exchange of long, pointless glances between Wali & Salima is making me suspicious of the relationship these two share.
    Kanza, who had started to grow on me, acted really bad in this episode. So I’m back to hating her again. Her scene with Mr. Jonti, where she kicks the poor tree was cute though.

    • Glances between Wali and Salima? That is the funniest thing I have heard, adding a 3rd wheel to the picture! Thanks for a hearty laugh!

      • Do u have sevants at home.. ? do u ever look at them either in anger or in happy mood. Aint servants human beings.

    • why if salima get some extra screen time in this episode. she will earn some money . dont she deserve ?. maybe after this drama she gets some good roles in future, I have sypathy with salima everyone is so against her ! she is a great actress…

    • It couldn’t have been seasonal flu, and if it was then it was blown out of proportion!

    • Agree. Episode was full of meaningless scenes. Mumm will beat ASHK . Stupidity is the order of the day.

  • Fawad preferred to work in non sense, bore and dump serials like Ashk and this Numm, both link to eyes anyway, feel like crying if you watch these dramas. He refused to work in “Bin Roay Ansoo” but chosen this 3rd class serial showing smoking and drinking all time, what kind of message he is given to our young generation, shame on him.

    • why shame on him… do u think our young generation is too pious that fawadfd this role is spoiling them… hahahha no dear young generation is far ahead than fawad this role. its nothing !
      Fawad is an actor n i think he is doing well ..i like the play so it doesnt matter how many like it n how many dont. i myself enjoying his role keeping two wives..he is lucky ;)

    • Well He is an actor not a reformer. Our dramas show worse traits and attributes routinely. No need to get hysterical about smoking n drinking.

  • Your review is totally right, it is indeed a great disappointment, i wonder why Fawad has signed for such drama. Take out fawad and this drama is behind in many aspects mainly production values and direction and pace of the story.

    • Some of the episodes were beautifully directed but this was definitely not one of them!

  • Fatima ap nay kamal kar diya bohat acha review likha hai. Maza aya par kay. Jo kuch bhi kaha sab sach hai.

    Mujeh drakhat wala scene bohat baywaqoofana sa laga hai. Neelam ab itni bhi bachi nahi hai kay usay pata na ho kay aik drakhat bolnay, sochnay or mehsoos karnay ki salahiyat nahi rakhta. Neelam ki choti behan may kuch aqal dikhayi hai magar Neelam to bilkul hi aqal say paidal hai.

    Baray Sahib or unkay doston nay Wali ki khub insult ki. Uskay bad baray sahib or Wali kay darmiyan jo guftagu hui wo bhi cheap thi.

    Kankar ka review bhi ap hi nay likha tha. Wo kahan ghaib ho gaya?

      • Shukriya. Main nay apkay sawal ka Kanker kay review kay nichay jawab diya hai.
        Mujeh do serial bohat pasand hain, aik to Aseer Zadi jiska ab review afsoos kay nahi ata or dosra Matam. Dona is lehaz say miltay jultay hain kay dono main comedy, tragedy or irony teeno chezein hain.

        • I will definitely read the answer you gave Sofia:) I just watched the first two episodes of Aseer Zaadi but definitely intend to catch up. Meinay buhat se logon se suna hai ke Matam acha play hai meinay abhi tuk nahi dekha, naam kuch ajeeb laga tha mujhe but will definitely give it ago now:)

  • Numm ki story aik to waisay hi abnormal hai or ab is episode main mazeed cheap scenes dal kar usay or abnormal bana diya hai director nay. Is dafa ka episode family kay sath baith kar dekhnay wala baharhal nahi tha.

  • Fantastic, superb review. Read it this morning, and I feel happy elated. Undoubtedly on of the best review in recent months.

    • Thank you for liking the review Anwer Suhail:) It came straight from the heart. I definitely expected better since I really liked the last episode but it proved to be a waste of time. I don’t think I can watch another scene with salima in it – she must feel very important!

  • Seriously Fatima… Why fawad accepted this project !! I m highly disappointed from the story… Whenever i make up my mind that this drama is going to be great.. it proves me wrong :D Well i watched back to back 3 episodes today.. :D the best thing about watching here on net is that “u can forward” :p n u dont have to watch each stupid scene… so i skipped the servant’s conversation plus baray sahab n his friends’ conversation as well !! have u seen the preview of next episode? I told u na that fawad will fall for mahjabeen :p this is going to happen next week :D

    • Silver Eyes, Unlike many other people I really liked the last episode, it was magical but this one was a total disappointment. There is too much guessing, it is about time that they start revealing some of the mysteries. The direction is superb in some episodes and in others it seems like they just put a few scenes together to make an episode! Haye NOT looking forward to that at all in fact I am still in denial … nahi yeh nahi ho sakta haha

  • Hi every body. Can I gate crash? Hi Fatima, Vow, refreshing review to an unbelievably boring drama. From now onwards, I’ll read Numm here, on this page rather than wasting Saturday night.

    • Atif so good to know that you enjoyed reading the review. Sure do drop in more often now. We would all like to hear from you.

  • I am not impressed with DRAMA. I was watching it for Fawad, but there is no progress in story. i really hate it when mahjabeen and wali are thinking and they waste our time by playing ost behind. Good thing is that i am not watching it live so i can skip that part. I dont get that why wali is staying home all the time in this depressing environment? why he is not going back to US for phd. why everyone at school is afraid of neelam, no one is making fun of her when she is talking to a tree?
    The whole drama is so depressing, I cant force myself any more to watch this.

    • tania bibi … dont worry wali will go definately maybe in last episodes to US . yet full series atleast 15 episodes are left why ru so in hurry …relax !
      n neelam fellows know her well thats she is too agressive thats why they r scared not to laugh n say anything infront of her or u can say they are used to.
      well servants esp maid scenes are added just to show the role of mahjabeen in the house , her devotion n care towards everything. Her sincereity n in return how the fuedals will treat her at the end…lets wait n watch !

  • Numm is a dumbs characters play, so easy no body has to deliver any dialogue, great producer, great director, hehehe,making fool of people, artists are only making MONEY, but on what cost.? fari.

  • hahahahah i love the way u wrote it ,, fatima this review is more intresting than the sreial itself :P

    • We would all love to hear your thoughts too Farwah:) It is always fun when more people pitch in. Thanks a lot for liking the review, I am glad we are on the same page.

  • I have never seen such a bakwas drama ever,excellent review Fatima,really would I will not see any other episode,but will read ur reviews,they should at least stop all this between nelam and trees,n nelam should stop this disgusting n fake accent n acting,..seriously there is no any message or theme in this drama…big disappointment.

    • The script is good but sadly the direction and editing tends to be very disappointing in some episode while in others it is very good. Kanza Wyne’s accent and acting both need polishing. Thanks a lot for reading the review Qurat and thank you for sharing your thoughts I really appreciate it.

  • Superb review Fatima! I left watching this serial after the third episode, (couldn’t find it worth watching).. but I am consistently stuck to your reviews. They give me both the clue about progress in the story and a total entertainment as well. hehe..

    • Noor, thanks a lot for following the reviews even though you are not watching the play:) Which plays are you watching nowadays and which ones are your favorite?

      • Fatima, my favorite now a days is “Mujhe khuda pe yaqeen hai” and “Aseer zadi” . The rest I watch just for time killing. ;)

  • Yes, the show was bit dragging but i enjoyed one of the scenes in this episodes. The scene was when Neelam came close to mr.Jonti and the other two girls hurriedly left the place as if Mr.Jonti was neelum’s private property. It was very amusing.
    The episode went bore because Mahjabeen did not perform.
    The director has made the scene of BARA SAHAB’s friends and Wali communicating with only a little consciousness. Anyways, that scene ruthlessly depicted the mentality of Pakistani Politicians.
    I did not find character of maid as much annoying or irritating as it is mentioned in the review. People should see the scene of glass breaking and exchange of glances between the maid and Wali by using out of the box approach please. I mean, come on, how could they not get what wali was telling her by merely showing his looks…?
    episode 8 surely needs more and more glimpses from the past for the reason everything is still blur ….!

    • Vicky I don’t mind scenes with maids, they have been shown a lot in UBFN but then that makes a lot more sense. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, people are just joking about the glances and so was I because it did come across as pointless.

  • amazing review jitna yeh episode dekh kr me bore hui usey khain zyada i enjoyed ur review nd ofcourse star of this episode “salima” deserves a huge round of applause ;) as she acted better than neelam :D

    • lol that is very good observation noor bilkul theek kaha but how could you ignore Salima ki adayen haha. The way she is so conscious that her duppata should cover one side of her face only;)

  • I gave up trying to make sense of this drama about two episodes ago. A waste of talent and from the looks of it, is a story that’s probably five lines long. I’ve read the review only because you are the reviewer Fatima. I can safely assume that the review would be far more entertaining than watching the actual episode.

    • That is so sweet of you Haya. I actually liked the episode before this one but this week around I wanted to be entertained without putting too much thought into everything so that is also why I did feel like this episode was not just slow but very boring as well. Thanks a lot for following the reviews:)

  • I didn’t think it was so bad. It still kept me interested. Yes Neelum and the tree I do skip past which is totally annoying. The drama itself is slow I admit, but I love how there is still intrigue and mystery about everything whether the past, the future and also the developing relationships. It is still tough to read wali, a very complex character but every episode we learn more about him like this time it was his distaste for his grandfathers cronies. I am also interested to find out why he is being nice to MJ after being really rude the past couple of episode. This is so different then your average stuff and so I am still hooked and yeah FK and SS are superb which helps a lot!

    • Nice to read from you. It keeps the hope alive that atleast some message is coming across. I’m not hooked, but I’m following it. :)
      I think they need to start revealing the mystery slowly, or at least some bits.
      Another bit that I ddn’t get was that if Wali was so disgusted with his grandfather’s cronies (as you most aptly put it :) ) why is he himself keen to get out of the country? He does have that on his agenda right? or have I misunderstood that bit?

      • Roh Yes I thought also at first he is a hypocrite as a lot of people usually are. They act all patriotic but then at the first signs of discomfort are out of there. However I feel now there is a big difference between him and the cronies once I thought about it. They were so blatant and crude about what they were doing and why I think Wali is going because he doesn’t want to deal with the Neelum mj situation, not so much because he would be sick of Pakistan. I know he has a lot of issues but he seems to have a better character than the mess I heard from their mouths.

    • SK I don’t mind slow but I can’t take dull. Last episode was very slow too but still it kept me hooked and I thought it was amazing. I got all the messages that this episode put forward but the way it was done could have been far more impressive. Like Roh says, way too many mysteries and yes what happened to Amtul? I have been watching UBFN too and I can’t help but compare the two. UBFN was way ahead of the game.

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