Numm Episode 04 – The Apology

Neelam’s disappearance was the highlight of tonight’s episode; it gave all the characters in the play something to ponder upon and it gave the viewer’s more of an insight into different characters. For me the most important as well as the most unexpected outcome of tonight’s happenings was that I finally saw Neelam as the sensitive girl that she actually is. Under that very tough exterior is a soft hearted sensitive young girl who doesn’t know much about the world but is kind enough to go against her own wishes to make her Amo happy and to keep the integrity of her family intact. I must confess that I didn’t warm up to Neelam’s character until today and I never felt the warmth that Neelam shares with her Amo before too.


Wali Bakht got a lot of time to think about what he had done. He went from being fully convinced that what he had done was right to being very sure that he owed Neelam an apology. The difference between Wali Bakht and Neelam is that Wali married Neelam because he couldn’t bear to part with all the wealth but Neelam married Wali solely for the happiness of her family. Neelam follows her heart but Wali Bakht follows his mind.

The Scene from Mahjabeen’s past was yet again beautifully shot and Sarmad Khoosat acted brilliantly.  We found out more about the plans that both of them had for the future. I am sure everyone is eagerly waiting to find out what went wrong and how.


This episode was very slow considering that the story didn’t move forward much but I really enjoyed watching it nonetheless because it was beautifully shot and also because I think this event may prove to be the tuning point in Wali and Neelam’s relationship. The mysterious background music however seemed very inappropriate in some of the scenes. The background score is definitely not as loud as it was in the first two episodes but it is still excessive for my taste.


Neelam’s mother could not help but question her decision when Neelam goes missing but as soon as she finds Neelam, the emotional blackmail starts all over again. The last scene in which Wali finally manages to “catch” Neelam and apologizes was absolutely fantastic, mainly because of Fawad Khan. I doubt that Neelam will be able to ignore that apology. Wali’s conversation with the Nun must have helped him in changing his mind too. I agree with all those people who believe that this show wouldn’t have been what is without Fawad Khan. His presence does make a huge difference.

The preview of the next episode showed that someone passed away – I am guessing that it must be Amo. How will Neelam and Mahjabeen continue to live under one roof? Will Neelam change her ways or will she still question things? Today Neelam did succeed even if the success did not last for long – her mother was forced to question the old traditions, that to me was Neelam’s success.

I wonder how many people were able to connect with the different characters today or did most of you feel like it was a very slow episode? Do share your views.


Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • sorry i should have written that the scene between sarmad and sania brought a smile on my face.but you are right that neelum is a very sensitive girl though she try to show herself rude but still she is sensitive.

  • good review.well this episode was okay but little bit slow.the scene between sania and sarmad was good and it brought a smile on my face and the last scene between wali and neelum was good other than that the episode was slow.fawad and sania both were superb in this episode but the scene in which neelum was talking in an emotional way with her mother i thought that kanza is improving but jab us ki wohi bachoun wali awaaz suni to bohat bura laga she needs to improve a lot esp her voice which irritates me a lot.ost of numm is so good dil ker raha hai ke baar baar sunta rahoon it is so beautiful.well mera pehla comment kisi tarah se mujh se delete hogaya tha that’s whhy i am posting it again.

    • You are right about Kanza but I think we are supposed to see her as a bachi. She definitely needs some polishing, I agree with that fully.Yes, the OST is fabulous. thanks a lot for being a regular reader Fahad.

  • yeh jo second wala mera comment hai woh mere delete howe comment ke reply mein hai us mein by mistake i wrote that the scene between sania and sarmad a smile on me to usay main ne pehlay wale comment mein correct kiya hai .

  • totally agree with the point that fawad’s presence makes a huge difference
    plus i wanted to add that sania saeed has just done something that no other female actor in the industry could do…..her eye contacts with wali,and the flashbacks…all that happens really make m feel for her

  • Nice review. Episode was slow but I enjoyed it thoroughly, perhaps the best one so far.
    I like this oblique mode of story telling, interlaced with past events. I thoroughly enjoyed
    Sarmad/Sania scene, both were brilliant.
    Yes Neelum is human after all.
    Background music is a nuisance.
    Wonderful work by writer and director. However as I said earlier, this show wouldn’t have been anywhere without Fawad Khan. He doesn’t say much here but his mere presence augments the show. Did any one notice the contrast between Wali and his Uncle.

    • I think Sarmad is Wali’s chacha. He is the one whose death Wali’s father was going to take revenge on with his gun. Ofcourse, this is just me and my imagination, (which can be fairly vivid :) ) putting things together, I might be completely wrong.

    • anwar, atleast i m still following this show only due to fawad.u r right, without fawad, it wouldnt have been anywhere.

  • So well written, Fatima. You captured Neelam’s character brilliantly. I think she is exactly that. She too had hopes and dreams in her life, but has become a part of this system, where she is totally stuck. No matter what she wants to do, even running away will just bring her back to where it started.
    Though it was quite slow, it was very meaningful. The foundation of the story is being laid out very well, and we are getting little, but very important messages at every stage.
    The scenes between Mahajabeen and Wali were super. Top notch acting, and each of them outdid the other with every dialogue, every pause.
    I was not impressed with the flashback romance between Mahjabeen and Sarmad (sorry, I don’t know his screen name here. Not sure if I have missed it because of the annoying audio quality or if they haven’t revealed it yet) It kept coming to me like a cartoon strip. And Sarmad didn’t match Mahjabeen in any skills there, IMHO.
    I still haven’t got some of the dialogues. I will need to replay and see if I can hear what was told to Wali by the maid, when he was in his room. (after he returned from his night of driving, before he rushed out again.) Did she tattle about her conversation with the driver, and is that how he got to know about it and freaked on him?
    The apology was something one can watch a 100 times over, and truly it was only Fawad Khan who could do that in those 3 syllables. Absolutely fantastic. But then, he never lets us down, does he?
    And I see that he is one of the stylists too. Nice. It was good that Neelam changed her clothes before she ran away. ;)
    I love the OST. The voice is so soulful and beautiful. The story seems to be panning out nicely.

    • roh i also didn’t understand wali’s conversation with maid i played that scene almost 4 to 5 times , can anyone tell what did the maid said to wali?? :/

      nd yes “the apology” was fantastic nd was the best scene of this episode realy hats off to fawad khan he is such a brilliant actor

      thank uhh fatima for fantastic review :)

      • That he is Noor , there is no denying that. The last scene only stood out for me because of Fawad Khan. I absolutely loved the way he changed his mind, so must give credit to the writer and the director too. You’re very welcome. Thank you for reading the review and for being a part of the discussion.

    • haha yes we should celebrate , I hope she wouldn’t be wearing these clothes now for another 3 days;) Oh yes, the apology was super – one could watch an entire boring episode even and be happy at the end because it was so so good! It was Fawad Khan at his best – Neelam should forgive him now. He has done a good job with the styling, otherwise he doesn’t really pay that much attention to his wardrobe. How did you find out that he has done the styling. thank you Roh for being kind enough to give us your constant feedback, it really means a lot to me.

  • A very good review…thorough as always. I am new here. The reason to b here are your well justified reviews. I love the way you capture the characters and the ups and downs of the story.

    • Hi Saima, welcome to reviewit. Thank you so much for following the reviews and for liking them. I hope we will be seeing you here more often now.

  • hey Fatima hope u good…now I must tell u what I was going through watching this episode of numm … I was really enraged from the start till the scene which was a flashback of Mahjabeen’s life.. the reason is that the only thing showed was that NEELUM IS MISSING and nothing more..i know that was the highlight of the episode and mattered alot but they could do it in a much much better way.. so I thought that tonight,the drama was slow-placed but when the Mahjabeen past scene came,all my complaints were finished!!… I really fell for Mahjabeen in that scene where she was talking to Wali on the phone..actually she wanted to ask him that he should have taken the dinner which shows that she really had a concern with Wali and also it was the only scene in which the background music of numm’s poetry (mumkin hai tujhy chaah kay bhi chaaah na sakoon) worked successfully but then she stopped and cut the line… it showed that she really wanted somebody like a real husband in her life (more like a JEEVAN SAATHI) she was really alone and why not???she’s a woman, a human being nd it’s her basic right but THANKS TO OUR VERY OWN BARE SAHAB…then again I was enraged kion k phir say wahee sab kuch start ho gaya tha but when in the last scene Wali finally caught up Neelum was really a treat to watch and Fawad was great in that scene probably,it was his best scene throughout the episode,,…and I think that from this scene everything is going to take a 360 degrees turn and Wali and Neelam are about to start a LOVESTORY and as Fawad is there so the lovestory will be definitely a treat to watch.. Fawad and Sania were good and hats off to the director…Kanza has good control over her expressionz and acting skills but she should immediatly do something for her accent……….

    at last, a great great great review by Fatima and May u keep on doing this great work and get success in your life…


    • Hello Maham, i am fine. How have you been? So you are on team Mahjabeen:) Yes, I agree Mahjabeen is very lonely and that is the reason why she keeps on thinking about her past. haha I know Kanza’s expression is really annoying you, I liked her in this episode because she came across as a scared kid more than anything else. It is always great to hear from you Maham. thanks a ton for the wishes. Wish you all the best too – always. take care.

      • I m good Fatima!! for the time being I m on Mahjabeen team but let’s see cz things might change after the lovestory starts;-p….you are always welcomee.. actually I have become a thorough reader of your reviews and u know even before I started commenting,I was your even at that time (when u were reviewing ZGH).. you also take care of yourself… and can I ask u that why did u reply this late this time Fatima??

        • Acha G so you were a silent reader back then. I am so happy you decided to break the silence:) Maham my internet connection is being very “moody” therefore the delays – I am so sorry.

  • yeah fatima it was a slow episode…… but story isn’t that bad…. waiting for that moment when wali will fall for mahjabeen… :p background Music is very loud at some points so dialogs are sometimes not that clear.. overall this episode was bit better than the previous

    • Haye nahi what will happen if Wali falls for two women. Let Mahjabeen live in the past lol. I really enjoyed this episode because it may have been slow but it wasn’t dull.

  • fabulous review Fatima , I could not have said it better . Wow that scene at the end was like amazing . Of course Fawad was the Lynch pin but I think Kanza deserves credit too . The way she looked back at him like someone waiting to fall of a cliff into the deep blue sea . I liked this episode a lot too . I am not to sure about Sarmad Khoosat’s acting and the wonderful Moonch which is a character in itself I would say ;). I agree I really Liked Neelam’s character a lot more she is a a disturbed girl but really not as bad as I thought and I think Wali has realized that too.
    It is Mahjabeen’s character I dont understand …One minute she is all hesitation and sighing voice when talking to Wali and barey saheb but demanding Zamindarni when talking to the servants. How is that ? This woman has been in charge of Wali and a large household for the longest time why is she so “mazloom Aurat “?

    • I don’t understand Mahj either, Sadaf. In the very 1st episode, the way she told Wali off that it was not necessary for her to be his wife, seemed to be from a person, who was much more confident. After that episode, she seems all wishy washy, and almost martyr like.

      • Agree with you Roh but you never know what the next episode will bring – until the last episode I didn’t feel for Neelam too.

    • Neelam looked more like a scared puppy to me;) I think Sarmad looks very cute in these flashbacks – totally smitten. I agree with you, technically the viewers should be feeling for Mahjabeen’s character more than anyone else since she is vanni but somehow until now I have not been able to feel for her character. I hope the flashbacks will help, we will gradually get to find out how she ended up in this situation and maybe seeing her going through this difficult relationship in the early years will help the viewers relate to what she is going through more. She thinks about her past often enough which means that she hasn’t moved on.

  • Nice One …. !! Episode was bit of Slow but the Last scene made it THE BEST and Of Course all Credit goes to Fawad Khan .. Huh … I AM HAPPY TO SEE HIS hIS NAME IN THE LIST OF Stylish too Man He is really Gem <333 I don't know about Others but Like Wali and Neelum .. Neelum is a lIttle Innocent gal who Only wants her hubby alone like every woman wants .. Mahjabeen has no offense but still I don't want her with Wali I really can't see the romance b/w Wali and Mahjabeen …. Such mein it's hard to handle …. Episode was good Like FK in every in Scene ….. Lets see what gonna be happened in Next episode I think Neelum ll stay with her Mom …… :P and yes Sarmad is Wali's Chacha (uncle) and yes Fawad's presence is every thing that show won't be possible with out him he is the USB of Numm <3

  • Fatima how can you review this boring drama. I can’t even watch one episode. Yes I am Fawad’s fan but I can’t tolerate Kanza..

  • Thank you Fatima for remembering me. I have been away so have missed out on many good plays and your reviews. This was again a great review. Numm is actually a great serial. The Direction and screen play is superb. The two most talented actors doing justice to their roles. Many scenes were very well directed. The movements and positioning of characters was fab ( SS and FK with their backs to each other with a pillar between them) The pivotal character of Neelum (The Rebel) with powerful dialogues and relevant questions, is totally ruined by Kanza whose accent and less than mediocre acting is almost tragic. What a huge mistake by the casting Director! Actually the mother(Rahat) and both daughters are awkward and very amateurish. Had they made a better choice the feel of the drama would have been totally different. Where the Direction is awesome and the acting of both FK and SS(The Conformists) can only be described as powerful the impact is lost because of Kanza and co. Otherwise this could easily have been another ‘Humsafar’ ! Sigh!

  • Spot on, It was definitely not dull! A very interesting episode with many things to ponder on. This is so deep and we are lowly learning the past secrets
    Highlights were the W M scene and the chase! Looking forward to how it unravels!

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