Numm Episode 03 – Mystery Solved?

Yes, Neelam did seem to have everyone wrapped around her little finger all through tonight’s episode; the thought crossed my mind few minutes after the play started and even before Neelam said so herself. Her “adventurous” nature coupled with her my way or the highway attitude has certainly given Wali Bakht something to worry about. Everything that Neelam does goes to show that she will leave no stone unturned to make Sikandar  Bakht regret the day he got his grandson married to her but Sikandar Bakht does not let Neelam’s attitude effect him in any way; he is cool and calm because he probably knows that eventually Neelam will become a part of the haveli as well as the system!


The first scene was very well directed and acted out. Kanza Wyne did very well in that scene but when she starts screaming in the scenes that followed, I really felt like she could have done better. Neelam hates the fact that she was married off to Wali Bakht solely because the elders of the family decided many years back that the two were meant to be together but at the same time her hatred for Mahjabeen goes to show that she wants Wali Bakht all to herself and that may be the primary reason for not getting closer to Wali Bakht. Yes, Neelam isn’t actually warming up to anyone in the family but her hatred for Mahjabeen is more obvious than for anyone else. The scene in which she tells the maid to seek her approval before going ahead with things also showed that she has a major issue with Mahjabeen, although Bare Sahab told her clearly that there was no comparison between her and Mahjabeen but she cannot ignore the fact that Mahjabeen is Wali Bakht’s wife and also the woman who has raised him and has been running the house for a very long time. Neelam came across as a very typical girl today because of this side if her personality.


We found out a little bit more about Mahjabeen’s past today and I am sure much more will be revealed later on. Mahjabeen like any other girl fell in love a long time back but ended up leading a life which she had never even imagined. Sarmad Khoosat’s guest appearance was a nice surprise and that particular scene was also very well directed. The location was perfect and so was the lighting and the entire atmosphere. This scene was very important because it hinted towards how Mahjbaeen ended up becoming a victim of the custom of Vaani.  Mahjabeen’s brother or father must have seen them both together and one of them murdered Wali’s uncle (the man she was with). Wali Bakht’s father went to avenge his brother’s murder but he was killed too and as a result Mahjabeen was given as Vanni to Wali Bakht. This of course is just an assumption on my part, I could be wrong. Mahjabeen does not want to be a part of Wali Bakht’s life any longer for obvious reasons but Bare Sahab feels that she is still needed in the haveli because Neelam is still very young – how young is she by the way! I am waiting to find out more about her past and am also hoping that we will be seen some more flashbacks because knowing more about her past will help the viewers relate to her character and feel for her. Sania Saeed ‘s acting was simple flawless in tonight’s episode; seeing more of her definitely was a pleasure.

numm7The conversation between Neelam and Sikandar Bakht was the highlight of tonight’s episode for me. The dialogues were very meaningful and the contrast in their personalities has been depicted wonderfully. Apart from that the tactful manner in which Sikandar Bakht “handles” Neelam is actually very  amusing. On one hand Neelam thinks that she will turn the world around and on the other hand Bare Sahad is very confident that nothing like that will ever happen. Usman Peerzada is brilliant as the self assured Bare Sahab, I have never liked him better in any other character.


Wali Bakht tries his best to put up with Neelam’s attitude but when he finally decides to talk to her about the way things were, he ends up doing something which I think he will regret later on. How will Neelam react to the physical abuse, I am waiting to find out. Will she finally accept the situation or retaliate even more? The preview for the next episode showed that Neelam leaves the haveli. Will Wali Bakht apologize for his behavior? Fawad Khan portrayed Wali Bakht’s helplessness and annoyance superbly. I would really like to see Wali Bakht and Mahjabeen interact more often because we still don’t know if there is something more between them then what appears at the surface. If Mahjabeen brought Wali up surely he must have some respect in his heart for her if not love.


Tonight’s episode of Numm was actually very entertaining. It wasn’t dull and boring but the story unfolded gradually in a manner which was very enjoyable. The background score unlike the previous two episodes was not loud at all. It was a very well directed episode as well except for one scene in which Bare Sahab is addressing a gathering; that scene was stretched for too long. Honestly speaking, I thought  I couldn’t sit through another episode  after watching the last one but this episode proved to be very interesting.



Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • good review.well this episode was better than the last one.sarmad khosat made a surprise entry in this episode and the scene between him and sania was superb.but the scene between wali and neelam was the highlight of today’s episode and fawad was superb in it and one can see the anger in his eyes which he is having because of neelum’s rude behaviour.

    • I agree Fahd, Fawad was brilliant all through this episode, well we don’t expect any less from him:) Thank you so much Fahad for being a regular reader and for your feedback, it really means a lot to me.

  • Good review. I must say that I liked this episode, and looking forward to episode 4.
    Despite being somewhat slow, it wasn’t dull.
    Fawad khan was superb, Sania Saeed flawless and even Kanya seemed OK.
    I liked the lighting, the feel, the atmosphere, and even photo quality was better.
    It seems I liked every thing about today’s episode…which is worrying in case you think I’m on canabus or just going through one of those delusional euphoric phases.
    Serious.. It was good, and your review is balanced, relevant and just right.

    • Definitely agree with you on all accounts; you are so right – it was slow but not dull and that is what i think slow is okay but not dull. Not at all, remember I was complaining too when episode 02 went on air but quiet liked this one, which is actually a relief! I didn’t want this play going downhill this soon! Yes even Kanza was much better tonight and the interaction between her and the rest of the family were very interesting. Thank you so much for liking the review and most importantly for sharing your thoughts.

    • Well,
      the scene that seemed totally flawless from every perspective was
      the PAST SCENE of Mahjabeen and her lover in which even background was arranged so delicately to grab the audience and make the audience glued to screen..

  • Fatima, nice to read your have been away for a while but FK ka drama kaisey miss karoongi! It was an entertaining episode. I am enjoying the intrigue and suspense. Fawad is brilliant, and obviously a big reason am watching! But the story is unfolding very nicely and gradually, Neelum can be irritating but she has some good points in her favor and actually makes sense sometimes! She actually makes the scene interesting or the depression of wali and mahjabeen would put us to sleep lol
    I am looking forward to the story progressing!

    • Hello SK, long time no see. So so good to hear from you. I must thank FK for bringing all the old readers back, it really is a pleasure. Yes, i agree Neelam’s character is very well etched out, she actually is quite likeable, now only if Kanza could act better!

    • Agree with SK Although I think Neelam needed more than JUST ONE slap she does bring some energy to the drama …. Wali in particular looks drugged becuase of his upbringing by the understandably depressed Mahjabeen and his family troubles

  • i wish fawad would,nt smoke like a chimney to express his misery.his acting skills are beyond that.Play is gripping as the lyrics and haunting melody of title song.

  • The character of Neelam is extremely annoying. She is behaving like a stubborn and
    impudent child. “Bay lagam ghori” is the right term for her. She is misbehaving
    towards all the other characters including her mother. I don’t know why they are tolerating her. A slap would bring her to her senses. One has to be consequent and uncompromising in order to re-educate such a spoilt child.
    Besides, they should have taken someone who looks at least a bit younger.

    Wali is a UK return graduate. Why can’t he just look for a job? I don’t think that it will
    be difficult for him to find one. However, this would mean the end of the
    serial. ☺

    Wali is a weak and submissive character. He is even submissive towards his
    mischievous and childish wife.

    • What a nice point- I agree with you Wali has slave mentality because of the kind of system he grew up in.

  • Chunkay Is dramay ka indaz kuch kuch Kalmuhi say milta hai, mujeh lagta tha kay shayad Sarmad Khoosat is ki direction main involve hai.

    • well kalmoohi was another slow paced verbose drama on PTV including Sania Saeed and it was directed by Sarmad Sultan.

  • The whole issue of Mahjabeen raising up her own “husband” and Wali marring the future
    wife of his uncle, as it is presumed in the review, sounds very ugly. Such a
    marriage is valid neither religiously nor legally.

    I don’t think that this serial is about how a guy by the name of Wali struggles against
    the custom of Vani. On the contrary, he has accepted it and will be a victim of it.

    Besides, I wouldn’t label “the slap” as “physical abuse”. Physical abuse is much more than a slap which was in this case wanted by “the victim” itself.

    This episode is not as much interesting as the first and second episodes were.

  • A character that would have been spirited,complex, defiant has been ruined by the girl playing Neelum. Her diction, dialogue delivery and tone is just not up to the mark. She comes across as a very poor actress who instead on relying on facial expression just gushes through her lines by gritting her teeth. Her expression after ‘the slap’ were a huge disappointment. It is good to bring in new actresses but they should be properly judged and evaluated. Bringing in this girl who comes across as a whiny irritating person pouting her lips instead of giving facial expressions, against giants like SS and FK is a huge mistake. The serial would have been fantastic otherwise.
    Love the mystery, direction, location and the lighting. Wish Neelum could be erased!

    • haha NDL Neelam is here to stay, so we have to bear with her;) i thought Kanza was much more bearable and her scenes much more interesting in this episode than they were in the last one or maybe I am out of the initial shock lol. It is great to hear from you after such along time. Don’t be a stranger now:)

  • Fatima, this episode was better, and you have drawn a very wise conclusion regarding marriage of Mahjabeen and Wali, but i doubt in case of Vani, Mahjabeen would have been given to Sikandar Bakht rather than Wali Bakht as we normally hear, in all Vani related news.

    Kinza Wyne, I have to say not the best of choice with Fawad. While Fawad is acting brilliantly her acting looks no more than classroom melodrama.

    • I agree technically that should have been the case but lets wait and see how the story unfolds. You are right about Kanza Wyne, thankfully she was better in this episode but when she starts screaming and gritting her teeth, I really start wishing that she wasn’t chosen for this character.

  • loved, loved the review. I really agree , the flash back scene was really good and well thought out . Neelam is hitting out at Mahjabeen because she quite rightly sees her as a wall between her and Wali …one she can never climb because they have too much history. I think Neelam is very young which can be seen from her standing in school not college and talking to a tree in the first episode ….I have to disagree about Barrey saheb , I think Usman Peerzada is an over actor .

    • Thank you so much Sadaf for taking time out to read the review. I really like Usman Peerzada, he definitely has that aura about him in this particular serial. I love the way he tackles Neelam. To quote you in my opinion Neelam “takes herself very seriously” and Bare Sahab doesn’t think much of her at all. Belagam ghori is so the right term for her; she is all over the place! I so wish Annie Jaffrey was playing this role. She was much better in this episode though, lets hope she only gets better.

      • wow that would have been superb ..Annie Jaffry would not have spoiled her characterisation with so much Make up > yes you are right about Barrey saheb he does not think much of anyone

  • A balanced and aesthetic review i went through this time. :)
    Just want to say that Performance of Neelam is not bad at all. Shez doing well. Waiting for Fawad to take some action on positive note by eliminating the concept of Jagirdari and Vani. Today’s episode’s credit goes to BARA SAHAB for a complete sophisticated build up and asserting it with pride and dignity. All needed is now the immediate and fast flashback of the past so that the real story behind the vani and character of Mahjabeen may appear on the front vividly.
    Well done for the review effort.

  • AOA Fatima hope u r good !!! this episode was really very very good and I see nothing bad in it except Kanza Wyna and she is also not bad when it comes to acting skills because the character is shown in the same way as rude,possessive,angry,over and high tempered girl so her acting is not very very good but also not bad but when it comes to the accent she has in urdu then I think for me,it’s unacceptable !!! Fawad’s doing a gr8 job and Sania Saeed for now does not has anything much to do on screen but still is good !!! the most interesting thing in this drama is that it’s about feudalism and i have very great interest in these kinds of things aur sahee haveli aur feudals wala mahol bana hua hai and all the credit for this goes to Ahsan Talish cz he has created such an atmosphere that it doesn’t look fake and we don’t even think that it’s a drama!!!
    and Fatima I wanted to ask u that is the news that Fawad’s doing a bollywood movie is true???

    hope u have a great week ahead.. take care!!
    Best Regards,

    • AoA Maham, sorry for the late reply. I just saw your comment after you mentioned it under the Kankar review. I heard that Kanza has lived abroad all her life that is why her accent is like that. Yes, such stories are very intriguing indeed.

      yes Fawad Khan is doing a Bollywood movie – it is pretty much confirmed.

      I hope you have a great week too Maham.
      Stay blessed.

      • oh no problem Fatima!! Well Kanza should immediatly start working on her accent if that’s the case !! well I didn’t like the Fawad Khan news and I really wanted this star to be with us (only us ) i didn’t want to share him with the Indians(they have pretty much talented stars) but at the same time I m pretty sure that he will never disappoint us and always do a quality product if he has gone abroad cz he’s not the kind of guy who does cheap kinda work whether it’s ashk or dastaan !!

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    • yes maham, i think there is some issue with comment making mechanism on First it was, which is changed to disqus some time ago and from past one week, commenting is totally disabled.
      Fatima Awan, this matter needs your attention.

      • Yes Rashid Bhai now it has been corrected!! yar please ab panga mat lena u dont know how concerned people are about these things

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