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Numm – Episode 08

Before saying anything, I must say that I did become a fan of the ambiance, the environment, the screenplay, the photography of the drama but what didn’t convince me was the direction at all. I think it was too slow & the episode on the whole was plain boring with nothing happening.

I actually couldn’t quite understand the need of the director to show the running water from the tap, to show the plant which wasn’t being trimmed, to show the cars being parked or accelerated till they vanished from our sight, to show Wali actually lazing on his bed, to show the driver driving a car & later showing the driver ease in his seat & especially put his topi on his eyes to block the daylight. I think all those shots seemed completely unnecessary & didn’t even fit well as some sort a filler. The background score was replayed to the extent where it got annoying. I know the plain silence would’ve been harder to tolerate because there were no such dialogues to be exchanged between the family members therefore they resorted to the OST to fill in the blanks.

I think Wali’s relationship with Mahjabeen should’ve been a lot more than just an exchange of a few glances. It was absolutely pointless to show Wali hovering around like a life-less soul who watched her do the household chores, who gave her mixed signals whenever their eyes met & who had nothing in the heart for her but only her hair-clip in his hands. I believe Wali’s feelings must be growing towards Mahjabeen but what Mahjabeen reminisced about Wali’s childhood was actually disturbing. What must be going on through Mahjabeen’s mind whenever she’d see the young boy she raised & comforted, as her husband.

The only powerful scene was that moment when Mahjabeen felt a rush of emotions which made her fists fidgety. Alamgir who actually tried to talk about getting married to Mahjabeen was conveniently talked out of the idea because it came as a bad idea to be put forward to Bare Sahab. I think a little but significant revelation was about Mahjabeen’s brother who actually gave his word as a witness in a case which was filed against their property. Even though nothing mattered & his testimony didn’t cause any harm to them but that was enough of a label for Mahjabeen to be the sister of that person & for that her fate was sealed.

I found Neelam’s acting absolutely forced & she came across as some girl who definitely had some confidence issues while dialogue delivery. Even though she’s far off in a hostel, she still got an idea of what was going on between Wali & Mahjabeen which was nothing more than a doctor’s visit which Wali arranged for her & then a little apology which Neelam has yet to find out about. She was already irritated at the news of Wali caring for Mahjabeen that God only knows what she will do if she finds out Wali apologized to her & held onto Mahjabeen’s hair-pin.

I think there’s a dire need of some sort of a progress in the story. I have been reading the comments which clearly shows that the viewers are already annoyed & when characters like Salima have more dialogues than the main characters, it doesn’t help at all. I hope for the sake of the avid followers of this drama that the story moves on & the mystery of Wali & Mahjabeen’s marriage is revealed.

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Zahra Mirza.

PS: On a humble request of Fatima Awan, I am filling for her this week. So, dear fans of Fatima, please bear with me & let us give her some time off. :)