Numm – Episode 08

Before saying anything, I must say that I did become a fan of the ambiance, the environment, the screenplay, the photography of the drama but what didn’t convince me was the direction at all. I think it was too slow & the episode on the whole was plain boring with nothing happening.

I actually couldn’t quite understand the need of the director to show the running water from the tap, to show the plant which wasn’t being trimmed, to show the cars being parked or accelerated till they vanished from our sight, to show Wali actually lazing on his bed, to show the driver driving a car & later showing the driver ease in his seat & especially put his topi on his eyes to block the daylight. I think all those shots seemed completely unnecessary & didn’t even fit well as some sort a filler. The background score was replayed to the extent where it got annoying. I know the plain silence would’ve been harder to tolerate because there were no such dialogues to be exchanged between the family members therefore they resorted to the OST to fill in the blanks.

I think Wali’s relationship with Mahjabeen should’ve been a lot more than just an exchange of a few glances. It was absolutely pointless to show Wali hovering around like a life-less soul who watched her do the household chores, who gave her mixed signals whenever their eyes met & who had nothing in the heart for her but only her hair-clip in his hands. I believe Wali’s feelings must be growing towards Mahjabeen but what Mahjabeen reminisced about Wali’s childhood was actually disturbing. What must be going on through Mahjabeen’s mind whenever she’d see the young boy she raised & comforted, as her husband.

The only powerful scene was that moment when Mahjabeen felt a rush of emotions which made her fists fidgety. Alamgir who actually tried to talk about getting married to Mahjabeen was conveniently talked out of the idea because it came as a bad idea to be put forward to Bare Sahab. I think a little but significant revelation was about Mahjabeen’s brother who actually gave his word as a witness in a case which was filed against their property. Even though nothing mattered & his testimony didn’t cause any harm to them but that was enough of a label for Mahjabeen to be the sister of that person & for that her fate was sealed.

I found Neelam’s acting absolutely forced & she came across as some girl who definitely had some confidence issues while dialogue delivery. Even though she’s far off in a hostel, she still got an idea of what was going on between Wali & Mahjabeen which was nothing more than a doctor’s visit which Wali arranged for her & then a little apology which Neelam has yet to find out about. She was already irritated at the news of Wali caring for Mahjabeen that God only knows what she will do if she finds out Wali apologized to her & held onto Mahjabeen’s hair-pin.

I think there’s a dire need of some sort of a progress in the story. I have been reading the comments which clearly shows that the viewers are already annoyed & when characters like Salima have more dialogues than the main characters, it doesn’t help at all. I hope for the sake of the avid followers of this drama that the story moves on & the mystery of Wali & Mahjabeen’s marriage is revealed.

Keep Supporting,
Zahra Mirza.

PS: On a humble request of Fatima Awan, I am filling for her this week. So, dear fans of Fatima, please bear with me & let us give her some time off. :)

Zahra Mirza

Zahra Mirza got associated with in 2012. After moving to Australia, Pakistani content was a way of staying connected to the roots, language & Pakistani culture because it felt home. Eight years ago, review writing began as a hobby but has now turned into a passion.

  • Really nice review, i agree with u on this… The ONLY reason im wathing NUMM is becos of Fawad Khan. I still remember when i first saw the 12 mins promo on youtube and i was very excited for this Drama, it looked very interesting storyline, amazing poetry. But as i have been watching this drama every week, I am watching online so that i can fast forward the boring dragging unnecessary scenes.
    One thing i think you have missed reading in between the line in this episode is that when Mahjabeen was recalling past rainy nights moments when 9 yrs old Wali used to come and lie-down with her, sort of a hint that Mahjabeen & Wali in the ‘Present’ rainy night had also spent it together. Afterwards, Mahjabeen walking out of Wali’s room.
    Anyways, I wish Fawad khan never did this drama so i wouldnt have to go through this torture myself. I dont blame the actors BUT i do blame the BAD editing,OTT acting by every one which includes my MOST fav Fawad khan & Sania Saeed. Also POOR acting by Neelum & her entire family. Most of the time it feels like an eyesore while watching each episode of Numm.
    Only characters I feel were able to portray and do justice to their role are Bade Saab, Ammatul & Alamgir Bhakht (sarmad khoosat)
    Sarmad & Sania’s chemistry are the only X factor in this drama. I cant bring myself to see any connection between Wali & Mahjabeen.
    This is not the first time that Fawad Khan has been paired with a senior actress. I feel OTT acting skills by these main characters are also killing the mystery of this drama and complete blame goes to the director. My question is, Why did he OK such work?…
    No offense to Numm lovers… this is my opinion

    • I must have also missed everything between every line. So……umm….did she really come out of his room that rainy night? oh no! Please don’t tell me what I’m now reading between the lines is what it is.
      If so, my opinion in my reply about the “scene” between Wali and MahJ is a joke!

    • I think this episode is more fast paced than people realize. She did spend the night with Wali. She came out of his room. Also, he left the clip in her room and she had it in her hair when rain started. But in the morning, it was on his nightstand. I think that is why there is a lot of awkwardness in the second half between them. It will be entertaining to see Neelam walk into this situation now.

      • Thank you so much for clarifying another bit. I couldn’t roll my imagination that during their cold encounters they’d be having a bit more of a candid time together. :/ It is hard to accept.

      • well done zarshor.
        great lines.
        thats what i am telling everyone here.
        all females could not understand the feelings.

        this is the reason all men laugh over us.

    • Thank you so much SM for your appreciation & for telling me more about the scene I might’ve missed. If that really happened which I actually couldn’t get, then I must say I’m ready to barf.

      I really couldn’t get the silent treatment & then those ‘nazron ka milna’ followed by ‘dupattay ka atakna’. I think the director thought that the viewers were way too intelligent to read between the SILENT lines, but I must say even if the viewers are (which they are of course) that doesn’t mean the director gets away with taking his duty of executing the real thing without any such effort.

      I know Fawad Khan is the ONLY reason of why you & so many others would be watching a drama but the direction has killed the charm.

      • zahra madam . u are totally wrong.
        i am watching this drama not for Fawad but only and only for Sania saeed.
        despite the fact that im a teen ager girl and have no typical crush over fawad like other cheap girls.
        u ppl could never understand the feelings between fawad and sania, u all are dumb fools

  • Thank you Zahra, for a perfect review. Couldn’t agree more. And thank you for filling in for Fatima. I think I’m resigning from this Numm game with this episode.
    Every scene you mentioned was an absolute total waste of time, and was completely unnecessary.
    Add to that a few more to my questionnaire in response to last week’s review.
    Why was Neelam crying in her 1st scene of this episode? Who asks a person who is crying bitterly “are you okay?” ***rolleyes***
    What is with MahJ and her hair? okay, so they have established that she realises she is growing older, but now it seems like an obsession, with the no. of times its been repeated.
    Salima can move over as the show stealer, because she was replaced by MahJ’s hair clip. SMH!!!
    I think Wali is now thinking about MahJ’s position in his life. He is looking at her as a human being first, and then realised that he has not been nice to her. That she too has feelings, and if he should be a good husband, or treat her as a caregiver. Also, as adult, he is now wondering what kind of life she must lead. With no real position in this house, mostly the head of the domestic helpers. If he does know that his chacha was killed by her brother and why, he is probably wondering about how she continues to live a life like this, with so much unhappiness in the past. I think that is the confusion. Not that he is attracted to her.
    Whatever, its making me gag.
    I used to love the OST, but its getting on my nerves now with the overdose.Every character is getting annoying now – Wali, MahJ, Neelam, her sister, the roommate, the driver…(honestly, what was with showing him settling in the seat to take a nap? And where did MahJ go? Sorry, this is just not working with me.
    This is worse than Ashk. At least Ashk had dialogues. These long silences, leaving everything to our imagination, is really a waste of time. And a definite recipe for brain pain.

    • Thank you so much for your appreciation Roh. Well, I understand your frustration on the whole drama. This was the very first episode that I saw because I had to review it & I absolutely found it boring, I was using my Facebook & in the back I had played the episode because I knew there was just silence going on without any such dialogues.

      Even I couldn’t understand why Neelam cried & to whom Mahjabeen paid a visit? Couldn’t quite catch that but covered the rest. LOL! Even I didn’t get why the driver was given so much of a show-time. The whole episode was silent with I guess a couple of dialogues to spare.

      I know he might’ve started to think about Mahjabeen more than a household supervisor but where does it lead them? Because I think just now when he couldn’t see Neelam, he gave thoughts about Mahjabeen but later when his 2nd wife will come back, he’ll be pre-occupied once again? Isn’t it?

      • ewww…I’m grossing out even more! I really think Wali needs to get himself a life, other than driving off to where ever, and moving around the house most creepily. He needs to ride his horse, do some serious zamindari work or get started on that Ph.d of his. He really needs to do something constructive.
        PS. When MahJ was going chop chop chop, I thought she might chop of her hand, and then there would be more “oh poor me” and “oh poor you” time. Thank God they spared us that!

        • Hahahah! You seem to be really annoyed but then I understand & think it’s justified. I got bored in just one episode so Kudos to you all for actually tolerating it till 8th episode.

          Yeah, I was wondering too k isay kaam dhandha nahi hai jo khalam khali phire ja raha hai. LOL! But yeah he did some work there & that was driving his car & then parking it. LOL!

  • now we need some sort of twist in the drama now i cant see all actors roming in haveli nd just remembering the past ..

  • I’m not pleased. They take viewers for granted which is too bad.
    Last too episodes have been dismal, what fiasco.
    History repeating itself, Remember ASHK?!
    Anwar Suhail

    • i totally disagree mr.Anwar.
      people like u have no insight that’s why u can not even imagine what the exchange of looks between MJ and Wali was actually meant to do? people like u will never know why a graceful actress SANIA saeed is given such a challenging role.?
      u even will never find the feeling MJ got when young wali came and slept with her after frightened of thunders and heavy rains.!
      every single scene between Wali and MJ was showing different feelings of each other. but people like u are superficial and u will never feel that.

      u people just go to the typical cheap dramas of HumTv and Ary.
      don’t watch it again ok

  • I dont get this drama..!! FK, you seriously cannot test your fans patience like this! First Ashk, now this. What started off as a “different” story now looks like the actors are just tehalofying from one room to another giving each other weird looks! So Oxford-returned Wali Sahab takes his car for a round, goes out with friends until 2am in what looks like a rural area and.. THAT’S IT? Does nothing else all day? Oh he gives MJ soulful(?) stares. I see. And MJ.. all day she either drinks tea or orders the servants around, stares into the mirror or into Wali’s sparkling eyes? Kill me someone! :-/ where the hell has Amtul suddenly disappeared? Why does Salima have more dialogues than Wali and MJ put together?? I agree their looks speak volumes but between the loud background music and the OST-on-loop, it gets lost from time to time! I think I’m just going to read the excellent reviews here from now and wait for the story to move in SOME direction. VERY DISAPPOINTED!

    • ufff…if he continues to do that asher/zaroon sort of roles you wud call him a typecast actor,and when he tries something else than that he gets annoying for the fans…BRAVO to the fans btw

      • Ummm sorry to poke my nose in but what different is he doing in this specific role?

        The only different role I saw him in was Akbari Asghari & I commend him for that but in Numm the only difference is that he looks Numbed a bit more…like always a man in distress because of a few damsels around!

    • Though I didn’t watch Ashk, the comments were enough of a pat on my back for skipping that one & now I’m feeling for all those fans out there to have gone through the same once again. :/

      I believe the director actually wanted to show that everyone, be it their driver, be it their house-maid, be it their gardner…every single one of them is doing things right to run the house but yeah the Gardner did skip one day of a work because his daughter was sick. I am sure if that detail wasn’t revealed the episode wouldn’t have moved forward! :/

      So, All hail to maali ki beti!

    • indian fan.
      u need to grow up.
      this serial is meant to be seen by ADULTS.
      hope for ur understanding.

      no offense. :)

  • This is actually a very deep drama and while the direction is not perfect, there is a lot of reading between the lines that needs to be done. In fact, that is the beauty of Pakistani dramas. They don’t have to show open displays of love, affection, etc. to emphasize that something has happened between two people (unlike Hollywood and Bollywood). It is enough that her hair clip is on his nightstand and that he kept it. It is understood that she is having “those” feelings for Wali because of the flashback scenes. I agree that there are a lot of silences, but that is part of the mystery. This is a far better drama than Ashk, maybe because I did not at all enjoy seeing Fawad Khan play a drunken hypocrite versus a conflicted man who tries to make amends in this drama.

    • Yes I agree the issue that they are tackling with in this drama is quite sensitive & realistic as well because it is a norm prevalent in our society as well. No doubt director’s approach is rightly subtle but his emphasis on other things is wrong. & yes, even I always love the no-touch policy that a few of the directors follow & glad that this drama has carried out this barrier quite nicely.

  • Hey Guys,

    Fatima and Zahira – thanks for the initiative and for keeping it going…

    You all highlight the gaps, the poor acting well… If handled rightly this could have been a gripping serial. ESP as the Numm song, “Mumkin” is soooooo beautiful and beyond perfect. The flute at the beginning conveys so much raw pain, loneliness that I find touching my soul… And the lyricsI think convey the gist of Wali’s dilemma re Mahj

    Overall it can be said about the episode that it communicated Wali’s changing feelings… I think after he saw Mahj sick in one of the previous episodes and call out her lover’s name (I forget what it was…) he has begun to see her as a woman.

    In today’s episode I think in a sense it was quite beautiful that silence communicated so much… The hawali is a lonely and large place… and so communication in distance can only be through silence. I think this episode is about Wali’s awakening to his feelings for Mahj… This is the woman who has cared for him for years; he must have some affection for her as his caregiver. And now, he is seeing her through the eyes of a grown up man. He is probably giving a label, a name to the affection he has probably had for years. That can only be love as it is b/w a man and a woman.

    He looks at her each time as if he is looking at her for the first time… His expression is so blank that it really seems to me like he is realizing all this for the first time.

    So now what about the previous episodes when he was upset or irritated with her and didn’t even show her basic respect? Well, it’s not easy tp explain that away except to say that he was confused by Baray Sahab’s order for him to remarry, his own discomfort with that, trying to fit himself into the role of a husband to irritating wife 2 etc. Now, Baray Sahab is not here and neither is irritating wife 2 and things are moving naturally.

    I do not think that anything indicated Mahj was coming out of Wali’s room. Don’t think they have an intimate relationship else the clip and the duppatta-removing from thorn scene would not be there. I think the flashback into Wali’s childhood shows 2 things – Wali looks back at the shower scene and that can indicate the conflict he can feel about her role in his life in the past vs what he is feeling for her now. When she looks back it is at a time when he was scared and came to sleep in her bed. It actually underscores a point that as a boy when scared Wali shared her bed and how, in her mind, he and she are in separate rooms now that he is an adult.

    The way she gets conscious when she finds him looking at her also indicates the depth of her feelings for him…

    Yes I know in a sense its very off thinking of them in a man-woman relationship but consider, she has not god forbid breast fed him, she came into his life after nikka and in the capacity of a wife. The Prophet pbuh married Aisha when she was a little girl and played with dolls but their relationship developed as she grew old. So I dont think there is necessariy anything sick about Wali and Mahj living up to the nikkah under which they are bound. There is nothing haram about it… yet this is the dilemma Wali feels… (I think)

    No offense intended :)

    • Thank you so much Tahira for your detailed analysis & please by no means it was offensive. I loved the use of your words & your insight on this matter. I know he has his feelings growing for her may be because it’s the first time he has gotten a chance to look at her completely.

      There were indeed a few bits in which I found Fawad Khan’s acting & expressions perfect BUT what’s spoiling for us is the slow direction. If there was less emphasis on the household works & they focused much on their relation may be with some candid dialogues or two, it would’ve sufficed. But yes, I agree & understand that you’re enjoying the drama like anything so please keep us posted about the beauty that you see in their relation. :) Thank you once again.

  • 1st of all,,thanks to have the comments option to be seen after such long time…the nice review of the drama and awsome n funny comments after that….i only watched the 2 and the half of 2nd episode and got so much bored to not to continue and just used to read the reviews that is there is some thing good going in the drama then i watched online….but thanks god i am not waisting my time as i m not so much craze of FK….apart from this drama..i m deadly looking for some nice drama..i m sick of the domestic stories n espacially with the new season of HUM dramas having total controversies out there…..the only good drama which i can say a bit family drama is just the HALKI SI KHALISH….rest all rubbish and influanced by indian turkish plays…..

    • You’re welcome & thanks as well. I can understand your irony of not being able to find a single good drama to watch. But if you’re in a mood for some interesting Punjabi humor with a perfect family ties shown, I think Aunn Zara is the right choice. You must give it a try. :)

      • o yes that drama i selected from your guys reviews….that is really a nice n good one….thanks for your reply Zahra

        • You’re most welcome & hope to hear your views on this week’s episode of Aunn Zara. :)

  • I agree that the drama is progressing slowly, but the whole atmosphere of the house and the people inhabitating it shows a numm life….how everything is slow, lifeless and only with hints of emotions. I am still very much hooked as the story is slowly developing, and one gets the chance to decipher the emotional complexity of this story.

  • I could make it to watch more than 3 scenes. I don’t understand that why this this drama is constantly failing to impress its audience???
    I don’t understand Wali’s roaming around aimlessly. I think that he should be given some serious work to do.

  • Ok wow people, u missed a lot in this episode. I hate to break it to you, but it Mahjabeen spent the night with Wali. They show her leaving his room with her hair a mess, dupatta trailing on the floor looking back into the room before she walks away. The scene before that when he was a kid and scared of lighting was to tell u she probably went to check on him as there was a storm. Then the most obvious hint was her hair clip with his ring on his bedside indicating he took it out of hair at some point.
    The looks the next day where he walks away from breakfast and zooms off were showing how awkward and guilty they both felt. Same with looks when he helps with her scarf, they don’t know what to say yet convey so much

    • I read your reply the other day, and while I think you might be absolutely right, I still want to give my naive thoughts a benefit of doubt.
      See, MahJ did leave her clip in Wali’s room in some previous episode, right? then she fell, oh so sick! He saw the clip and left it there too.
      After she recovered, she needed the clip. So she asked Salima, who couldn’t find it. Because she was ill for so many days, she forgot she had fallen asleep on Wali’s bed, and left her clip there. Wali too forgot.
      Now when he heard her asking Salima for the clip, he remembered. And he picked it up to give it to her, but whatever the reason for the silence was, he kept it with him. And took it back to his room. Fell asleep (Gosh! everyone falls asleep here all the time, including the audience! lol) and that’s how it was still at his bedside.
      Call me an idiot, but this is my story, and sticking to it is helping me not to puke! :D

      • Well I believe on Roh’s version of the story as well because it him keeping a clip actually showed a quite clichéd longing of wanting to have something of hers because he might have started to have those different feelings towards her….

        Director has left so much for us to figure out, isn’t it?

  • Zahra i love u too :D u write brilliantly !! Wsy where is fatima ? is she alright ?

    Well coming to the drama .. i totally agree that some scenes were very pointless to include…. i watched it online and forwarded those scenes :D thats the only plus point i have of watching dramas online as u dont have to bear torture of every single stupid act :p Lol @ Wali hovering around like a life-less soul.. i ws thinking that to… why was wali btw wandering :D I still watch this drama dont know why … till now i found it boring… but I loved ur review and the comments :D people seem quite disappointing !! :D Fawadddd please next time dont accept such kind of projects because we dont wana miss any of ur drama but the torture u give us like this is really too much :D

    • Thank you so much for your love & support. Yep, Fatima’s Allhamdullilah perfectly fine but was away on a vacation, I was travelling back-home as well, hence, apologies for a late reply. Fatima will be reviewing the next episode herself so just wait…:)

      LOL I love your honest opinions & suggestions to Fawad Khan. I really don’t get what he’s trying to prove or may be he was shown something else but what came on screen was completely different…hehehehe!!!! I soooo wanted to forward the episode but couldn’t as I had to review it. :D

      • no problem…i know everyone was busy on eid … i was not that excited for eid as i was for going back to home :D But now i m back!! studies… the same hectic routine :p I want more vacations too :D Btw keep watching numm … why should only we suffer :D

        • Oh accha, seems like everyone travelled this EID heheheh! Haye na karo, I can’t watch Numm as I ain’t a fan of both Fawad & Sania…:/ heheheh!

          • After every episode i decide to quit watching numm but dont know why i watch it again :D Every time A little hope i guess that this time episode will be not that boring :D !!

  • The reviewer shown a very dismal look of the entire episode.
    Come on guys.
    i mean the drama is running at quite a good speed.
    Like as per my understanding the exchange of looks between wali and Majabeen was not meaningless at all.. it was full of vigour and emotions. Wali’s heart is full with emotions.
    If i’m getting the episode right, the best thing happened as per my understanding is the start of conjugal relation between Wali and Majabeen at that rainy night, i guessed it by exchange of their weird looks. May be i am totally wrong. because the director did not show Majabeen in wali’s room for a single second.
    Anyways, for those who calling it bore. they should comprehend the language of feelings and emotions and try to read between the lines. If it is not possible for them, then they should go see typical serials.

  • I think another GEO drama ” Sari bhool Hamari Thi” is much much better drama than wasiting one`s time to watch NUM , I wonder why no body is reviewing it????????

  • Really liked the drama in the beginning, but now it just makes me depressive! What the heck is wrong with these guys, roaming through haveli like zinda laash and neelam is a total mental case who needs a psychiatrist! This girl is the most annoying character I have ever experienced.

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