Kabhi Kabhi – Episode 04

Ohkay, so that was one well-directed episode. I totally liked what I saw & the little but interesting progress in the story was nicely executed & not to forget, at the right time.

Rehbar, who at first seemed rude & nosy actually has suffered a business loss & that has made him the way he is now. Like I said before that Eshaal’s father is actually making business deal with Shahveer in terms of getting Eshaal married to him but didn’t know he had done it previously as well. Rehbar, who ran a mill of his own was run into bankruptcy because of his own father-in-law. I believe that Javed Sheikh actually can’t tolerate anyone in his competition when it comes to business, therefore, his conversation with Rehbar made it a bit more clear of the reason why he is so persistent in getting Eshaal married to Shahveer.

I enjoyed the conversations a lot this time because they gave an insight to everyone’s characters a bit more. Rehbar who believes Eva had low IQ was forced into marrying him by her father & later Eva proved Rehbar right when she chose to tell her father about getting belittled by Rehbar. She just didn’t want to understand her husband & his mental pressure which he is coping up with & for that she failed to see him depressed. Eva even though loves Rehbar but she is a bit too comfortable in her zone for which she doesn’t actually care because for her, her father has given a great security to her husband, so for Eva things are perfect. Javed Sheikh’s conversation with Rehbar actually told more of how he treats & what he thinks of him. I am sure Rehbar has a few plans of his own because he has slightly told Eva of what he is capable of & what he’d do in the near future. I am sure Javed Sheikh will pay for what he has done.

Eshaal & Arez, even though never wanted to, have fallen in love with each-other. Arez who stopped himself even after being convinced by his friend just couldn’t resist confessing to Eshaal too. & on the other hand Eshaal broke the ice & confessed first because she is too frightened by the thought of going to the US for good & never being able to see Arez again. That scene was really intense when they gave words to the feelings they had for each other. It was good that Arez didn’t hold back as well & just put Eshaal to ease by telling her that he loves her too.

Eshaal has finally taken a stand in front of her father because she really doesn’t want to get married to Shahveer, she being a strong-headed girl found it easy to voice her opinion right on her father’s face but on the other hand Arez will have to face difficulties – a lot of them, because his family just wants him to earn so that they can lead a peaceful life, his younger siblings fail to understand or take care of their elder brother’s feelings & his mother is too strict & stern to just listen to him. Soni, who has yet to get married thinks her brother has no right to have a life of his own, which is sad.

Over all it was the best episode so far because of those intense conversations with some amazing acting skills. I love how Mehwish Hayat has played the role of Eshaal, she is just flawless. Arez & Eshaal make a perfect on-screen couple & yes by saying that I’d now say that I have a huge expectations from this drama. I hope it keeps progressing up without a single decline. Just can’t wait to see what Rehbar would come up with.

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Zahra Mirza

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  • This seems a light drama … enjoy watching it… u never get bore though…. :D i love eshaal .. chill type girl hai ! Arez n eshaal look good together… like made for eachother. ! Although they had expressed their feelings but alot of troubles are yet to come from both families ! Fingers Crossed :D

    • Hai na? It seems like a well-balanced drama, I hope such bits & pieces keep coming to make it interesting even though we pretty much can predict what will happen ahead. Still let’s watch it together. ;)

  • Kabhi Kabhi is getting better and better.No doubt the confession was filmy but everything fitted so well.The air started crackling long before Eshal clung on Aaraiz.This onscreen couple looks so real.

    • I agree even I couldn’t resist noticing her long wind-ridden locks. That scene was filmy but perfect or they both made it look perfect. :)