Kabhi Kabhi – Episode 07

Ohkay, honestly I’m sort of confused to come to a conclusion about this drama because one week they come up with perfect emotions & perfect episode but on the other we’re exposed to long, meaningless & dragged scenes with not even some good conversations. This episode was just ohkay or we can take it as a passing by episode.

I find Eshal very optimistic about things in life. Even though she personally heard what Soni & Amman spoke about & they actually came across as lalchi log but she didn’t even pay heed to what they said & in stead complained to her father for not taking care of her in-laws for which she walked a mile just to make her in-laws feel better & happy.

As far as I can understand, Arez’s mother is a rational & normal person who doesn’t bother about things much but the one who actually uses her as a puppet is Soni. I’m amazed at how quickly her brain works & how she thinks things through. I must say Sana Askari has done an amazing job in making Soni look completely irritating & I love the fluency of her expressions. She makes Soni look like an actual ‘nand’ who’s proving to be a nightmare for ‘bhabhi’. It is sad though that the mother actually forgets her calm & starts acting whenever she hears Soni complain about anything.

The whole gift’s lena dena scene was a bit too dragged, wasn’t acted out well & seemed unrealistic. The only people who worked well in that particular bit were Bushra Ansari & Mehwish Hayat. Eeshal wanted to keep things normal & hence, kept on covering for the blunders Eva made, whereas her mother-in-law forgot about Eshaal & focused more on things which were gifted to them.

Eeshal’s intentions & feelings were pure & she didn’t want to make some sort of a statement by bringing expensive gifts for her uncultured in-laws, but in fact she did use her father’s money to bring smile on their faces because for Eeshal everything is just as simple as it can get. Her father has money, she knows it, doesn’t make an issue of being someone from a higher class but grabs the money & do things her way. This is what I like about her character that’s been etched out so far. She cried & wanted to run to her Dad which made her look like a quitter & someone who got a bit too scared of Saas-Nand taunts but what she later did was unexpected. Plus she has had two nasty encounters with in-laws behind Arez’s back, one where Soni was speaking to Amaan against Eeshal & the other where Soni was caught red-handed stealing Eeshal’s things but still she didn’t lose her cool & didn’t even bother complaining to Arez about what had happened & this makes her a very wise person who’s adapting the change in her life very care-freely.

Ohkay, I must say, I don’t find Eva interesting at all. We’ve been told a million times that she’s dumb & there’s no need to prove by her ‘mai-hoon-hi-nahi-is-dunya-ki’ one-liners. She can’t tolerate humidity in front of Eshaal’s MIL (mother-in-law), she wants Fresh Orange Juice, she thinks Shahraiz thought of her as a Chicken Sandwich & was too scared of Hell being hot. I mean c’mon!!! She is not someone who’s mentally challenged nor she’s uneducated, so what’s the point of showing her as a FOOL, in literal sense that too. Eeshal mentions ‘Eva not being so smart’, Rehbar mentions ‘he got married to someone stupid’ & what my point is, I don’t get nor do I want to get the point or plot behind this. IF there is a reason behind Eva being such an un-intelligent dumbo, they should’ve established a plot by now. Did anything happen to her when she was a kid? Or any sort of trauma she went through? NO! Because at the time of shopping & glamorizing herself, she beats everyone around but when it comes about reactions on normal situations, she has a mind of a 6 y/o. Her character is really confusing & I don’t think there was a need to show someone as dumb without any background or solid reason.

Both of these families are unusual but the only normal people are obviously Arez & Eeshal. & yes, I found Arez completely funny when he literally threw the shirt just because his mother asked him to. I am guessing he’s the same Arez who took stand for Eeshal in front of her own dad & accepted the humiliation just because he only wanted Eeshal, but now when he has gotten her, he doesn’t even care about her feelings, while knowing too that she was already insulted & questioned about her choices of gifts. He should’ve ignored what his mother said because Eeshal bought those gifts for him with love.

I think we now we know Eeshal’s in-laws better, so I am hoping we see something interesting & less dragged. Wasn’t a great episode but hoping the next one would be better with smaller scenes.

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