Waar – Some mixed opinions

While film WAAR is making new records of business on box office, some journalist and film makers have also expressed their opinion on the film mainly on twitter; this article is based on tweets and re-tweets by them on WAAR. It should be noted that a Tweet is a personal opinion of any person, not to be considered as official point of view of organization they work for. I here also want to acknowledge that most of the names of journalists are taken from the article on film WAAR by Haseeb Ahmed who usually surprises us with some unique and interesting topics.

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, who won the first Oscar for film Saving Faces has watched WAAR and mentioned it on twitter


Raza Rumi, is a journalist who works mainly for Capital TV. Here are his tweets


Murtaza Solangi is a senior broadcast journalist and former director general of Radio Pakistan. His opinion on WAAR


Rafay Mehmood is an arts and cultural journalist who also writes film related critical reviews and articles for English Daily Express Tribune


Nadeem F Paracha is a journalist/columnist for English Daily Dawn


Omar R Quraishi is a journalist and editor for English Daily Express Tribune


Hamid Mir is a journalist and columnist and works for Daily Jang and Geo News. He is famous for his program Capital Talk.


I have tried to find some more professional critic opinion on WAAR, but apart from Rafay Mehmood, Murtaza Solangi and Sharmeen Obaid, there is same rhetoric of funding by ISPR and army rather than on technical aspects of film. On a personal note, I would say from ages we complain our government is not supporting local cinema and films which off course is true. Now If ISPR a government organization has provided logistics support for a film, what is wrong in it, in the end it all counts towards support and prosperity of local cinema.

Also now our local cinema is reviving there is a serious need for some film critics and journalist too. In past we had some very talented and professional film critics and journalists like Ilyas Rashidi, Ali Sufiyan Afaqi, Yaseen Goreja, Riaz ur Rehman Saghar, Hope to see more youngster coming as positive critics who will  follow footsteps of these legends.


Rashid Nazir Ali


Rashid Nazir Ali


  • Well i can write movie reviews…if i am given a chance…i wrote a review of WAAR and sent it to you people but you people did not respond to me….Well this is nipping the talent in the bud….

  • I was literally disgusted while reading the tweets. Waar was such an amazing movie and do these critics have even 1 valid reasonfor criticizing it? If these people could, they would run to apologize to India for showing the truth. But it doesn’t matter as long as there still are sensible people in the world to judge between right or wrong.

      • I felt the same disgust…
        Do they people have any proof regarding support of ispr for producing waar..
        simple is this that what they can’t do is what they would never support

  • total speechless about reading the tweets..it was totally disguisting…..

    one thing that we all kno that ISPR is the orginazation of INTER services PUBLIC RELATIONS, they used to fund in media, they funded and provided all logistic support to the drama like SUNEHRE DIN, n ALPHA BRAVO CHARLIE, the media person dint mind that,,now whats bad about WAAR, why our so called media persons are so much offend about it….would they blame or they dint get the foreign funds…these media person actully do the propoganda about our country…hate them all……we told them through giving the WAAR best possible response that WE ALL LOVE PAKISTAN, WE LOVE OUR PAKISTAN ARMY….WE STILL LOVE OUR PAKISTAN ARMY beyond their 10 years of propoganda about pakistan army…….still we do love…….:P

  • waar is the best ever movie. the ppl who are criticizing waar are shameless. this movie is against india thats y all the traitors are against this movie. what about all those indian movies which are against pakistan. none of these traitors has ever tweeted against those movies. most recent movie of india “D-DAY” which is totally against Pakistan and ISI, did anyone of these traitors ever tweet against that movie. all these traitors must go to india and live their. just leave pakistan alone if can’t appreciate its talent. Pakistan really don’t need these shitty ppl. a humble request to all the traitors “LEAVE PAKISTAN AND JUST GO TO INDIA. PAKISTAN REALLY DON’T NEED YOU. INDIA NEEDS YOU SINCE YOU PPL ARE FULL OF INDIAN PATRIOTISM. ” SHAMELESS KAMINAY log.

  • Loved this movie. Shall watch it one more time.
    Direction, cinematography and action are just superb. Actor Shaan and Shamoon Abbasi were superb. Story and screenplay could have been better. Since it is for 18+, and mostly in Urdu, that will affect the business. I congratulate entire team for making this brilliant.

    • totally right, it is a superb film, but dont know why most of the journalist have tweeted so negatively about it, there were even further negative tweets from other journalists like adeel raja, zarrar khuro and others which have not been included. Tweet is a personal opinion everyone has right for personal opinion, but its just criticism for sake of criticism. Element of constructive criticism is missing. Only Sharmeen Obaid or Rafay Mehmood has put some thoughts actually related to film, rest are just bashing Pak army under the cover of WAAR. Most of these journalists are from English press, but opinion of Hamid Mir is really disappointing

      • I never trusted Hamidullah Mir. Secondly since film is financed at least partly by rival channel, Jang group and GEO won’t say a word in praise.
        I mY sound opiniated, but some self proclaimed liberals and pseudo intellectuals are not to be trusted ie Nadeem Paracha.

  • Baat waheen aa jati hai that not everyone gets happy with one’s success. Few have that hidden capability of admiring people,rest of them just keep on giving negative criticism.

    I do watched this movie at theater and this was the first time when any Pakistani movie forced me to go to Cinema. And I can proudly say that it was a brilliant piece of work by our young film makers. Story line could have been much better, but extra-ordinary cinematography made it look so perfect that people forgot this little weakness of movie.Like some scenes were truly mind blowing; first scene of movie was brilliantly done, then Shaan’s entrance and his every frame added a spark in this movie, Shamoon and Meesha performed at their best and compelled us to hate them which is sign of doing justice to their role then Aisha and her brother bond and the way he sacrificed his life was brilliantly done.. A bulk of pros and very less cons..

    Overall, it was a treat to watch and lived up to my expectations.

  • If Zaid Hamid has written the script, then its something to be proud of! He’s a highly patriotic man. And a slap on Omar Qureshi’s face, Waar crossed 12 crore in 12 days MA!

  • PEOPLE, EVEN IF ISPR HAS SPONSERED WAAR THEN WHAT’S SOMETHING TO CRITICIZE? I mean, people like nadeem paracha and hamid mir JAFFER would be happy if RAW or CIA sponsered.

  • these so-called critics simply love India and all things pro-Indian,they jump with joy on seeing Border,LOC Kargil and all such Indian movies against Pakistan and are having sleepless nights when a pro-Pakistan movie has been made,why don’t these so-called critics make a movie which we all would criticize