Kadurat Episode 11 – Unbelievable!

Kadurat’s story has gone from happening and engaging to just plain mind-boggling. The sad part is that Kadurat had tons of potential, the writer came up with a brand new idea and the cast was very impressive too. Mina’s hatred for her step family has been very relatable but I have always been of the opinion that the story could easily have been taken forward without adding Mina’s desire to marry Shaheen to her father. The way Mahmood fell for Shaheen and Mina’s trap was completely unbelievable. The story is getting very sensational no doubt; I am sure despite of all the criticism many people just watch this show to find out just how far the writer will go or how the story will unwind. So, it probably serves the purpose of getting some public attention but shouldn’t the writers also be worried about what kind of attention they are getting? Sanam Saeed’s phenomenal performance in the play seems like a total waste of talent at this point. She was perfect even in tonight’s episode and I must say that there is a very obvious chemistry between her and Imran Aslam. Even though Asad and Mina do not like each other at all but their scenes are always perfect. You can feel the undeniable screen presence of both these stars.


Mahmood has always been shown as a very dim-witted person but what he did today was more foolish than anything else that he has done till date! I wonder how someone with his IQ manages to run such a big business. He could have easily taken his wife into confidence and resolved the situation – getting married to Shaheen wasn’t the solution to the problem. Mahmood’s decisions right from the start have been devoid of logic – firstly he got married out of the blue, then he sent Mina away and now this! This is only the second play that Deepak Perwani has ever starred in, one would think that someone who works only once in a while would choose a better project. I fail to understand why our actors settle for mediocre scripts and why do our producers think that choosing a star cast will ensure the success of a play. I started watching this show primarily because of its unusual and very interesting cast. The story seemed very different and engaging in the beginning, gradually it started going around circles and now it has come to a point where one can watch it only out of curiosity to find out what will happen next and how crazy the happenings can be!


I am one of those viewers too who are following the show because they are waiting to find out how Atiqa will react once she finds out about what had happened. If the problem was the accusation by Shaheen alone, something could have been done about it but what will she do about the new relationship between Shaheen and Mahmood?


The preview of the next episode showed that Mina’s psychiatrist tells her that there is no hope for her and therefore he will stop seeing her. This turns Mina even more negative (if that is possible) and I cannot even imagine what worse she can do! She has tried every negative tactic in the book and more. Mina and Shaheen’s adventures were good fun for a while but honestly speaking they are getting extremely disturbing now.

Did you watch tonight’s episode? Do you think that Kadurat had a lot of potential but the disappointing turn that the story has taken has marred any chances that it had to qualify as a quality serial?  If you’re still enjoying the show, please feel free to share your opinion here.


Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • Finally, thank you so much for your say. I was actually waiting for the thread to be started so that I can speak my heart out about it. Not only me but my mother also found today’s episode & even the whole drama extremely bad. I wonder where are Shaheen’s parents & who has let the devil on the loose?

    Mehmood falling for the trap, buttoning his shirt & then driving to some mosque for Nikkah was just plain pathetic. I don’t blame anyone BUT the writer for having such a NEGATIVE mind who could even spoil the sacred relation of a father & a daughter today. Well done Zoha Hassan for taking CHEAPNESS to another level, we were anxiously waiting for this to happen because our drama cinema was incomplete without your stupidity. I wonder if Mina is actually Zoha Hassan herself written as a character. Phew! May Allah bless the lost soul. Ameen!

    ps: I have never seen the full episodes because I am just not a fan of this drama & even today caught the episode in a few glimpses because it’s not worth wasting my time on.

    • Zahra, I am glad that you decided to vent out;) Shaheen’s parents are dead, she lives with her aunt who obviously couldn’t care less! This play had a lot of potential but like you said the writer is to blame and I will also say that the director could have been more subtle too. Like in MKPYH Arhem did something “very nasty” which we can only imagine for now but at least we didn’t get to see any such scenes. I will be following this one out of sheer curiosity now and hope and pray that Mina doesn’t do the same with Asad. lol ab toba kur lo ke Zoha Hassan ka koi aur play kabhi nahi dekhna. I haven’t seen any of her other plays and I actually thought she had something new to offer but this has turned from novel to shocking;)

      • Haha, Zoha Hassan – NAAM HI KAAFI HAI. Wow! I am just trying to figure out how her brain works Fatima. I mean I am not judging her as a person but seriously & actually she had the guts to target a father-daughter relation is just so annoying.

        Yes, things could’ve been better & if you remember when we spoke about the drama way before it started, I was just excited to see the cast too because I found Deepak Parwani really admirable in Mere Pass Pass (or Aas Pass, whatever it was), was actually looking forward to see him but if Mehmood had to just sit behind a table through out the drama, I guess any other actor could’ve done the role.

        I am really shocked to see the choices these drama people are making. They think WILD is the new HIT but they are sadly mistaken. It is us; the viewers who have made this industry a hit & it is going to be us who can bring all this nasty down.

        • Wild is the word Zahra! haha wakihi ab se tu naam hi kafi hai. Chalo naam yaad tu rahe ga;) Yes, he was brilliant in MPP, it was such a lovely play too.

          • Yes, I really liked that drama & would always want to watch it again. :)

            Just saw Kadurat’s FB page & people are ranting there too. I hope the writer gets the point RIGHT once & for all.

          • I think despite of the rants, people will watch the show and all writers and producers care about are the TRPs. Yes, I liked the sequel and the prequel both. I watched it four times and could watch it again too. I never thought I would like Moammar Rana so much in any character but he was charming in MPP.

          • Yes, even we for the first time liked Moammar Rana too. Never thought that he was such a good actor but I really liked his acting & the character he played. I didn’t get a chance to watch the sequel because I was busy with the studies back then. Will give it a try because it has my favorite Sarwat Gillani & Imran Abbas duo, if I am not mistaken, because I only remember the teasers? :)

            Let them have the TRP’s but they can’t ignore the comments of Pakistanis when they actually show the real self. ;) Serves them right.

          • You should watch it , it was superb. I think a talented director can bring out the best in anyone who has potential.

          • Yes, no doubt, direction is the main part of executing a script. So many dramas with weak or normal story lines got hit because of flawless direction (read Humsafar). But here, nothing does the work, the story is bad, direction is pointless & the actors are not worth noticing.

  • Well well well. I detested this drama right from the beginning. Call me a cynic but I could feel all this coming up.
    Her psychiatrist thinks she is beyond repair. The only decent think she can do is to kill herself.
    I have said it few times that our dramas have become quite negative, depressive or regressive. There is dearth of romantic comedies and family dramas.

    • Anwar SUhail i never saw it coming until of course Mina started showing interest in all the men in her life from Alina’s boyfriend to her step brother! I thought this was going to be something different but not! Have you watched any other play written by Zoha Hassan? You never know, she may just do that;) ( kill herself)

  • Hello everyone! After reading all of your views and considering my own I hav come to the conclusion that , yes, kadurat has turned out to be a really pathetic play last night…I mean… it wasnt worth watching with family..the dialogues b/w shaheen and mahmood at office and at shaheen’s home were totally bad….one could not even listen or watch them with young siblings and father sitting beside….the story has taken a very shocking turn and I must say there is a need for writer to improve her writjng skills..=)

  • This is far away from reality,even though i followed this show with much craze,now this is too much.Bringing up such a story was impossible,but Zoha did.And she was quite successful,but the past events have been terrible and disgusting.The director would have been brilliant if he had conveyed what ever he wanted to without all those rubbish scenes.That would have been top-notch direction.I feel sorry about every actor in this drama.I mean people would talk about them like “Yeah,he was also there in that drama Kadurat”.Why don’t they realize they are going to mess up their previous image? But unfortunately,another drama,another incident and another controversy.People would talk for 3 days or so,and then start watching it again.Unless and until someone at the official authority doesn’t take a stand,these beautiful relations will get ruined by such idiots always!

    • Thank you for pointing things out so well Hammad. I totally agree that people are still going to follow these value-less stars once again. They think in the race of TRP’s they can keep crushing our values & yes they succeed in that because it just doesn’t matter to the masses except a few bunch of people like us, who are sad about the prevalent trend!

      & we are obviously mistaken to think that these actors take their images seriously. We don’t know what happens off-camera & what does is actually really sick. I am sorry to say but all these stars in their defense say that it doesn’t matter what your surroundings are, we keep ourselves in check. LOL! That’s the biggest contradiction ever. Those who don’t feel shy in acting such things shows they actually condone such immorality in person too.

  • watched all the episodes by downloading it, but not going to waste any more time because this drama is also slipping away from reality & our culture

  • good review.well ab yahi sab kuch hona baaki reh gaya tha.now the drama has taken a pathetic turn first it was humnasheen scene and now this one really disgusting.zoha hassan totally ruined this play which had tons of potential i cant understand one thing why cant our writers use their brains and bring some good twist and turns in the story lakin jab in ke paas koi acha twist sochne ke liye nahi hota hai to yeh stupid vulgarity le aate hain even i am not a writer but kuch aur ache twist to la sakti thi writer na.and i agree with you that why directors and producers feel that having a good cast will alone make the drama a hit but its a good story and goodacting and direction that makes the play a hit.

  • After reading ur review I should thank God for not seeing the episode. I thought it’s a different story and would be full of twists n turns but its rubbish. N zahra,Fatima n maryiam u r doing great jobs. Keep reviewing .

  • jo kuch is episode mein hoa Of course bhut bura tha but mery khyal se minah jis ek person p trust karti ha to usi ki wja s us ko aqal l ay ge I think ye story ki demand thi but yes itna openly nh dikhana chahye tha

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