Kadurat – Episode 15

This latest installment of Kadurat showed the aftermath of Alina and Daniyal’s broken engagement. Apart from that, Mahmood finally told Atiqa the truth; a moment we all had been waiting for. The scene in which Mahmood’s tells Atiqa what had happened did not have the impact it should have had. Apart from that, there is a lot about this play that is making very little sense now. For example, I never fully understood Asma’s behavior; why did she walk out on Asad and is now going to marry someone she does not even like? Her explanation about the difference in class wasn’t convincing enough and the way she resigned was also¬† very unexpected. This particular track did not take off right from the start and is being given the attention it does not deserve. Besides that, the conversation about Shaheen that Mahmood’s family had after Mahmood told Atiqa the truth was very confusing. If everyone knows the big secret now, why can’t they openly talk about it? Also, all Mahmood needs to do now is to divorce Shaheen and this chapter will be closed forever. I hope that the matter is not prolonged further because it already has taken a lot of undue screen time.


I was expecting a more fiery reaction from Atiqa for obvious reasons but her response was actually quite impressive. Her character could have been very likeable if she wasn’t shown as someone who is so gullible. She is very sensible and I like the way she trusts Mahmood. The only aspect of her personality that does not go in line with her character is the manner in which she continues supporting Mina despite of everything that she has done till now. She obviously does so out of respect for her husband but it isn’t humanly possible for a mother to forgive someone who has done so much to harm her children.

Momal Sheikh’s acting was extremely disappointing today. There was a lot of focus on Alina today but too bad that Momal Sheikh could not deliver. I failed to feel for Alina’s character.

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Asma’s khala’s character maybe very annoying and unreasonable but the actress playing it is doing a wonderful job. Having said that, I didn’t quite understand how Asad found out who Asma was getting married to and as a result of the marriage her Khala was going to get rich! Since he found out only a few hours back that she was getting married. Did I miss something?


Overall, this episode was below average. The story could have been taken forward in a much better manner even after all the bloopers in the past. Atiqa knows the truth and there isn’t much to look forward to now since I find myself most disinterested in both the romantic tracks and completely detached from the main characters.


Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

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  • I just cant tolerate kadurat anymore..aagghh…yesterdays episode was a TOTAL WASTE of time….I mean..we r tired of hearing that mina finds happiness in in atiqa and her familys trouble…why to mention again and again…..there were certain scenes which didnot mean any sense…the asma track is simply useless…
    Otherwise..a good review by u fatima :)..

  • perfect review, the track of asma and asad seem to be added just fill the screen space, without proper homework and there are many loopholes in it, how on earth asad knew to whom she is getting married and her khala is doing for the sake of money. the story could have finished in 15 episodes, they are needlessly dragging it. They should consult Angeline malik on how to properly decide about number of episode she has recently completed Woh in six episodes, which was quite unusual.

    Shaheen is studying with Minah for past 10-12 years in hostel and they still dont about her family that is real strange, and asad called her perhaps a ‘call artist’ (dont know what it means). off course hostel of minah was one of the expensive one not a charity boarding school, so shaheen must be from some wealthy background.

    • Asad called her a ‘con artist’ which is someone who tricks other people by assuming a fake personality

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