Mirat-ul-Uroos Episode 27 – Review

This latest episode had nothing new to offer and I think that it is about time that Mirat-ul-Uroos came to an end! The dialogues and the happenings are getting very repetitive and there isn’t much to look forward to. The story picked up momentum in the previous few episodes but now we are at a standstill. I think the viewers know very well now that Ayza is fazool kharch so there is no point in repeating it over and over again since they have touched upon all the different aspects of her fazool kharch nature.

Faraan decided to take a stand against the engagement function and his reaction was not taken well by anyone. Even his father thought that there was nothing wrong with the idea of having a function but Faraan rightly believes that one thing leads to another so it was better that there was no confusion regarding his opinion on the issue. Akbari retaliated by leaving Nasir’s house and moving in with Ayza – I am waiting to find out how Hammad will react to this decision. Ayza is expecting again and making the most of it! Hammad’s conversation with his parents about him not being able to give kharcha and his father’s reaction had to be the best part of the episode. Indeed, some things cannot be bought with money!

Ayza and Akbari like always were on the same page as far as the engagement celebrations were concerned and Ayza even had the guts to talk to Ayza about the issue. I really liked the way Aima told Ayza off in a very apt way, she was right; surely Ayza should not be worried about keeping ties with family and all since she has done everything in her power to keep Hammad away from his own family. Hammad is not a child of course and he is just as much at fault as is Ayza. If he cannot understand what his parents are going through because of his selfish attitude then it would be wrong to expect Ayza to look out for his parents. Hammad does not agree with anything Ayza has to say but he still does not have the guts to stand up to her and not just that, he also follows his lead like he doesn’t have a mind of his own.

Faraan should get engaged and finally married to Hamna now; they will actually make a good match since they think on the same lines. When and how that is going to happen, I am waiting to find out and also I am wondering if Amna will be comfortable with the idea. She did say to Aima that she did not want her son to get married to a girl who was divorced. Aima’s biggest concern right now is to get her son in a good school and Askari believes that he shouldn’t necessarily go to a big school. Aima did not disagree with her but it seemed like she wanted to put him in a good school. I hope this “issue” is not dragged further like the car! This was the 27th episode and I have started wondering now, how many more to go? Did you watch this episode? Do you think it is time to wrap things up. Why are our dramas stretched unnecessarily? Doesn’t anyone out there care about what the viewers want?

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

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