Mirat-ul-Uroos Episode 22 – Review

Finally Aima decided to help her in laws out with the financial problems that they have been facing because Hammad has not been able to help them out. Hammad’s father is a wise man who can tell that they should not expect Hammad to help them out in the future too. Ayza’s next “farmaish” is that Hammad should cut down on the financial help to his parents and the question is if Hammd would be man enough to not listen to his wife and do what he really wants to do. Hammad clearly does not feel good about leaving his family in the lurch but at the same time he has the choice of giving his parents money without telling Ayza. He lied to his parents in order to please Ayza so why can’t he do the same now? Hammad seems like one of those men who think that their wife might walk away if they do anything to displease her. Such men have no idea though that if they stand up to their wife only once, the wives really would know better than to dictate their terms and conditions to their husband. Coming back to Aima, I think her decision to do a part time job was very wise because if she does a full time job Hashim is most likely to leave his own job because she will be earning enough to support his parents then. Also the decision to do a part time job was totally in line with Ayza’s character because that way she will be able to spend quality time with her in laws too; that is something that is very important to her. Aima’s character seems more real when she shares with her mother every now and then the way she feels about Ayza and her selfish attitude. She is not one of those holier than thou sisters who will never complaint no matter what happens.

Aima’s mother once again offers financial help but she refuses for the right reasons. There is certainly a change in Hashim’s attitude; he would not settle for anything less than a 50,000 Rs. salary before but now he has decided to work for someone who is paying him 15000 only. Rafia’s reaction when she heard about Hashim’s salary was actually quite predictable; she ran to the jai Namaz and back to the bed in a few seconds! Rafia has certainly changed her attitude towards Hammad and Ayza but it seems like her attitude towards Aima will only change once she starts earning. Rafia is still materialistic, whether she admits it or not and whoever gives her a good sum of money will get respect from her.

Hamnah’s wedding is finally over and Aima has been there for her every step of the way. Hamnah finally talked to Ayza about how she felt like she may be going through all of this because she ill treated Aima because she didn’t bring a car. I really wanted to hear that confession/apology from her and I am glad that she came out with it today. Hamnah’s father has faith in Aima and therefore asks her to look after Hamnah; that particular scene was very short but I think it said a great deal about how Aima’s father in law feels about her.

Akbari’s reaction to the news of Hamnah’s divorce was no surprise at all. I couldn’t help but think that it must be people like her who with their twisted thinking make things difficult for others as well. Akbari’s is focusing on getting Farhan engaged to Joey now and I have a feeling that Farhan is not going to comply. We have not seen Joey yet but guessing from what Farhan had to say about her, I have a feeling that she will be a total misfit for the family.  Until now Akbari has managed to get everything she was persistent at getting done…I am waiting to see what happens next.

This was the 22nd episode and I have to say that usually by this time I just want a play to wrap up but Mirat-ul-Uroos is going strong till now and I could gladly watch a few more episodes. It is almost unbelievable the way this play has grown on me because I found it highly repetitive and not at all engaging in the beginning. I definitely like everything about Mirat-ul-Uroos and eagerly look forward to it every week.


Fatima Awan.

Fatima Awan

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