Mirat-ul-Uroos Episode 26 – Review

I was hoping that Hashim, Ayza or Akbari will have a change of heart in this episode or will in some way start thinking on different lines but none of that happened. All of them seem to be happy with the way they are and are doing quite well also! Ayza still gets to have things her way, no matter what. Hashim also fails to take a stand and continues blaming his parents rather than valuing them. Today’s episode’s main focus was Fahad’s birthday and Faraan’s engagement. It was another relatable episode that was very well executed too but I am getting tired of the same message being repeated over and over again.

Fahad’s lavish birthday party and the way Ayza treats her In Laws during the ceremony creates more cracks in the relationship between the two families. It was very evident that Ayza did not want to invite Hammad’s family to the function to begin with because she was very sure that they won’t be happy to see the celebrations. Well, I have to say that her assessment was very right. Hammad’s parents are shocked to see his lifestyle and could not help but wonder that why their son did not have more money to spare for them – a very valid question I would say. Ayza is a true replica of Akbari in every way – selfish and stubborn, what a bad combination.

I really enjoyed Faraan and Akbari’s conversations today despite of the fact that there were times when I felt that Faraan was being a little too blunt. We found out more about Akbari’s past life in today’s episode. She seems to have lived a very comfortable life despite of her selfish behavior and that is exactly the reason why she still wants her own way no matter what the circumstances.

Aima’s attitude towards Ayza was spot on today. She gave Ayza a piece of her mind and there wasn’t much that she could stay in return. Ayza’s father also puts his foot down and asks her to change her attitude towards her in laws. I am glad that he did that but the promo for the next episode suggests that there is absolutely no change in Ayza’s behavior at all. Ayza accuses Aima of ulterior motives, which was nothing new really because she has been saying all this for quite some time now.

Aima finally talks to Faraan about Hamnah and I am very sure now that these two will end up getting married. That is something I want to see happening. The promo of the next episode suggests that Nawaz breaks off the engagement himself – good riddance I would say! But I also got the feeling that Akbari will hold Faraan or his parents responsible for the broken engagement. I have started wondering now that how many more episodes to go because Ayza and Hashim show no signs of changing and the drama cannot possibly end until they do. I have to say that the fazool kharchi factor, although very relatable but has been done to death now and I want to hear and watch something new.


Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

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