Silvatein Episode 14 – One thing leads to another!

I absolutely enjoyed the episode thoroughly. It was like a complete package which made me giggle at times too. I must say the writer has done a wonderful job in conceiving these characters & has beautifully executed the misapprehensions, confusions & happiness that each one of them goes through. This episode was based more on the aftermath consequences in regards to something that stirred in the previous episode. I loved how each one of them reacted differently to something that does not even exist or has started to mean something to Rayaan only.

Of all the scenes I just loved Rayaan’s & Zeb’s the most. Their chemistry, their timing was perfect & at one point I felt they make a great on-screen couple. I loved their kitchen scene where Zeb shed off her frustration on him & he kept calm because he knew she has been in such an awkward position ever since she came to US, so now it was the time when she had to let go off all the negativity that she has absorbed in these past few days. Rayaan stood their like an obedient mate who is ready to take anything that comes at him. His little gesture to make peace with Zeb was too sweet & I must say that Adeel Hussain & Amina Sheikh nailed that scene where she is trying to get rid of him but he is actually longing to spend sometime with her. Those minute expressions, those glances & those dialogues were perfect to the perfection.

I feel bad that the character of Natasha lacks even an ounce of positivity. I guess that was the plan that we shouldn’t see anything good in her, but we’re through more than half of the serial & all we have seen about her is how shallow she is. I guess the writer is saving something better for the last but I still doubt that even after such a detailed & long exposure to her negativity we’d be convinced somehow that she still has something good in her.

I hate to see Bilal being treated as a doormat. I know he is a kind-hearted, too-much-in-love kind of a husband, who – being youngest was treated in such a manner all his life that he didn’t need to stand up for anything because his family members held him closer to their hearts, understood him & vice versa. But Natasha is pushing all the wrong buttons & is mean to the core. When she ‘thought’ Bilal talked her parents out of Zeb-Rayaan wedding, she treated him with the respect just for a few seconds that he deserved through out, but later when she found out that things didn’t go the way she had wanted, she stooped to such a level & crossed all the limits that any husband would tolerate. I actually feel sorry for Bilal but I think he should sternly make Natasha understand what her position is & what’s his. Natasha blames Zeb for being materialistic but in reality she is the one who’s filled with materialism & for that particular reason she can not extend any such respect to her husband because he is not at a financial state where she had expected her husband to be.

The funniest scene was of Zeb’s parents. Their excitement, their visit to Rayaan’s mother’s & their awkwardness. It was all so sweet & realistic because any parents would want their daughter to get married to such a decent guy like Rayaan. I’m glad that everyone in the family especially Munize has understood the difference between Natasha & Zeb. Now everyone knows what Natasha is capable of & she is going to be in some deep trouble. Whereas, Rayaan, who hated Zeb like anything has started to find her opposite to what he had presumed about her. All the family members are getting the chance to get to know Zeb up-close & in person where Natasha is not their to cloud their opinions. Hence, Zeb will eventually make a place of her in every ones heart.

I loved the episode & special mention would be about the dialogues which are written with attention & perfection. I must say – hats off to the writer for handling such a story induced with so many small & rapid confusions & yet every time coming out of them so smoothly.

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