Silvatein Episode 13 – Natasha’s Worst Nightmare

Poor Natasha, she brings it on herself. Despite having such an adoring and may I add, sexy, husband she is still so pissed and moody all the time. Even when Zeb was comfortably away in Pakistan helping out Dilawar, Natasha could never crack a smile. Such people make me feel sad for humanity really but hey, maybe she’s going to change in the end.

The thing which touched my heart most in this episode was the way Muneeze behaved. Unlike her brothers, she does not get intimidated by Natasha and when Natasha came to her house, she did not hesitate to give her a piece of her mind. After all, Natasha has some guts! Banning Muneeze from coming to her house and then showing up at Muneeze’s doorstep as if they are best of friends. Muneeze truly is an admirable person, who found it in herself to forgive Zeb who appears to have truly reformed.

I was also glad to see that Mikaal and Zeb continue to be friends, despite the breaking of their engagement. I felt that their friendship, one borne from a common desire to help others, was much more important. Perhaps, Mikaal was only meant to be her friend, who was not fully at ease with Zeb and her freedom.

It was ever so dramatic when Natasha was cruelly and unfairly sending Zeb back to Pakistan (while Natasha herself was the one to blame for the scene at Muneeze’s house!) and Rayaan stepped in and revealed that he wanted to propose to Zeb. Rayaan and Zeb will make a perfectly cute couple and I hope sincerely that they do end up married, despite Natasha’s earnest efforts to the contrary.

Another thing which should happen is that if they do get married, they should totally get another house, away from the crazy Natasha. Natasha is a real piece of work and I cannot imagine how someone could be so mean and angry all the time. It makes me shudder to think of how their childhood must have been. Sisters should always love another and moreover avoid petty rivalries. Otherwise, these rivalries grow so much that they make you completely horrible people. So for everyone out there, give your sibling a great big hug!

As for the serial, let’s see how it turns out. We have a real storm coming when Mikaal and Zeb’s parents get to know of the proposal. What do you think? Should Zeb accept Rayaan’s proposal and find her own happiness? Tell us in the comments!

 Rida Mumtaz

Fatima Awan

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