Silvatein Episode 20 – Enough!

My apologies for being late in reviewing but actually the last few episodes seemed completely similar with no such progress – hence, no need of reviews. In the last couple of episodes, including this one Natasha kept on blabbering & Zeb kept on absorbing whereas Bilal was being a chicken & Rayaan tried to take some stands on his own. In this episode, there were so many things which I didn’t see coming nor I wanted to see like Natasha approaching some fake peer, Bilal being way too soft & especially Zeb’s parents going against her.

The drama started off with so much to offer as it did make the sibling’s love-hate relationship completely real & relate-able but over the last couple of episodes, the property & the will issue has been dragged to such a point where it is leaving me bored & in such a mental state where it seems harder to take any of such torture anymore.

I know, it’s been a harsh statement so far but the drama has come to a point where it should have taken some positive turns but seems like we have to deal with all this for a few more episodes because I don’t see anything changing at all. Ever since the MIL has died Natasha has lost it, not that she was in her sense before but was a bit subtle in what she wanted out of her life. Now that there is no one to monitor & no one to pretend in front of, Natasha seems like a bull who has gone wild & is hitting every single target left, right & centre. Of all the things, this drama was the one where I never saw the fake peer thing coming. Natasha’s approach has been below the belt & no where near to innocence as it can not be termed as that. She is so cunning that to get what she wants i-e material, she can even ruin her own sister’s life, than what can be expected of her? I thought that the drama dealt with the educated people who have a different approach towards life but the thing related to amulet seemed completely odd considering the feel of the drama.

I understand that the writer has actually tried to justify the title of the drama ‘Silvatein’ but it has gone beyond those tangles which are far away from being undone. Natasha is an eye-sore & is also being such a fiddly bone that is capable of giving anyone a choke at any point in their lives. Ohkay, she wants property, so why can’t she make her point clear once & for all? Why is she beating around the bush & I fail to understand why Rayan wants to rule Bilal? If he can foresee how Bilal will ruin his & his family’s life after being exposed to such a huge amount, then I guess it’s a better shot to just give them in fact give Natasha what she wants just to shut her off.

Rayaan is seeing his wife taking all the pains, she is going through a toughest time ever since she has gotten married to him because of Natasha, she wants to play Mother Teressa to Natasha & Rayaan is being over-possessive about Bilal, which seems out of the picture. No doubt they want things to work out but when they aren’t, I think it’s a best idea to just let them go. Let them do what they want to because no matter what Rayaan will do Natasha will never be thankful.

I hated to see Zeb’s parents blame her for what Natasha has been going through. I mean they’re the parents & no parents in this world are unaware of their children’s nature & attitude, so I guess they’re past that stage where their kids can fool them as they’re quite aged & experienced. So, I guess in stead of buying what Natasha sold them, they should have taken some step in order to calm her down. No matter what, but I do feel & must admit that the writer has actually failed to address the issue clearly that Natasha has. All we have heard is about her complexes that Zeb thinks have arose because of her but she is way too ahead of such complexes & Zeb’s never-ending sacrifices & grasping of her utter nonsense isn’t a solution to any of her issues.

I hope that after getting to know about Zeb’s condition, Pupho uses her brains & exposes Natasha because she went to that Peer through her & I really hope that just because Bilal eavesdropped, (what this family is best at) he doesn’t spread the rumor of Zeb expecting a child, because I do not want to see any more of such schemes of Natasha as I am done!

Zahra Mirza.


Zahra Mirza

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