Similarities Between Kankar and Daam

Ary Zauq is airing Daam once again so I have been watching it only recently again. When kankar started I was watching Daam too so the similarities between the two plays are more evident to me than to anyone else. We all know that Kankar is based on a short story written by Umera Ahmed titled “Wohi Dil Ke Thehr Janey Ka Mausam” so those who have read the novel know that the main theme of the play is different but till now there are many similarities between the two plays.

The heroine of Kankar, is very cute, very adorable but interestingly Sanam Baloch played the lead in Daam too. Her character was very similar to this one and the settings too. She belongs to a middle class family, is a very good student, has a rich friend (in Kankar, a rich cousin who is a good friend) and the preview for the next episode of Kankar showed that Arzoo will also treat Kiran the same way that Sanam’s character was treated in Daam by her friend. The only difference is that in this case it is her best friend’s finace who is in love with Sanam’s character, in Daam it was her friend’s brother who was in love with her. Like Daam’s heroine, Kiran also is not well off but is very confident and holds her self-respect very close to her. She is sweet and sincere and will never expect Arzoo to think the way she is thinking, she will be shocked to hear everything, that is exactly what happened in Daam too. All the “conspiracies” were going on in the background and the heroine had no idea.


The class difference between the two families is a very similar too. When in Daam the heroine’s best friend tells her to give her the chain and pendant when she goes to ask for money was so much like everything that has been said about Kiran till now. Things like, people should be friends with people of their own caliber etc.

In Daam the heroine’s father was very different from Kiran’s father in Kankar but there is similarity in the appearances of the two. If you have watched Daam recently, you will agree with me. Behroze Sabzwari has never carried this kind of look before, the producer or director must have asked him to change his look like that for the drama.


Did you watch Daam? Are you watching Kankar? Do you think that there are similarities between the two plays till now? I have to say one thing that the dialogues in Daam were much more impressive than the dialogues in Kankar till now. The relationship between the characters was much stronger too. Daam was directed by Mehreen Jabbar and we all know that she is an excellent director.

Ayesha Ahmed

  • I agreed with it there are many similarities between daam and kankar…But after zindagi gulzar hai and hamsafar i watched kankar as my favirite drama now adays it has the power to achieve someones heart(also mine)I love this drama becaue of the story and the scenes…
    But i agree wid u :)

  • there are some similarities… but i had read the novel on which the drama kankar is based the theme revolves around domestic violence …… it may be have some similarities but the theme is different

  • jo b ho ;)
    buh kankar drama is going fab
    so no matter how similar it is wid daam or any other drama serail ;)

    still a gud article :)

  • yes there are many similarities sometimes it feels like watching daam again with new cast.

  • I don't think that Kankar and Daam are similiar. In daam, zara was kind of timid and not very outgoing. she cared alot about her family and her consitions, which is why zara was quiet and somewhat serious. Whereas in Kankar, Kiran is lively and she is very careless. she knows her limits but she isn't the wisest girl. Also i feel like Sikander and junaid are poles apart, which changes the story. In Daam, the friendship was more important than what it seems like in kankar. Maliha did what she did in jealousy and that is what the story is about. However, Arzoo is already in love with Sikander so i feel like she is more justified. the bottom line is that I don't see any similarities in Kankar or Daam besides the fact that Umera wrote them and Sanam is the lead both of which compell me to watch Kankar, Daam, durr-e-shahwar, and such plays over and over again.
    Also, I respect your point of view, but i think that we should give every drama a chance, not necessarily by watching every drama (which i know is not possible), but just by not commparing and contrasting them with other dramas. i remember that people were talking about the similarities between humsafar and zindagi gulzar hai just after zgh's promos, yet both had a completely different focus. Noone can help being judgmental (i am perhaps the most judgmental person) but i would like that comparing dramas would stop without even giving them a chance.

  • you are right lot's of drama we found similarities, no doubt Daam direction and acting were superb but in Kankar direction and Fahad Mustafa is not perfect for this role This role should be played by some other actor like Mikael Zulfiqar aur Ahsan Khan both of them are very good for this role Fahad Mustafa has to choose some out going role Like Main Abdul Qadir hoon. He has a quality to play such type of role that has lots of colors lots of the time i lost my interest in Kankar only direction is not like Humsafar ZGH MZZB or like DM.

  • I alo agree with Ayesha Ahmed,there are similarities b/w both dramas.Although Kankaar is going fab but Daam was a BlockBuster.The story of both the dramas are awsome but yes Daam is the best one…………….!!

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