Silvatein Last Episode – The End! Thank God.

Ohkay, I know I will sound really harsh but I am literally glad that this serial has ended. I am utterly disappointed that a serial which started off at such a nice note can decline to such an extent. I have come across a lot of serials, where, by the end I wished I wouldn’t have seen them because I was unable to draw any conclusion or take anything with me but just regret of wasting so much of a time. Alas! Silvatein has left me empty handed as well. It’s in the category of Zard Mausam, Mere Dard Ko Jo Zuban Mile, Madiha Maliha for me where by the end I’d say that I & the rest of the viewers wouldn’t have missed much if this drama didn’t hit our screens.

To me this family ONLY seemed good at eavesdropping & then making juices & drinking them, LOL! Because trust me it looked as silly as it sounds right now. Ohkay, there were some itsy bitsy parts where I for sure enjoyed the serial & over-looked the flaws but the end has left me speechless. What did we get to understand after watching this drama? That a few years of bully can make you a NUT like Natasha? Or that amulets & these fake fakirs are not to be trusted? Or that a sister can stoop to such a low level where she wishes such ill for her own sister? I am sorry but I fail to understand all these issues. I know, no one takes a drama to take some preaching from it but yeah a viewer who puts in so much time into it really needs something by the end.

Editing of the drama was absolutely ridiculous where Natasha at one point is crying at the hospital for her baby & on the other is sitting calmly besides her bed wondering what went wrong? Where at such a critical point all the family members should’ve been at the hospital but in stead were fighting & eavesdropping at home.

I totally loved Zeb/Rayaan’s relationship but by the end, seeing how cleanly Natasha walked out of all the mess, I just can not understand why Zeb & Rayaan had to go through such a rough patch. At the beginning of their relationship they promised to stand by each other through thick & thin but how could things turn so turbulent for them? Taweez were doing nothing so why that drive was given to their relation? The whole Mikaal thing seemed un-necessary along with so many other things that surfaced in the last few episodes, because the drama became stagnant in between. If they had covered these things way before they actually did, I am sure it would’ve changed the whole scenario of the drama because the unnecessary prolonging & dragging spoiled everything.

The writer & the director made their point CLEAR again & again & again that Natasha was the evil one who would drive her sister to the death-bed by being pretty much at ease with her conscience but just a minor incident could flip her completely seems a bit hard to digest. Ohkay ohkay, let’s get to that ‘Hidayat’ part that she was guided by her miseries so she eventually came back to her senses but then does it really matter by the end? Sorry, to me it doesn’t. Because I am just not satisfied by a few ‘dhamkis‘ that Bilal terribly gave to her. I must say, Bilal just couldn’t act his heart out during such an intended intense scene & rather looked really uncomfortable raising his voice or crying. Where all this while he was just being a softy for his wife, he should have easily cried too, fitting the image he had set for himself during the course of the drama. I am just not happy that Natasha could shed just a few tears after all the things & in the end can take a walk of ‘happily-ever-after’ with her beau.

Once again I’d mention that in the whole serial, Rayaan was my favorite character who never lost the nerves or the calm even in such horrendous situations. He was too good to be true among all these characters who were bought as a reality but couldn’t make a mark. It was pointed out during one of my reviews by the writer that the two sisters understood each other so well? I mean where did that come from? Because even if we tried hard to see that through our imagination, we just couldn’t. To me one sister was just being silly & the other one was being sillier by acting like a Mother Teressa. I’ll say once again that this was the least in this drama where I could expect seeing the whole peer fakir things. May be it was taken after the new trend of sister rivalry but to add some more spice to it the peer fakir thing was added as a bonus.

During all this while & seeing the parents in the end I just couldn’t imagine how oblivious they were shown as parents. Even by the end they just couldn’t figure out what & why & because of whom Zeb was going through all this. Even in the end where Zeb mentions to Rayaan ‘hamare rishte ki silvatain…’ I mean excuse me? Bilal & Natasha are square after all the lies & deceit & Bilal is smiling satisfactorily after all the bickering & insults but Zeb & Rayaan are still thinking on those lines. It should have been shown completely opposite where Natasha still lingered to earn a respect whereas Rayaan & Zeb walked with their heads held high. Because I really didn’t want them to suffer at all, at all for all the things they did & how they acted as elders for their younger siblings. Zeb, who didn’t have a reason, still took all the blame on herself & took things in her hands to mend the situations but still was belittled by Natasha. I actually disliked seeing Natasha turn into the main lead of the drama with her leap of improvement & all the others were put to shame by not being in the limelight. All the attention shifted to the most negative character of the drama in the end & that isn’t what I expected to see.

Along with Zeb’s job resume, Mikaal’s flick, Rayaan’s unease along with the whole end scene where Rayaan & Zeb still sympathized with the make-believe sacrifices of Natasha was un-necessary for me. I mean were they still so blind or so ‘seedhay saadhay’ to actually see that Natasha could never mean good for them because she was selfish to the core. But I did hear Rayaan (after the exposure of the situation) utter that I understood Natasha way back & way too clearly, so then why was he seen feeling guilty by the thought of Natasha’s gesture of Dua & Taweez for their baby? Another flaw in the dialogues then I guess.

It was a good effort which started off really well but the un-necessary stretch & the weak script left it dangling in between. I came across positive & negative, both the feed-backs about the play but the end put a seal to the verdict that the drama was wasted. I don’t know who is to be blamed but let’s call it even seeing the efforts they have put into this. The cast seems really innocent in this matter because they did put in a lot of effort in doing their best but they themselves didn’t know what they were getting into. I really salute Adeel Hussain & Amina Sheikh for doing justice to their characters & providing us with such a subtle chemistry which really left an impact because if there’s one thing I am going to remember about this drama, it’s going to be their couple.

Zahra Mirza.


Zahra Mirza

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