Silvatein Episode 15 – Review.

Well I must say that Natasha’s repetitive nuisance is getting tedious. I hope to see some change in her may be equal to an ounce but some change in her please.

All this while the only thing that comes as a breath of fresh air of Zeb & Rayaan. Their growing chemistry & their relation is something appeasing. I absolutely love how they both are complimenting each other. I feel that this drama offers such chemistry between the leads which is far better than those few over-rated dramas. This drama, due to the plot may not have gotten the following which it deserves but once you get to know the characters, this is one good serial on-air & I’m glad I am not missing it at all.

All this while I kept on smiling whenever I saw Zeb & Rayaan together. I loved, I loved, I loved their kitchen scene & their confessions a lot. Rayaan is being extra cautious because he doesn’t want to repeat the same mistakes which he thinks he committed while being married to Mahjabeen. & Zeb on the other hand is being cautious as she lost Mikaal because she was being head-strong. For now & for good Zeb is trying to be submissive & forgiving & they both are actually enjoying the benefits of being together just because they tried to make some changes after learning from their bad experiences. All the dialogues that Rayaan said to her came out of respect for her & of all the things he said to her the best one was pointing out why she was blaming herself for everything related to Natasha or how she was acting.

Another thing worth mentioning here was Rayaan’s utmost attention to Zeb & the annoying string attached to her as Natasha. He was being tolerant & ignored whatever Natasha blurted at Zeb’s face in front of her whole family. He wanted to take things in his hands & even tried to dictate Zeb at how she should handle the situation but when Zeb wanted to take over he backed out easily after understanding his wife’s point of view. This shows that he actually holds Zeb really close to his heart & will let her do anything that she deems fit.

I must say Bilal’s submissiveness & Natasha’s dominance is getting a bit boring now. This couple makes things look stagnant. Just when I see them I feel things have stopped & they have lowered the pace of the whole serial a couple of notches. I am seriously getting bored at Bilal now.

I know Bilal is an ideal guy who’d make any girl happy but being submissive doesn’t mean you’re playing your part completely & responsibly. I hate to see Natasha pushing all the wrong buttons & still walking with her head held high all the time. I loved how Rayaan summarized easily that Bilal is the one who bought the situation to this level & now he should handle it. He was so right.

One more thing was revealed about Bilal that he’s such a baby himself. He felt running away after a heated argument was the best way to escape a situation. At that point when Natasha was being chummy with him – I felt finally she has had a change of heart or may be a little but she was actually using the absence of her Jeth & Jethani to brain feed Bilal openly against his & her own sisters. I really hate to see Natasha use Bilal as a stooge & I hate to see him act like such a rain-soaked puppy who has lost his way & is ready to follow anyone blindly. I at first, felt that Bilal was such a perfect guy but ever since Rayaan’s character has jumped in, that feeling of mine has subsided completely.

I hope to see some changes & some progress in their story or else if they’re erased from the whole scene I can continue watching Zeb & Rayaan without a doubt. Similarly, I feel that the scene of Munize’s ban on entering her brother’s home is getting a bit too stretched now, they should either solve it or if not, just leave it at that. There’s no point in reminding us about what Munize’s feeling or is going through in each & every episode. Her character is another confused one because at one point she gets upset & on the other she is all praises for Zeb. By her frowning face & her phone calls, her character is at the verge of making people grow out of her as well.

Well I’m loving the serial in some bits & pieces but these riddles & puzzles are getting hard to handle. I hope I never get to see Natasha again. :)

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Zahra Mirza

Zahra Mirza got associated with in 2012. After moving to Australia, Pakistani content was a way of staying connected to the roots, language & Pakistani culture because it felt home. Eight years ago, review writing began as a hobby but has now turned into a passion.


  • Zahra, I love your dedication to the show:) The passion with which you write these reviews really is impressive. I am really into Silvatein now , it took time to grow on me but now that it has, i can't miss it. You are so right about Rayaan and Zeb , they really have very good chemistry – the made for each other kind. I was a little taken aback when Rayaan proposed Zeb but gradually they have managed to convince the audience that it was a good decision after all. yes, Natasha is super annoying but quite funny as well!! Believe it or not i have two such sister in my family too – the story is alittle too similar except that the older one never changed lol. That is the part that is a little unbelievable for me, otherwise all is good. i wonder when Bilal will stop being such a juru ka ghulam, he is a total door mat. i really liked the scene in which he sits down to have breakfast and Natasha walks in – poor thing. I think Mira Sethi is doing very well for a newbie and of course all the other actors are doing a very good job too. Thank you again for the wonderful review, i always enjoy reading your reviews.

    • Thanks a lot Fatima. I know Mira Sethi has played the character with such ease & such perfection that she actually succeeded in making the viewers hate her actually, & that's the beauty of her acting.

      I know, when the drama began I wrote in the review about the actual portrayal of a love-hate relationship that the sisters share but Natasha's anger & anguish is kind of getting overboard now. She does make me laugh at her stupidity & that's the only reason I tolerate her.

      But for me the win win situation is that of Zeb & Rayaan, they both look so perfect & I love watching them both. I was never a fan of Amina Sheikh but this drama changed everything for me. I absolutely adore her for such an effortless acting. :)