Kaash Aisa Ho Episode 15 – Betrayal and Lies!

We got a pretty shocking revelation in this episode! I never expected a person like Dr. Bilal to be so selfish. He seemed like a caring, loving and thoughtful person but we saw his selfish side in this episode. He had hurt Minahil so much with his lie as he kept on telling her that she was the one who could not become a mother when in reality, it was just the opposite. Minahil was in a state of disbelief when her brother informed her about her reports being clear but she was not convinced till she saw them with her own eyes. This is when she realized that Bilal had been playing with her feelings for so many years and had betrayed her in the most cruelest manner. Trust is a very important in any relationship and Bilal broke the one thing Minahil valued the most! Upon getting to know the truth, she took the decision of leaving Bilal and left the house.

Shayan is not ready to leave Irfa at this stage and he and Maleeha have a fight over this issue yet again! Maleeha got angry when she got to know that Shayan stopped Irfa from leaving the house. She wants Irfa out of Shayan’s life at all cost! Shayan still has some humanity left in him as he feels he has a responsibility towards Irfa and his kid, though he is rarely there for them when they need him. At least he has the decency to realise that Irfa has no one in the world except him and she needs his support. Also it will never be acceptable to his ego if Irfa leaves him but it will be completely fine with him if it is the other way round.

Adeel Farooqui was seen giving relationship advice to Maleeha yet again. I may dislike him but I can’t help but agree with what he says. He knows just how to handle and react to any kind of situation. Since he is so good at relationship advice, I wonder why his own marriages did not work? I guess his advice would only be applicable to other people!

We saw Bilal getting irritated and annoyed by Irfa for the first time in this episode. After Minahil and his confrontation about the his lie, he was emotionally disturbed and Irfa came at the wrong time and he vented his frustration on her. I would not blame Irfa for going to him again and again asking for help. She does not have anybody else to go to and when Rahima got sick, she quickly took her to Dr. Bilal who refused to help her.
One scene that I loved was Irfa and Nasir’s conversation in the car. Irfa always ends up finding one person or the other when she is in need of dire help. This time Nasir came when she was in need. It seems like nobody is happy with the way their life has turned out. Mahjabeen is still pinning for Shayan and refusing to acknowledge Nasir’s selfless love for her while Irfa can only dream to get Shayan’s love for whom she holds more or less no importance. She realises how lucky Mahjabeen is to have someone like Nasir in her life and she also tells Nasir to convey her message to Mahjabeen.
It seems like something is cooking in Maleeha’s head and she will get Irfa out of Shayan’s life Soon. Irfa’s heart broke when she saw Maleeha announcing on television that Shayan will leave his first wife very soon. Shayan gets irritated by Maleeha’s sudden announcement and goes to Irfa who thinks he has come to announce that he is leaving her. That was not his intention but for how long? It will be just a matter of time before he leaves her.
Okay, so i have had enough of Maleeha’s continuous complaining, Shayan’s careless attitude and Irfa’s constant crying! The story really needs to move on now. So what happens next? Will Shayan leave Irfa for good? What do you guys think? I hope the story picks up some pace in the next episode!
Mariam Shafiq


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