Kaash Aisa Ho Episode 20 – Lies Revealed!

So they finally fast forwarded the show and we got to see each character 10 years later. The look of all characters has been altered but I am glad they did not over do the makeover. In some shows, they make the actors look extremely artificial in an attempt to make them look old.

Shayan returned to Maleeha after she tried to commit suicide and was showing living with her for the past 10 years. I really wish he had not returned to Maleeha! Maleeha is still the same stubborn, spoiled Maleeha who thinks she owns the world and she still has the habit of doubting Shayan and keeping an eye on him all the time. Some people just never change! The two were seen constantly bickering about one issue or the other. Sometimes it would be about her suspicious nature and sometimes it would be about her not having any kids. Even after 10 years Shayan and Maleeha were not blessed with children and when I heard this only one thought occurred to me; when Shayan was blessed with a beautiful girl he did not care about her and now when he has no kids, he is coveting a child. Talk about Karma!

Rahima was shown all grown up but sadly she could not enjoy her childhood days like the rest of the children because of her disease. It was heart breaking to watch the little child suffer but I was very glad to see Bilal still being there for both Irfa and Rahima and helping them throughout the worst years of their life when they were left without support. Shayan had never looked back at them for the past 10 years and they managed very well even without his support. Bilal paid all of Rahima’s expenses for her treatment and he was the one who also gave money for Rahima’s major operation after which she would be able to lead a normal life like any other kid as she would no longer need the blood transfusions.

While Rahima’s operation was successful, Maleeha’s condition was getting worse. She was suffering from lung cancer from a long time but because of her carelessness it had spread all over her body and she was living the last few days of her life. She finally learned her lesson and was repenting and recalling all her unjust treatment with Irfa and her daughter and with all the other people in her life. She finally confessed to Shayan about her lie that she had told him all those years ago and asked Shayan to apologies to Irfa on her behalf. She told him that Irfa had never sold him to her; she had signed the divorce papers but had thrown the blank check on her face. Shayan was extremely shocked to hear this confession as he had been thinking all this time that Irfa has sold her love for money. All he could do at this point was to regret everything that he had done to Irfa and his daughter. There is just no use of regretting now Shayan! You just never deserved a great person like Irfa. She is way better off without you.

Shayan had gone abroad for Maleeha’s treatment and he comes back after her death with a sad heart and a huge burden on his conscience. Maleeha’s confession had left him restless and the guilt was so overpowering that he did not have the strength to go back to Irfa and apologize to her. Adeel Farooqui convinces him to go back as he thinks Irfa would forgive him and she might be even waiting for him. Oh please! I really hope nothing like this happen. Bilal is the best person for Irfa as he had been there for her through thick and thin. Irfa should just kick Shayan out of her house if he goes back because this is what he deserves.

The show is nearing towards its end and I am waiting to see what the climax would be. Would Irfa forgive and accept Shayan back In her life?

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Mariam Shafiq


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  • I hope Irfa uses her head and move on with her life! Shayaan should be left alone in his world of art.Enter text right here!