Kaash Aisa Ho Episode 19 – Review

This week’s episode was a bit slow but entertaining at the same time. After watching this show week after week I have gotten used to its slow pace. ZQ’s supporting character was much needed in this show and I must say that she has done a marvelous job as Zoha. I am sick of seeing Sana Askari in the same negative roles in all her serials and her overpowering makeup in this show makes her looks extremely fake.

Zoha has finally done her work and taken her revenge from Maleeha. She kept provoking Maleeha by telling her that Shayan would never divorce Irfa and this caused Maleeha to get stubborn and she kept on pestering Shayan to leave Irfa. This did not go well with Shayan and their differences just kept on increasing. Zoha and Maleeha’s bet caused Maleeha to go to Irfa’s house and manipulate her through her words and make her sign the divorce papers. This worsened the situation between Shayan and her and Shayan finally made the best decision of his life and left Maleeha for good. But the sad part is that he also broke ties with Irfa when she retaliated to his absurd demands and refused to break her friendship with Bilal. Bilal has become a very integral part of her life and she can never forget that he was with her throughout the testing phases of her life and now when he is in need of a friend she just could not let him go.

Her affection towards Bilal was not acceptable to Shayan’s ego and he threatened to leave her for good and this time Irfa stood with her head held high and told him to go if he wants to. Shayan is definitely going to regret his hasty decision very soon. He did not even think about his sick daughter who needs him and left without a moment’s hesitation. Now what next? Irfa and Maleeha both are out of Shayan’s life. I am curious to know when and how his remorse phase would start!

One scene that I loved in this episode was when Zoha told Maleeha that she may have won the bet but she lost Shayan in the process. Zoya did not hide her happiness and told Maleeha on her face that history has repeated itself and like you stole my fiance from me, I separated your husband from you. She gloated on her victory and announced that she is getting married to Haider which shocked Maleeha. The shocked expression on Maleeha’s face was truly hilarious! All this time Maleeha was thinking that Zoha is after Shayan but in reality she was planning something completely different. Zoha’s character may be negative but she did a lot of good things like making Shayan realize Irfa’s true value and showing him Maleeha’s real face. Way to go Zoha!

Bilal got extremely upset when Minahil asked him for a divorce but Irfa helped Bilal get out of his extreme depression by making him realize his responsibilities towards all the people who needed him, and of course Rahima was on top of the list. I always love all the conversations between Bilal and Irfa as they are very heartwarming and this scene was one of them!

Now coming to the ironic part of the episode! I did not whether to be happy or sad when Shayan refused to go to Maleeha even after she tried to commit suicide. There was a time when he would have quickly rushed to her side but now he did not even bother when Adeel Farooqui called him to inform him about Maleeha’s critical condition.

One thing that I find extremely annoying when I am watching this serial is the loud background music which overpowers the dialogues and half the time I am unable to catch them! The editing department is to blame for this.

This show is finally reaching towards its climax and I am eagerly waiting to see what happens next!

Mariam Shafiq

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