Kaash Aisa Ho Review – Last Episode!

This show finally came to an end this week and although the story had nothing new to offer the show still captured my interest because of the amazing cast and their superb acting. Saba Qamar has done an outstanding job; I cannot even come close to describe how perfectly she had portrayed the role of Irfa. I must confess that I never liked Mohib Mirza because I found that he always over acted in his serials but he had completely gotten into the skin of his character this time and managed to surprise me with his marvelous acting skills. From now on I will definitely look forward to more of his shows. Sana Askari as Maleeha also did a good job but her portrayal of the same kind of characters in every show is seriously getting on my nerves now. Shahood Alvi and Yasra Rizvi were an integral part of the show and their characters gave more life to the show. Shahood Alvi as Bilal was one of my favorite characters in this show. I do not know if people like Bilal exist in this world but I always like to admire such characters when I see them on screen.

The ending was predictable but I was glad to see that Irfa at least considered Ansar’s proposal. She did not get offended when he proposed her and took it in a positive sense but she just had one answer for him; that she was married. Ansar was a new sign of hope in her life after a long time and some part of her did want to accept him but then it all came down to Rahima and her happiness. She might be overwhelmed by Ansar’s proposal but she could not forget that Shayan was Rahima’s real father and she would not accept anybody else as her father now that she was so attached to Shayan. Surprisingly even Bilal and Minahil had the same opinion that Irfa should accept Shayan back in her life. Bilal did not tell Irfa directly but he did say that Shayan would be forever grateful to her if she accepts him now with his guilty conscience.

Irfa, however, put up a good argument when Minahil tried to talk to her about Shayan and why she should accept him back in her life. I simply loved their conversation as it had some beautiful dialogues. At first Irfa was adamant to choose the new path in front of her and venture away from the old one but the only thing that stopped her was Rahima’s happiness. When the innocent girl told Irfa to accept Shayan back in her life for her happiness she could not help but think about it. It was a very tough decision for her to forgive Shayan and accept him back in her life but she did it for Rahima’s sake.


Ansar was waiting for her final answer and he finally got it when he saw Shayan taking Irfa away. Irfa had clearly told Shayan that she had learned to live without him and she had no place for him in her life anymore but when Shayan told him that Rahima needs both of them, she gave in. I felt bad for Ansar when he stood there with a bouquet in his hand and saw Irfa taking Shayan’s hand and returning to her old life. Till the very end Irfa did not truly forgive Shayan but then she finally gave in and accepted her fate.

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The show was wrapped up pretty nicely and I am glad the show did not have an abrupt ending like most other shows nowadays. The pace of this show had been slow from the very beginning but surprisingly I never got bored while watching the show. I always looked forward to the next episode even when the show got very depressing. This was surprising for a person like me who could never stand to watch a distressing scene but Saba and Mohib kept me hooked to the show. Another thing that I loved about the show was its mesmerizing dialogues. Maha Malik created magic with her deep and meaningful dialogues. Its beautiful title songs were like a cherry on top, though I liked the female version better than the male one. Sohail Javed had done a commendable job as a show is nothing without its director’s vision. I will surely look forward to more shows directed by him now.

So guys how did you find this show? Rate it out of 10.

 Mariam Shafiq



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  • For the most part enjoyed the drama. But very very very disappointed with the ending.

    Why does the woman always have to think and live her life for her children. For once I would have liked the woman to think of herself. Ideally that would have been choosing the new man. But she didn't need to choose either one of them. Ira was doing a good job with her daughter's upbringing she didn't need Shayan in her life. He could have stayed in Rehima's life without getting back together with Ira.

    It would have been perfect if she had rejected him and choose to continue her life alone. Until the end she was not happy with getting back with Shayan. Then why do it????

    • Shell, your expectation was right, had they ended the drama in this way, it may have been a different ending, but not a realistic one as per our society norms. By saying this i dont want to say, that i m advocating that woman have to always compromise, but the sad part is in our cruel society mostly women have to sacrifice and compromise whether bad or good, we like or not but in most cases its females who are on the receiving end in marriage relationship. So the end was realistic while looking at our society. For the sake of their family and for collective benefit most women in our society surrender their individual wishes.

      this question and topic has been discussed several times, in different styles, and most endings in showing realistic ending i.e. woman compromising. I remember Samina Peerzada has raised same topic for her only directed drama Karab, in which she has been an advocate of woman rights and working against second marriage. But when her own husband get interested in another woman, she herself arranged his second marriage to stop his family from ruining. It was a very psychological and difficult character that samina played but despite being a liberal woman, samina also went for realistic ending which is though painful but sad thing is it is a reality in our society.

      • I get what you're saying about our society etc. However, dramas need to follow through on what they promise not take the easy way out.

        Why should a woman take all the abuse that Shayan dolled out to Irfa and then at the end still accept hm back in her life. She was better off alone.

        Putting her daughter in an unhealthy situation wasn't good for her either. Then ending was a lose lose for everyone.

        Well except Shayan. Who got his cake and ate it too. He got Irfa, left her for someone he thought better then got Irfa back again. And the bonus was he didn't have to do a thing while his daughter was gravely ill but got the benefit of an healthy 10 year old.

        Bad! Bad! Bad!

    • Hello Shell.

      I would have loved it too if Irfa had chosen Ansar instead of Shayan but then Rahima would not be able to accept Ansar as her new father. She would have been disturbed as now she was old enough to understand that Shayan was his real father. Irfa wanted to chose Ansar but she loved Rahima more than anything, more than her own happiness and that is why she chose Shayan. Any mother would have done e same thing. She could have also chosen to live alone but that would have made Rahima upset as she desperately wanted Shayan to be a part of her life and live with of them. So to conclude whatever she did, she did it for Rahima.

      • Not sure showing that the woman always have to give in to societal pressures was a good lesson for Rahima either.

        The relationship is going to be bad as the ending showed that Irfa wasn't actually happy about accepting Shayan.

        Living in an unhealthy relationship wasn't necessarily a good thing for Irfa or Rahima. Sometimes as parents we need to teach our children by examples and making the tough and difficult decisions. Showing Rahima that it is okay to live alone and not to forgive a cheater and abuser would have been a better lesson.

        I assume this show was made by men who of course want it all!

        Anyway those are my thoughts!

  • Ms. Shafiq, your reviews has been an integral part of this beautiful show. Though show ended please do continue reviewing some other show.

    In this drama writer Maha Malik has raised many questions which though already discussed so many times by other writers in their own style. The biggest question was the equality of genders in love, relationships especially marriage The title "Kash Aisa ho" says a lot, that being a person one definitely thinks and wants to take some new path, but in the end for the goodwill of others and for better rewards overall, they compromise and continue journey on old path. And that decision of compromise is not a defeat or cowardliness it is in fact a brave and right decision.

    At many points saba has been noticed saying, why women has mostly to suffer in a love and marriage relationship. She also at one point of time thought to choose his own new path, but eventually surrendered her wishes and for overall wellness of her daughter returned to old life, and she is left with a what if it will happen("kash aisa ho"). So the title of drama proved itself "Kash aisa ho"

    Acting wise, and overall production wise it was a good play, and passed at good pace , though in start it was quite slow. All actors have done justice, but Saba role was the most complicated one, the way she portrayed the struggle of a woman facing consequences of injustice from her partner, and in the end despite having choices she returned to her for her daughters sake. All supporting characters were also well played, whether its mohib, bilal, yusra, ZQ, juggun, sana askari (though she need to come out of such stereo type roles)

    Another beauty of play was there were not many black and white characters like in most dramas onaired in recent times. Life is never black and white it is grey and so is displayed in this drama, at one point Bilal character seemed like a fictional one, but his darker side also shown, that he cheated her wife regarding his disease for the sake that he dont want to loose her. Yusra rizvi has also been a good find for supporting roles.

    One thing i must to point, the hair style of mohib doesnt suits him, please consult some stylist for makeover again.

    • Thankyou Rashid for the wonderful comment. I am also reviewing Dil-e-Muzter and Adhoori Aurat. You can check them out too if you like.

      I agree with your every word. I am glad they showed the other side if Bilal, his character seemed more realistic with the grey shade as nobody is perfect.

      Your observation about the title of the show is superb! I totally agree with you. Supporting characters are a very integral part of a play and all the supporting actors have done an excellent job in this show.

      Haha yes, Mohib hairstyle was a pain but you will be glad to know that he has now shortened his hair. :)