Kaash Aisa Ho Episode 18 – Shocking Revelations!

This week’s episode had a steady pace and we saw a lot of changes and surprising revelations. The reason why I watch this show week after week is the because of the brilliant acting by all the actors as well as the beautiful dialogues. The screenplay written by Maha Malik is definitely worth an applause. The dialogues have such deep meanings that you cannot help but love all of them!

I always had a strong feeling that Zoha was up to something. Well, now her intentions have been revealed. She had revenge on her mind since the very first day. The reason why she is getting so close to Shayan is to make Maleeha jealous and insecure. Shayan is just a pawn in her game; she is trying to demean Maleeha in Shayan’s eyes and by telling him about Maleeha’s past. She revealed to Shayan that Haider who was Millie’s ex husband was first her fiancé and Millie stole him from her. On one hand, she is instigating Millie that she should force Shayan to leave Irfa and on the other hand, she is praising Irfa in front of Shayan and making him realize that she is the perfect wife material and he should never think of leaving her.

I loved the way she made Shayan realize Irfa’s value and for the first time I saw Shayan being proud of Irfa. It was the first time he voiced the importance of Irfa in his life and he told Zoha that he can never even think of leaving Irfa because she was there during the struggling period of his life and is an integral part of his life. Millie came in his life when he already gotten fame and recognition. I love this dialogue that he spoke:

‘Jo Nakami Ko Bhool Jaye Usse Kamyabi Bhula Deti Hai’

Shayan again sees Bilal coming out of his house and gets furious at Irfa as he had clearly warned her to stay away from him. This time Irfa does not stay quiet and gives Shayan a good piece of her mind. She tells him that if he has all the freedom to do whatever he wants then she should also have the same freedom.

‘Meri Barabari Ki Aur Jo Kuch Mein Karta Ho Woh Tum Karne Ki Koshish Mat Karna’

This is what Shayan replies when Irfa asks him why is she the one who has all the restrictions in their relationship? According to Shayan he is fulfilling all his responsibilities and this irks Irfa the most. I love this new Irfa who is not crying over her fate but standing up for herself. It was about time she stood up for herself and her rights!

It is pretty evident that Shayan has no interest in Millie anymore. He is fed up of her behavior and barely speaks to her properly now. The ‘Woman repellent spray’ dialogue cracked me up big time! Shayan really needs one if you ask me! Millie does not hesitate to voice out her opinion about his and Zoha’s newfound friendship and this irritates him. The answer that Shayan gave to Maleeha when she told him not to think that she is a fool like Irfa brought a huge smile on my face.

‘Irfa Hona Fakhr Ki Baat Hai Aur Tum Irfa Jaisi Kabhi Nahi Hosakhti.’

Way to go Shayan! It’s about time you realized what a true gem Irfa is!

The shocking part was the scene in which Shayan admitted to Zoha that he has no intention of staying with Maleeha for long. He is in debt to Adeel Farooqui and he still needs him at this point of his career but once that need finishes he has no intention of staying with Maleeha. Shayan sure knows how to play games! It was a pretty shocking revelation and Maleeha overhearing their conversation was even more shocking. What will Millie do next? She will not stay quiet, that’s for sure!

So it’s now confirmed that Minahil has no intention of coming back to Bilal. She was rude to Irfa when she called Minahil to reason with her and tell her about Bilal’s condition. Minahil still did not change her decision and now she has decided to end her relationship with Bilal as she asked Bilal for a divorce. Now what is next for Bilal?

Let’s see what happens next!


Mariam Shafiq


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