Kaash Aisa Ho Episode 17 – A New Character

I am glad the show finally made some progress this week. The story moved forward and we got to see the introduction of a new character in the show. The episode started off with an upset Shayan who seemed haunted by Irfa’s words as guilt for not being there to financially support his family was eating him inside. However, all his guilt and burden on his conscience vanished when he saw a very drunk Bilal in his house in the middle of the night! He became furious at the sight before him when he entered his house. He immediately kicked Bilal out and raised a question on Irfa’s character. ‘Look who’s talking!’ This is the first thing that came to my mind when I saw Shayan doubting Irfa. Irfa seemed stunned and humiliated at his accusation and his cruel words when he clearly told her that even if he does not give her his time or love, she is not supposed to seek it from anyone else!

“Bohat Rehm Dil Hun Mein Tumhare Liyeah, Aur Utna Hee Hee Rehm Bhi”

The scene was emotionally charged and intense yet beautiful at the same time. Mohib was outstanding in the scene and Saba was just as brilliant!

Bilal has gone completely out of his senses after Minahil had left him. He has some serious mood swings and has even started to drink! At times, he is polite and kind to Irfa and sometimes he gets extremely rude to her. Irfa went to Bilal’s house to apologize for Shayan’s behavior and before she could say anything he apologized for his inappropriate behavior the other day. However, his politeness was short lived as he rudely told Irfa not to bring food to his house as he is not interested in her social service! Irfa got upset by his words for the first time and refused to take his help from then on. However, he again excused himself the next time they met but this time Irfa was not ready to let it go that easily and he had to persuade her to let him help her.

The highlight of the episode was the introduction of a new character Zoha, who happens to be Millie’s first cousin. She had come to visit Millie and her father for a short time along with her son. She was very shocked to hear that Millie had gotten married to Shayan who seemed like an average guy with more or less no personality and she openly voiced her opinion to Maleeha who seemed irked by her words. It was pretty evident that they had never gotten along since childhood. They left no chance to taunt each other in one way or the other!

However, it did not take much long for Zoha’s view to change about Shayan. They clearly bonded over a cup of tea and opened up to each other. Zoha seemed impressed by his work while Shayan seemed impressed by her. He could not help but notice how different she and Maleeha were from each other. It did not take much time for their friendship to blossom when they saw each other again at the gallery. Shayan would never leave a chance to spend some time with a beautiful woman and they both ended up in the café where Bilal and Irfa were also present. The confrontation was shocking for both the parties and if eyes could kill then Bilal would have been dead there and then by the look Shayan gave him. Bilal quickly got the signal and dropped Irfa home and refused her offer for lunch. Zoha also noticed that something was not right and Shayan opened up to her and told her about her first wife which shocked Zoha even more.

It seems like Shayan is going to get bored by Maleeha too very soon and of course, Zoha would be the next person on his list! Maleeha can sense that something is brewing between the two and she will try her best to keep them away from each other. Let’s see what is awaiting us in the next episode!

Till Next Week!

Mariam Shafiq



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