Kaash Aisa Ho Episode 21 – Shayan Is Back!

We saw the second last episode this week and the show is finally reaching its high ending point. Shayan is back but there is more or less no change in him. His attitude has not changed one bit and I am not really surprised by this. What else can you expect from a person like Shayan? But i must say Mohib Mirza has done a spectacular job as Shayan. I was never Mohib’s fan but I am now and I will be looking forward to more of his shows. I simply have no words to describe how much I adore Saba Qamar, I have always been her fan and I do not think there could be any other actress who could play the role of Irfa.

This week’s episode was highly frustrating and it just irked me to no end. Is there no limit to Shayan’s selfish and judgemental nature? All his guilt vanished when he saw Bilal, Rahima and Irfa together and his possessiveness came back. He quickly concluded that since Rahima calls Bilal Baba, Irfa also has a illegitimate relationship with him and that man had the guts to go and accuse Irfa of being unfaithful to him! Irfa was highly disgusted and offended by his words. Really Shayan? These accusations don’t seem appropriate coming out of the mouth of someone like you. If I disliked Shayan previously, then I happen to hate him now. He even warned Irfa that he could take Rahima from her through the help of court. The gall of this man! He never cared about his sick daughter when he left her all those years ago but all of a sudden he wants to be a part of her life. That’s just great!


He finally met his daughter and was surprised to see that she recognised him as his real father and his guilt was back when he got to know about Minahil still being a part of Bilal’s life and that all his accusations were false. Whats the use of regretting now Shayan? You should have thought about this before going to Irfa’s house and accusing her. Rahima got attached to Shayan in a very short time but Irfa was unaware about them meeting on a regular bases. Rahima did tell Minahil about meeting Shayan and this worried both Minahil and Bilal. Bilal, on the other hand, got a proposal for Irfa from Ansar, a colleague of hers in the hospital and he was just thinking of how to talk to her about it when he got to know about Shayan coming back in her life.

Bilal and Minahil have both been blessed as they got a daughter in the form of Rahima. I love the way she refers to them as Baba and Mummy. Bilal spoils Rahima as he fulfills all her wishes. He has played a very important role in her life as he has filed the gap of a loving father. Irfa tries to stop him from fulfilling all her wishes but he just does not listen to her as he simply loves spoiling her. I do not know what made Minahil come back to Bilal but I am glad that she did.

Shayan again comes back with a guilty conscience and seeks Minahil’s help but this time Irfa is not ready to listen to him. She has every right to be angry at him! Even Bilal gives him a good piece of his mind when Shayan tells him that he is back for his daughter. Where was he all those years when she needed him the most?

I am eagerly waiting for the last episode now. Will Irfa forgive Shayan or will she marry Ansar? What are your views? What should be Irfa’s decision?

Mariam Shafiq


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  • nice review, indeed saba has once again proved how much talented she is, mohib, shahood and yusra also acted well. the nice part of drama is its pace and the way story is being wrapped up gradually, instead of a sudden end in last 20 minutes of play.

    • Thankyou for commenting Rashid.
      Shahood and Yusra have also done a very good job but for me Mohib and Saba tops the list. :)
      Yes thankgod for that. You have mentioned before too that you hate abrupt endings and I agreed with you then and I agree with you now too. I hate abrupt endings and I am glad they are devoting one whole episode for Irfa to make the final decision.

  • Although I would love to see a different ending that she doesn't forgive Shayyan nor marries any other guy but decides to live for only her daughter. She still loves Shayyan so won't make sense for her to marry another man but Shayaan deserves no forgiveness so should be punished. If his 2nd wide milli had not died he would never be back. He is selfish and deserves no mercy. It would be nice to see Irfa as a single independent and confident woman who does not need Shayyan or any other man…. So as I started although I would love this ending I have a feeling it will be a typical wife forgives hubby for the sake of daughter ending and selfish husband after having his fun is back!!

    • Well, you were right! She did forgive Shayan! I wish it had a different ending though. Shayan did not deserve her forgiveness..