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Actress Sajjal Ali on Karachi Mafia’s Hit List!

Karachi- ‘the city of lights’ is one of the most important locations when it comes to the entertainment industry as it is only here that many celebrities are situated in. The private channels, like Hum TV, ARY Digital, Samaa, etc. are also headquartered in Karachi only, making it an important place in terms of work and opportunity for the celebrities. However, the city is also a victim of a high crime rate where Kidnaping for ransom and target killing has left nobody safe.

According to the latest news, Actress Sajjal Ali is now on the hit-list of Karachi Mafia gang which has made her life hell by demanding Rs. 4 Lakh as  an illegal tax of living in Karachi. Sajjal is one of the most youngest actresses who are known for their flawless acting in the drama industry. The actress revealed that she is now receiving life threats through phone calls and she fears that if  she would not pay the amount to the said Mafia, they will shot her to death. 

Having no other option to escape, the actress is now planning to shift somewhere else leaving Karachi which is now becoming a city of Blood. Being the central city in the entertainment industry, it might not be a profitable decision of moving somewhere else but Sajjal is not left with any other option.

It is a dilemma that after the traders and businessmen of the country, it is now the celebrities who will suffer the blow!

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Nida Zaidi