‘Challenger’- an Upcoming reality show on HUM2

Hum TV and ARY Digital are trying hard to win the race where the two of them are really the strong contestants when it comes to providing the quality content to the viewers, Been inspired by an Indian reality show ‘Fear Factor’, it was recently that ARY came up with a reality show called ‘Madventurous’ which was hosted by Ahsan Khan where the two teams,team India and team Pakistan performed different stunts to make their country win in the race. It is now Hum Network that will  be bringing you a similar reality show on HUM2.

The show ‘Challenger’ will focus on daring people who will perform difficult stunts with their favorite celebrities on screen and will win Rs. 1Million  if they remained undefeated for 15 days.

Challenger Reality Show Hum TV

The auditions are still been carried out at Arts Council, Karachi and if you are interested in being a part of this dangerous, yet daring reality show, all you need to do is to fill this form by clicking here! It is important to mention that the idea is only applicable to those who are above 18 and are medically fit.

It is difficult to state more about the types of tasks that would be the part of the show yet, however, its first promo is on air and up till now,has made the audience thrilled about it, The show will soon go on air once done with the initial stages of auditions and finalizing the final contestants.

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  • It will be a very big show and i think all the guys who are good in sports and have a winning spirit should register themselve( specially girls )

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