Five Reasons Why Mathira Should Be Banned From Television

Yes, I know we have a very free media now. The private channels can literally get away with the most eccentric of things sometimes. The public can criticize or show their dislike as much as they want but no one listens. The television is for the public isn’t it? So, the people who organize these shows should keep people’s wishes in mind. Unfortunately, controversy and controversial people get more TRPs whether or not the viewers want to see them on-screen. There are a few people especially the morning show hosts and some actors who I think do not deserve to be on television at all but there is one person in particular who should be officially banned from television and that is Mathira. She needs no introduction because she has done enough publicity for herself for everyone to know who she is. Here are five reasons why Mathira should not appear on television.

1. The Woman Makes You Want To Throw Up The Second She Opens Her Mouth! Mathira never talks sense, everything she has to say is in some way or the other associated with all the dirty thoughts that her mind is filled with. I watched the morning show in which Mathira and Ahsan were guests, one would expect Mathira to be a little decent in a morning show since it is a family affair. But Mathira does not know the meaning of decency. The things she did and said were unbelievable. So much so that Nida Yasir, the host of the show had to tell her that Ahsan Khan’s wife may be watching the show. She is height of indecency and vulgarity.

2. Her Gestures Are Cheapness Personified. Forget about Mathira opening her mouth, just mute the channel and look at this woman’s gestures and that alone will be enough to make you punch her. Flying kisses are like hellos to Mathira and it does not end there! I am sure all of you who have seen this woman on-screen know what I am talking about.

3. No One Wants To See Her On TV! Is there anyone out there who actually looks forward to watching Mathira on-screen? How many of you can watch her with your family? She is definitely not one of those people who leave you with a good feeling. Why should she be on-screen when no one wants to see her? The television is for the viewers so the people who organize these shows should keep people’s wishes in mind.

4. Attention Seekers Put Me Off. It is very obvious that Mathira does all of what she does to get attention. She is hungry for attention; she will resort to any measure to be in the paper or in the news. Why do the TV channels feel that they need to feed this desire of hers to get attention? People are more “curious” about such people than anything else so I think the channels also try to cash in on this curiosity.

5. She Gives Out The Wrong Message About Pakistani Celebrities And People. We have so many educated and decent celebrities who work extra hard to give Pakistan a good image. People like Mathira cancel out the efforts of such people because they give the wrong image of our industry and people. When someone is on television people will presume that it is normal for Pakistanis to watch such people on TV when actually it is not because people like Mathira are outcasts in our society who don’t belong or fit in anywhere.

Do you think Mathira should be banned from television? Share your views.


  • I couldn't agree more!! She should be banned. She is vulgarity personified and I always switch channels whenever I see her. She should totally go where she is wanted. I clearly don't want her.

  • She doesn't belong in the Tv industry. As Tehmina Khalid (Khalid Anum's wife) said, Mathira is trash. She shouldn't be given publicity.

  • I just saw in last days her interview with an unknown channel in INDIA her words were about physical enjoyments and self praise and what else she is moving on footprints of Veena Malik who has been endlessly exploited in india for dity modeling and roles. "Now another Museebat to made a bad image of Pakistan ". If they banned her atleast some dignity of our actresses will be left.

    • It is governments work that world sees to see if country's "Badnaam" or good . How come people say our country has a bad image in world due to mathira or whatever… Thats nonsence

  • She just seems an agent of Abroad media to spoil Pakistani image!! if Pakistani channels wud stop shwoing her again and again on tv nd morning shows will stop inviting her in their shows thn she wud surely leave the cntry bt no our ppl are talking about her alot ur media is promoting her all tha tym nd the channels think they wud get publicity by promoting her but in reality these channels are spoiling their own image nd no publicity at all!!! so she shud b band

  • whateva she does is her personal life but I do agree dat she shd b banned atleast on our tv channels as she reaches height of indecency sometimes not only as far as her guestures and comments are concerned but also her dressing aswell.

  • Yes she should b banned …she is so vulgar she have no limits of talk .
    I hate her dressings also .

    • She has a right to wear what she wants i am not a fan of her but our country has democracy which gives everyone their right to do what they please

  • Yes she and her likes must be banned the don't in any way represent a decent women not only she all her likes should be remember now the lower middle class and poor class all have access to TV they are distraction to teenage minds. Besides something is wrong with all pakistani tv channels they are regularly promoting foreign tv programms and dramas even the important tv headlines promote Indian film caters Why? What is their agenda? Do they want to now ruin their own pakistani entertainment Industry and dramas , which are excellent or do they want to finish any thing that is pakistani. Do they have any kind of ghairat and love for their own values as Pakistanis Why are they poisoning our youth This is in no way Globalisation this is selfishness for money and lack of National character We have remarkable acters and drama writers they depict true face of our own society why import unnatural foreign intrigues and create problems for the families of underprivileged cadre of are wast majority

    • I agree with you but something is also wrong with us we always see girls in very short dresses in indian movies watch their mujras and see turkish dramas with interest but on the other hand if our actress even takes off her Dupatta we start shouting that she is vulgar she has no decency i am not defending mathira but everyone has a choice to wear what they want whether its cultural dress or western and other thing we want to get poisoned thats why we watch their dramas and that is the reason tv channels import them and play

    • I think then why dont we bann bollywood??all girl wear next to nothing in BW movies?
      so i guess if we give them business inspite of them taking their clothes off then we should give more support to our people who are doing the same….
      i dont like mathira infact i cant watch her for a second she is annoying,but its just a point i think about
      when i hear people liking chikni chameli and katria is so good in that and then they say veena looks cheap in her song..well katrina was cheaper or equally cheap but we always put down our people.
      india doesnt even let our channels run on their tv becoz they care about bread and butter of their models/actors.but we dont i dont think we should bann mathira or veena becoz if we do they will go to BW and do the same,so we should just give them nice scripts and something to show off their talent if they hasve any otherwise she will just disappear like the likes of her have disappeared before,and plz dont say muslims dont do that,,,muslims do everything…so just leave that argument..muuslim doesnt work in showbizz /muslims dont watch dramas,but all…
      i wonder why our beautiful models like iman ali or ayyan ali ae not invited to shows like mathira is?or why they dont go to BW…and i have even heard iman ali's interview on indian channel where they asked her why she doesnt work in bollywood and she said i cant wear too short dresses,and BW is not my thing and im happy in Pakistan.
      i think you can google iman ali's interview on komal or something….and mind you iman is critically acclaimed actress even in india,they watched her movies.i have indian friends and they think she is better looking than katrian who they is best loooking in bw(all guys)
      so i think more thab mathira we should questin the photographer.the magazine and the shows that ask her to do what she doesw,mind you these girls have no brains,they are just the hangers for i will just ask the creative director of the shoot why they asked mathira to do that ?dont they know pakistanis dont like it?

  • i completely am in the favor of this article and second each thought laid in it. Mathira is a trash, a complete spoiler of her heritage and culture, also a dirty fish in the pond of our Tv industry. She should be banned.

  • These attention seekers, as you call them, should not even be called Pakistani Celebrities as they're a huge insult and a cause of embarrassment for us.

    • Oh acha to pakistan humare karzay lene aur corruption se badnaam nahin hai duniya main inki wajah se hai! chalain aap koi inka aesa kaam hi bata dain jis se hum badnaam hue hon? Koi bhi mulk apnay showbiz se badnaam nhi hota lekin agar aapki yehi logic hai to sabse zayad badnaam to Hollywood ko hona chahiye tha duniya aapke hukumranon aapke mulk ki halat se andaza lagati hai ke mulk kesa hai

    • Uski life woh jo marzi pehne humare mulk main democracy hai Zia ul haq ka daur nahin chal raha magar phir bhi humare logon ko jamhuriat sikhati hi nahin Agar musharraf ko 4 5 saal aur mil jatay to humaray mulk main kisi ko bhi doosron ki personal choices pe ungli uthane ka khayal bhi na aata

      • ye likhte hoe shaid aap ne Allah ka ye farman bhula diya. امر بالمعروف و نہی عن المنکر

      • u right yehi jahalat hah jo humaray logon k damagon say nahi jati ub tv pe dars denay tou woh nai aa rahi,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • she should b banned n some more celebrates also. it is not our Pakistani culture they have to introduce western culture in Pakistan n v c Sex Symbol s women in the VIP market n malls in Karachi & Lahore Specially.
    I would like to request all those types of actresses plz save our homes n dont do this as u can n plz plz plz dont do this for short sum of money which u will get from different channels or magazines. it is all game of increase rating but they dont know how much side effects of this

  • all of you… i have a suggestion… i have visited PEMRA's website. and asked them to ban her. so you must do the same….. so that PEMRA should take notice of this issue

  • am i the only one who wonders that WHY THE HELL Mathira doesn't go to India and peruse Mahesh Bhatt? Pakistan is surely no place for her…

    • Yes I think in a country where more half of the population is il literate and have tv as ther only and cheap source of entertainment a person like mathira or veena inspires them thus providing low morals or zero morals absolutely substandard environment .we gain nothing out of these shows but nonsense and vulgar approach we are loosing our integrity and decency it by no means acceptable in any society

  • I've always found Mathira to be highly annoying and yes, her talks are always senseless. God knows why these channels call her up. She wastes footage! Having said that, I think it's extreme and unwise to say she should be banned. How can you ban someone from TV? lol that's not possible and I don't agree with it, no matter how annoying I find her. I think the best thing is for these tv shows to stop inviting her as a guest.

  • no one will argue she is a bitch, i persoanlly went to a A-plus gathering where she was there and trust me all the reason this type is person is hired is to get attention of viewers and bring rating to channels, just like meera and veena malik are, thet brought attention to certain areas, just sick!!!

  • Herat Ha Taleban Pakistan ko yah sob kio nazar nahi ata wo hamesha masoom shareef islamic logo per hee Q boom attack kartey hai ????

  • I love mathira, mujhe unse pyar ho gaya,
    tum saare log milkar bhaunkte rehna,
    iss mulq mein ladkiyon par saara judgement hoti hai, aur munde sharabi, charasi bane unka kuch hai

  • uff allah ''''''his dressing so bad''''''''''''''''i couldn't agree

    allha blesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • nida yasir bagairti ko b nikalo hur waqt show me nach gana lga ke rakhte hai sharm hya e nae hai ar hasti b itna koja hai plz use nikal do my request!

  • yaar aap loog mathira aur veena malik ko banned kernay main busy hain dafa karain in donoo ko yeh to isi terhaan publicity chahati hain .Please please ager banned kerwana hai to yeh turkish dramay bann kerwayain kisi terhaan sai these dramas are umera ahmeds dramas left to watch I am telling you and requesting FATIMA AWAAN to write an article about this serious issue.

  • sorry my whole sentence is missing from my previous comment I was saying that these dramas are taking over our drama industry and soon there will be no umera ahmeds dramas left to watch .

  • I'm a British Muslim my family originates initially from Afghanistan, but I have visited Pakistan numerous times, learned how to speak Urdu and even married a pakistani. I don't know what it is about Pakistan but I feel really attached to it. The people whether rich or poor are very accommodating and nice. I watch pakistani dramas with so much interest. And in every country you get good and bad people, Pakistan is a multicultural country you have churches, gurdwaras and temples. I really don't know who Mathias is or vena but I believe if they are making an honest living and not hurting anyone then they should be left alone. The less interest you take in these kind of people the tv will stop promoting them, I also advise you not to watch any programmes that promote vulgarity infront of your children.

  • last time I watched a morning show,hosted by Javeriya Saud. in that show mathira was guest in cheap dress and one lady called to host live and she (caller) started abuses to mathira then in reply our beloved host Javeria immediately dropped the call and said such type of people always create problem and cannot enjoy the life…..
    my question is this: is that host did good and being a pakistani she should not appriciate mathira even should not call her as guest in any show..
    Now other thing, if we take interest in bollywood heroines or any foriegner in short dress and like them so dear reason is very simple that they are not from my homeland but we feel bad to see pakistani actress in cheap dress even without dupatta because they are our family members…….

    • what a twisted logic you have?we can watch others but not our people because they are our family members?are you crazy…double standards.doosron ki betian tarr lo apni ko bacha lo….i dont mind seeing pakistani actresses in short clothes,they carry themselves with class unlke offcourse mathira and veena,i am talking about our high profile models,they dont look cheap even in small clothes
      agar doosron ki larkian itni hi buri lagti hain to unko paisa na do apna,do you know weto see t payy themr,and they have snatched all brands from our models.models ka to roti ka zariya hi ads hotay hain,doosron ko charha charha k ameer kar dia,aur apnay logon ki tang kheench k gira dia.agar hamari koi model ya actress internatinal level pe hoti to im sure wo 10 000X ziada khubsurat aur classy hoti jitni aaj tak india ne produce ki hain unn se.
      na support karnay ki wajha se hi marai industry band hui hai,aur hamara culture ab ek planning k zariye khatam kia ja raha hai.chand salon main shayd daramay bhi band ho jaen.kyun k hamari girls to skirt nhi pehn skti,aur dekhain ge to hum zaroor doosron ki larki sirt main iss liye hamaray walaon ko bhuka maro aur unn ko ammerrr karo.

  • kia in logon ko allah kay azab say dar nae lagta???? ye log nae jantay kay inhon nay allah ko apna mouh dekhana hay allah in sab logon ko sidhay rastay par chlay ameen

  • urdu tu dhang ki bolni nh ati ha ise.aise bolti ha jese kisi angreez ki olad ho.vulgr dressing krti ha.aisi dressing tv shows pe allow nh honi chahiye

  • i hate mathira 2 much.veena ney india main ja ker badnaam kia but ye apny channels pey hi badnaam ker rehi hey .

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